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  1. My name is John. I’ve role played a bit in other games but never really a hardcore experience. Most players in DayZ rather loot and shoot on site. It gets really boring and repetitive. There are occasions where I would meet other players who does not shoot on site and we interact with some surprisingly interesting events. I would like to have more experiences like this in RP. So I am trying to get through the whitelist and I will do my very best to give a good experience. Also I was inspired by many other YouTubers who role play in these servers. I remember I made two friends on Dayz and they didn’t know each other. We all became friends and we would play together but, it ended badly for both of them. I guess they secretly didn’t like each other and one of them killed the other for his loot. Then he came and bragged about it to me. I was so shocked because it seemed like we were getting along so well. So I played along. Eventually we got onto a construction site and I held him up. I handcuffed him and told him he was wrong for shooting the other friend. So I took his weapon off and gave him his final words. He didn’t say anything nice so I gave him a honorable ending. Needless to say it didn’t have a happy ending. A lot of details were left out but I couldn’t really remember how it went down. It was so long ago. I just want more authentic role play. I am so tired and bored of people just shooting and looting over and over. It’s repetitive and not fun. So it would be a nice change of pace to be role playing. Story Jed is a young man living in Chernarus for less than a couple of months. Born in America, Jed struggles to make friends and is often alone with his thoughts on how to make something of himself. He lives with both his younger brother Jack, and his father Paulo. Paulo is a stay at home dad. Lost his job due to depression and alcohol. So he sits at home doing nothing but slaving around both Jed and Jack. Jed doesn’t fear his father’s oppression but he does fear the oppression over his brother. Jack had just turned six. Nothing is more hurtful than seeing a child who has to witness such lowly sight at a young age. Nevertheless, Jed is the light in Jack’s eyes. Jed found a part time job working at a grocery store and when he gets off, his paycheck goes to taking care of the house and his little brother. Jack was also bullied in school. He would often come home upset and Paulo would just say “Get over it and shut up. I don’t want to hear you crying. Be a man and shut up.” Jack would cry alone in his room. Whenever Jed gets home, the eyes of Jack would light up like the moon. Smiling and so happy. Jed knows how his father treats Jack. Jed also believes that deep inside this old sad man. There is some love for his two sons. He doesn’t show it but he is old-school. Sometimes men don’t show the love but there are small signs. Every time Jed takes Jack to the park, Paulo would say “Be careful. A lot of things are going on in the news. If anything happens. Anything at all. Get your brother and run here. Don’t stay out too late.” Jed and Jack would answer “Yes sir.” And walk to the nearby park. Jack is afraid of heights. When he would get to the top of a playground’s slide he would often freeze up. “It’s too high. I’m scared.” He would say to Jed. “Don’t be afraid. Be brave.” Jed softly pats his head. “I’ll always be right behind you.” He said. Jack takes a deep breathe while looking down. Then he turns his head back to Jed. “Always?” He asked. “Always.” Jed answered. “Promise?” And he raises his pinky finger towards Jed. Jed smiles and says, “Promise.” While locking pinkies with his brother. That day Jack grew bold and faced his fears. A couple days later, news came out about the bombing of some cities. Paulo always watched the news on political things. Jed was never really political, but he knew of the attacks from Russia. Jack was coloring in the room when someone came knocking on the door. Paulo answers. “Yes?” “Are you leaving the city?” Jed looks and sees it’s one of the neighbors. “Trevor why would we ever leave the city. It’s safe here.” Said Paulo. Trevor was always big on conspiracies. “These bombings and attacks. They are cover ups. The fucked us I tell you. They released some shit out there. The media isn’t covering it. I know it. If we don’t leave we are fucked you here me! Fucked!” “Trevor are you watching those damn conspiracy videos again?” Paulo interrupted. “Please leave. I don’t wanna hear this bullshit from you again. Just leave me and my sons alone or you’ll get more than a warning.” Trevor gives Paulo a look of concern before leaving. “What was that?” Jed asked. “Nothing. Just a crazy man who is off his meds again.” Paulo said while closing the door. Jed looks at Jack in the other room with concern. A couple days later breaking news spread of multiple reports came in about people ravaging live stock and people. Jed was at work when he has seen on the news that multiple countries had came over to Chernarus to try and contain this infection. When Jed got off work, he went straight home as soon as possible. Fearing that the infection will come, he woke his father in mid sleep. “Dad! We have to get out of this country! We need to go back to Aunty’s house in California!” “What the fuck! Why are you so annoying at this time?!” Paulo