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  1. No I was walking up to Bash after hearing some shots which I figured where near tents maybe the shooter was apart of that confrontation.
  2. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: After being shot at while going into Bashnya I decided to go into Camo and wait. Not seeing anyone I decided to plant a mine 20-15mins before server restart and wait. The server restarted and not wanting to wait through the queue I disconnected. It's my fault that I did not post my POV in time as that Friday and during the weekend I was away in Chicago and the following week I had finals which took precedence over DayZ. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I have no additional statements and as I was not recording during the time the only evidence is logs. The player shooting me did not hit me during his brief exchange. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: I would like to regain the ability to play on DayZRP servers and make concessions with anyone I may have inadvertently harmed with my landmine. What could you have done better?: Not planted the landmine and waited till server restart although this would have put my character into a riskier position it was probably the smarter move.
  3. A city boy from the United States William was an average performer in high school and seeing as college was much to expensive for his parents to pay for without a scholarship William decided to take up his local Army recruiters deal and join the US Army. William figured he could serve a few years, get out, and maybe even catch a ride to college on the G.I. Bill. After completing Basic at Fort Benning William was assigned to Europe and eventually Romania to help guard the various radar and missile defense sights dispersed throughout the country. While on transfer the outbreak in Chenarus occurred and seeing as US soldiers where in short supply William was assigned to a unit that was tasked with rescuing US citizens and diplomats from the Chenarus region. While extracting a US diplomat from Chernogorsk the LZ was overrun with what William had coined "zombies". William narrowly escaped with a few of his squad mates to a rooftop of an apartment building in Chernogorsk. Eventually William and his squaddies were able to fight there way down to the streets where in a running gunfight one by one Williams friends and fellow soldiers were picked off by the ever growing hoard behind them. William ran as fast as he could out of Cherno and by the time he finally stopped to rest at a cabin outside of the city he was the only one left. Stuck in Chernarus and looking for a way out William wanders the wasteland trying to establish contact with US forces and find a way back to the states.
  4. Petr Tokarev was born in Chernagorsk to Sergei and Nastya Tokarev on May 13th, 1998. Growing up in Cherno Petr had a better childhood than most kids in Chenarus with his Mom Nastya working as a shift manager at the International Hotel and his Dad Sergei working in the Russian and eventually during and after the Civil War the CDF. Petr spent most of his childhood tinkering around with old and broken TV's and other small devices he found thrown out by his neighbors. Petr's dad Sergei who was stationed as a helicopter mechanic at the nearby Balota airfield would also frequently take Petr on weekend trips to the airfield and allow Petr to help him work on the various Mi-8 and Mi-24's stationed there. When Petr turned 18 he knew what he wanted to do, he enlisted in the CDF, completed basic training at NWAF and eventually with some string pulling was assigned alongside his father as a helicopter mechanic at Balota. After about 9 months of working at Balota Petr started hearing of strange events occurring around Severograd from the helicopter pilots who would come back from patrol, soon after Petr noticed a rapid increase in activity among the CDF command and about a day later 2 battalions arrived at Balota and Cherno. Petr quickly found more work that he absorbed himself in as nearly 20 more models of Mi-24's and 8's arrived at Balota. Petr spent the next few days working tirelessly at the base struggling to keep up with the influx of work. Eventually strange creatures started showing up around Balota's perimeter attracted to the sound of the helicopters. These were quickly dispatched by the troops stationed to guard the airfield. As another day passed Petr started noticing more and more CDF troops slipping away in the night to go and protect their family's or to somehow get away from the outbreak that the news had been talking incessantly about until they went quiet. During the night more creatures started arriving at the bases perimeter and shooting only seemed to attract more. After a day or two of this the base was on the verge of being overrun and the base commander realizing that he had neither the men nor the ammunition for a prolonged siege decided to evacuate the base with the remaining helicopters. Petr and his dad Sergei managed to find a spot on a Mi-8 headed to West Chernarus. Soon after takeoff strange scraping noises started emanating from the Mi-8's engine and soon after the helicopter went into a descent with the pilots able to autorotate and crash land the crippled aircraft in a field. Waking up dazed from the crash Petr noticed that a metal fragment that broke off from the cabin during the crash had killed his father and that he was the sole survivor of the crash. Petr picked himself up and left the crashed and near burning Mi-8 stumbling off into the forest alone and afraid.
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