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  1. After a month of seeing the horrors of war, Leon was shaken to his core. But none of this blood and gore could prepare him for when the outbreak hit. It started slow, as all things do. Rumors of rabies and patients with dementia. Leon assumed it was just a side-effect of civil war - the general populace was cracking under the pressure of the unrest. However, when he volunteered to help set up a medical station with Mallory at a small ranger station outside Severograd, that is when he saw the outbreak for what it was. People were coming back from the dead and killing everyone. His first thoughts were of escape - leaving the country and abandoning his internship altogether. Nothing was worth this, worth dying, or worse - getting sick and coming back to life. By the time he came to this realization, the military was already digging in. Nobody was allowed in or out of the quarantined areas - including the medical camp. Mallory was intent on remaining within the camp until the last possible second, and somehow that poised Leon to do the same. For now. It was now the end of the beginning. The infection was spreading throughout all of Chernarus, weeks of containment and quarantine eventually failed, and a large order for evacuation was finally given. Even Mallory relented to abandon the medical camp. The soldiers were leaving, and therefore all of their protection would be gone. Leon found it high time to make their escape out of the country entirely, but Mallory merely weighed and measured where she could do the most good. The word was that there was a ship gearing up to exfil medical personnel to Turkey - where a plane to the US would be waiting. Leon never thought he'd miss Chicago the way he did then. It was on the back of a military transport that Mallory confessed she'd be staying to help, up until the very end. Naturally, an argument ensued. Before Leon could finish his next sentence, their truck was t-boned by a pick-up in the middle of a small town. It was lights out. Came to in the wreckage. Smell of salt - I'm close to the coast. The ship is there. Where's Mallory? Dead soldiers. No dead doctors. Nobody dead in the cab of the truck that hit us. Smell of gunpowder. I see bullet holes on the truck. Bandits? Gotta find Mallory. Get to ship. Gotta find Mallory. Gotta find her. Leon remained in Chernarus well past the possibility of evacuation, searching for Mallory. He believes she is out there, held prisoner by bandits and forcibly made to give them medical attention. That's the beauty of doctors, they're valuable. Leon has been on his own for a few weeks now, his last group got split apart. Separated. There's no evacuation. No home to go back to. Chernarus is home now. There's always someone who needs a doctor.
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