yelled. “Dude. Get off your ass. I’m not taking this shit anymore. This war with Russia. This spreading infection. You. I’m sick of it. We need to leave!” Jed argued. Jack peeks his head in from the door. Teary eyed and fatigued. “Watch how you talk to me boy.” Paulo whispered. Jed sees Jack and defused the argument by walking out the door. Paulo looks at Jack and proceeds back to his bed. “Go back to bed Jack.” Paulo said. Jed sits outside the front of the house and takes a breather. “Your father isn’t a bad guy.” A voice said. Jed turns and sees Trevor. “What are you doing out here?” Jed asked. “Smoke break. Want one?” “Nah.” Jed answered. “How old are you again?” Trevor asked. “I’m 23.” Jed said. “You guys gotta get outta here Jed. If your father is going to try and ignore the outside world then don’t let him take you and Jack down with him.” Trevor takes a puff and blows. “I know a guy who works at the airstrip. He has a plane and maybe we can all get out of this shit hole.” Jed looks Trevor in the eye. “You’d do that for us? You’ve only known us for a bit.” Trevor smirks. “I have a soft spot for kids. My daughter and my wife would give me an ear full if I didn’t try and take you guys. We know how hard your father is. He wouldn’t even let us take you if he knew. But you’re an adult. You can make your own decision. Save yourself. Your brother as well.” Jed looks to the ground. “Maria does make good beef stroganoff” Jed said jokingly. Trevor laughs. “Yes she does. One of the best.” Trevor composes himself. “Think on it. We can leave anytime within three days. I don’t wanna stay here any longer than that. I’m afraid it will be too late by then.” Jed looks at Trevor. “I’ll be ready soon. Thanks Trevor.” Trevor smiles and walks into his home.” Jed heads off to bed. By morning every is awake. Jed is eating breakfast, Jack is taking a morning bath, and Paulo is sitting watching tv. “Dad. Do you know what’s going on in this place right now?” Said Jed. “War son. It’s a war.” Paulo answered. “Why are we still here? You know that it’s dangerous? Jack could get hurt or worse.” Jed said. “It’s my responsibility to take care of both of you. You are an adult though. If you want to leave then you can do so.” Paulo argued. “You haven’t done anything for Jack, or even me. I grew up without you or mom. You probably blame me for mom’s death but I had no control over it. You were here but you weren’t here. You’re not the father you think you are. That’s the blatant truth.” Jed rebuttals “I know deep inside you love us but you can’t even look at us and tell us that you do. You can’t even show it.” Paulo looks at Jed and walks in front of him. “You think I didn’t try? When your mother died I lost myself. That day the criminals killed your mom when she was coming to pick you up from school... I just... I...” then a sudden thud on the front door silenced the room. Jack came out in a towel. Another thud. “Dad open it. I’m going to get Jack dressed.” Jed said and walks into the other room. Paulo walks to the door and looks out the peep hole. He can see a man with long hair slowly banging his head on the door. Paulo opens. “Hey! What are you—“ and the man tackles Paulo. A loud bang from the impact of falling on the floor. Jed hears the commotion. “Help me! Help! He fucking bit my arm! Jed!” Jed runs out and looks at a scene of struggle. Jed pulls the man by the hair. “Get the fuck off motherfucker!” The man yells in anger. Blood on its face and eyes. Paulo sitting by the door in total shock. The man then tackles Jed to the ground. “Shit shit shit shit. Help me!” The man suddenly flips over to the side and Trevor puts his foot on the man’s chest. Trevor pulls a gun and shoots the man in the head. “He was infected.” Trevor said. Jed was in shock. “Holy shit. Jack come here!” Jed runs over and picks up Jack. “Jed. Your father was bitten.” Trevor said. Jed and Jack both look at their father. “Please come over here.” Paulo said emotionally. Jed walks over with jack in his arms. “Jack. Come here.” Paulo spreads his arms. Jed drops Jack down and he walks over. “Go Jack. Be brave.” Jed whispers. Jack slowly takes small steps. “Don’t be afraid...” Paulo whispers. Jack reaches Paulo’s arms and Paulo closes his arms, hugging him. “I’m sorry I was never the father you wanted.” Jack stays quiet. Paulo sheds a tear. It was the first time Jed had ever seen him cry in so long. “Be a good boy. Your brother will take care of you now okay?” Jack answers. “Okay daddy. I hope you get better.” Paulo smirks for a second. “I will.” Jack walks behind Jed. “Jack. Go outside with Maria and Darly. Darly would love to play with you. She has toys too. Go along now.” Trevor insisted. “Go on Jack. I’ll be there in a moment.” Jed said. Jack walks out and Trevor closes the door. Trevor sighs. “There’s only two things we can do here. One, we let Paulo become infected. Two, we put him out of his mercy.” Jed looks to the floor. “Dad. I’m not letting you turn...” Paulo smiles. “I’m not going to turn. If I’m dying then I’m dying as myself, not as a monster.” Jed smirks with concern. “Jed. Go outside.” Trevor says. “Lemme do it Trevor. He is my father.” Jed argues. Trevor looks down. “You don’t have to do this.” Jed looks at Trevor. “I may have to do something like this sooner or later anyways. Let me save him.” Paulo nods with acceptance. “Okay Jed. I’ll