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  1. His name is Max, Max Chisel and he is 30 years old. Max was an accountant for the Vatican before the outbreak although he has never believed in God, the Vatican officials hired him as he's extremely good at math and Max lied to them about being Catholic and religious. Max is Austrian and moved to Rome because he got a lucrative job in the Vatican. Being in Austria, Max had to register for mandatory military service of at least 1 year once you turn 18. Here is where Max learned basic survival skills, basic weaponry skills such as aiming, basic general knowledge of guns, and how to navigate. Its been 12 years since Max last served and has forgotten a good amount of these skills when the outbreak begins in the spring time of 2017. Max had known about the Civil War in Chernarus and knows about the still rebuilding state of the country is still lacking. But Max gets word from a few friends, coworkers, and eventually on the news to head Southeast towards Israel, that it is the only country still not affected. He makes his way after a treacherous journey all the way to Istanbul the capital of Turkey. He lost friends on the way but he managed to survive after seeing death, sickness, and how the virus takes over the body and mind. He gets tangled up in the port of Istanbul, loses his companions, and winds up just sailing on a boat with 2 week's worth of food/water that he managed to get when the citizens of Istanbul evacuated the city. After 2 weeks of sailing without seeing land and running low on food and water he somehow manages to stay alive a few more days and while he's starving and dehydrated, he is weak and is passing out frequently and some how manages to wind up on the shore of Chernarus despite the harsh storm that hit Chernarus, Max again has been very very lucky to have made it this far. Max is trying to figure out where he is, and needs food and water badly. Max is in a vulnerable state and is desperate to survive. Max is inherently a good person although he is known to be a liar. The life & adventure of Max during and after the outbreak awaits!
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