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"Take away the things you value most to show what's really inside"

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  1. Lee Axel has always been a man that watches from the shadows. He had a falling out with people and believes that in the end, no one truly cares for you. Though he is still nice and polite to those in need, he tries to keep his distance so he does become attached. Lee learned to hunt and make use of everything around him. Having knowledge in weaponry, medical, and cooking, he has the necessary needs to survive. Hiding out from the world whenever he can, he was in Chernarus when the infection started. Lee would listen to the radio whenever he had spare time. Gathering as much information as he can before he sets off to moving from location to location. Lee would pass by bystanders and help where he could. He would always leave before strings are attached because he has trust issues with a deep personal past. He doesn't talk about it much but it shows everytime people ask him to come along. He prefers to stay alone and travel alone. Speed and agility is his strongest suit. Perhaps Lee will learn to trust people again in time. Time isn't on anyone's side during these times. Rumor's has it that Lee is from the US. His accent proves that at least. Though his origins are not known by many in Chernarus, he is seen as a huge introvert. He is also seen in the woods but no one followed dared followed him due to misconception that he may hurt them like some sort of serial killer. It's strange that people think that way, due to the fact that Lee does not look primitive. He has good hygiene and is clean in all other aspects. His whereabouts are unknown during this huge predicaments. Since he is always on the move, he is a hard man to track down. Just be aware, you never know what you may get after crossing paths with him for the first time.
  2. I have two characters with the same name and i cant play on either maps anymore because it says "Your character does not belong in this world". I have played on both maps before with the same character but I have no clue how to fix this now. Any ideas?
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