be outside in the car.” Trevor hands the gun and walks out. Jed points the gun at his father’s head. “Jed. I know I may have been vague and never showed love. I want you to know I do love you and Jack. I look back at my life and I can see many regrets. But I never regretted having you or jack. The night your mom died was just a stupid robbery. It wasn’t your fault that you were waiting for her at the school. Even though you didn’t tell us you were going to that school party it wasn’t your fault. We could be strict. You were just being a teen. Don’t ever blame yourself for us being this way. Through all this pain, you still managed to become a good son and a good brother. I’m proud of you son. Take care of Jack.” Jed sheds a tear. “What’s that song you used to sing to mom... didn’t it go something like... Love of mine...” Paulo songs along “Someday you will die. But I’ll be close behind. To follow you into the dark. No blinding lights. Tunnels to gates of white. Just out hands clasped so tight. Waiting for a hint of a spark. If heaven and hell decides that they both are satisfied. Illuminate the No on their vacancy signs. If there’s no one beside you. When your soul embarks.” Jed shoots Paulo. “Then I’ll follow you into the dark...” Jed finishes the final line. Jed wipes his tears. He goes and grabs a blanket to cover his father and walks outside to the car. Trevor gives a concerning smile. “Ready?” Jed smiles. “Ready.” Hours later after passing a possible horde they reach the airstrip and meet up with the pilot. “Hey Jacob. These are the passengers and we need a flight out of this crap situation.” Trevor says. Jacob starts counting. “I can only take four of you. I’m filled. The two kids are guaranteed a seat, the three of you need to decide who is staying.” Trevor becomes enraged. “You can’t fit one more person!? You gotta be fucking joking man!” Jacob raises his arms to try and calm Trevor. “Look, you’re not the only people trying to get out of here. There are other families and I can’t just kick people out. I’m sorry.” Jed loses himself in thought. He looks at Jack. Jed remembers his mother... “Jed... I know you’re afraid of heights but I promise you’ll be okay.” Said a voice. “Mom... it’s too high... I can’t do it.” Jed said. “You can do it! Be brave Jed. I’ll be right behind you. Don’t worry.” Mom said. “You better promise that you’ll always be behind me...” Jed said. Mom giggles. “I promise I’ll always be behind you to protect you.” Jed snaps back to reality. Trevor and Jacob still arguing. “I’ll stay!” Jed yells. Trevor and Jacob and the rest looks at Jed. “I’ll stay.” Jed repeated. Trevor walks to Jed. “I’ll stay Jed. I’ll do it...” Jed interrupts Trevor. “No. Take my brother to my aunts. Give me your number and I’ll text you the info. Make sure you write it down in case the phone dies or anything goes out.” Trevor stops Jed “Woah woah stop.” Jed grabs Trevor’s shoulder. “Please. Make this easy for me. You have a family to take care of. I know I have to take care of Jack. I know I do. But I can’t take away a father from your family. Please save yourself and your family and the only one I have left. I’ll find another way out of here.” Trevor sighs. “You better.” He hands the gun and keys to the car. “There is more ammo in the glove compartment. Go to Chernogorsk. It will be safer there.” Jed nods and walks over to Jack. “Come here little man.” Jed hugs Jack. “They will get you another airplane?” Jed gives a concerning smile. “Yes they will.” Jack nods. “You will be there when we get to a safe area?” Jed tries to hold his composure. “Always.” Jed smiles. Jack hugs Jed tighter. “Promise?” Jed sheds a tear and wipes it. “Promise.” Jack lets go and smiles. “Can I get him to his seat?” Jed asked. “Ofcourse son.” Jacob answers. Jed carries Jack to his seat and fastens his seat belt. Jed takes his wallet out and takes out a picture. The picture has Jed, Paulo, Grace, and Baby Jack. On the back it says “Even through struggles, suffering, and pain. We can always find a way to help each other. Don’t let petty differences pull us apart. Use this to strengthen yourselves. Make the bonds stronger. I love you loads. -The Lee Family” Jed hands the picture to Jack. “Don’t ever lose this. Keep it for me until I get back okay?” Jack looks at the photo. “Is that our mom?” Jed smiles. “Yes. Dad never kept photos of her around. Don’t forget who they are. Don’t forget who I am. Okay?” Jack nods. “Okay. I won’t forget.” Jed smirks. “Promise?” Jack looks at Jed and smiles. “Yes I promise bro.” Jed snickers. “I don’t know who taught you how to say bro in a sentence but that’s funny.” Maria and Darly and Trevor smiles but with a hint of sadness. “Be safe. When you get out of here, please let us know. You are always welcome.” Maria says. “Thanks Maria. When I do, please have that beef stroganoff ready please.” Maria and Trevor smiles. Jed goes and kisses Everyone on the forehead. Goodbye everyone. Jed walks off and gives a final look and waves before leaving the plane. He watches as the plane takes off. Soon, the plane was long gone. Jed could see the infected near the fences so he gets on the car. He checks the ammo in the gun and glove compartment. Takes a breather and starts the car. He makes his way Chernogorsk. He thinks to himself. Sheds a tear and smiles.
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