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  1. Don't think we need a whole rule for notes as any fuckery with notes would constitute as BadRP and those rules are already set. Just don't write "haha pee pee poo poo" and you'll be fine.
  2. you ever just sit in your truck

    1. ThatGuyJacob


      I don't have a truck

    2. Faygo


      damn that sucks homie

  3. I'm down for any cosmetic mod that doesn't crash the server or excessively effect server performance. Can't tell you how many times I wish there was a placeable couch, table, etc. Just adds personality imo. Unfortunately a lot of these types of mods don't get added because of the creator's monetization policies or the fact that they don't play nice with the rest of the DayZRP mods and either crash the server or create lag.
  4. I don't know where I defended saying "get fragged pussy" in game but now that you mention it I personally don't think that's very good RP either.
  5. I like the way the rules are because frankly big-dicking on the radio towards people your character doesn't know, or worse - people they do know - is really cringe and promotes MW2 lobby style roleplay and honestly I'm not here for it. If you wanna be hostile on the radio just make sure that your character has a reason to be hostile and that it furthers RP rather than just shit-talking some random randy just because you don't like the sound of their voice. It's BadRP.
  6. Have you tried just being a nomadic/dynamic group that has no need for a base? If all you want is to interact with other people it seems silly to even worry about loot/base building anyway. Just go to the hubs (both hubs will usually have public tents/fridges for food and essentials to give you.) I strongly suggest going this route! Untethering yourself from the concern of base-building to protect worldly possessions is actually very liberating.
  7. One of the better screenshots from our event today! Thanks to everyone that came out! I loved putting this event on and I hope to do more in the future.
  8. BIG shoutout to the participants in the Inaugural Svetlojarsk Talent Show! @Carbomb85 Dr Cross's amazing spoken word rendition of Rocket Man. @Oliwer03 Anton and his beautiful slavic tune that I don't know the name of. @BeanMama Wynne's classic and priceless magic act. @Jack Tennessee Ricky's incredible pumpkin eating skills. @ItsJet Jet's very unique talent of... Well anyone who wants to know will just have to come to the next show and see for themselves. @EmlynDiaries Spark's last minute addition was wholesome af. It made Bo shed a tear or two. I have a huge softspot for old scottish (and irish) tunes. @HDragon Made quite the entrance at the end and such pageantry was not only incredibly amusing but perfectly timed as well. 10/10 Thank you to everyone who attended and special thanks to @PATRIOT for cutting up a bunch of food. I hope you all enjoyed the event. Looking forward to doing more!
  9. <Bo pushes his PTT.> "Yes, the men and women of Svetlojarsk work day and night to preserve a safe and peaceful location where all are welcome that need help or community. If you come here and extend the hand of friendship, that's how they will stay. So, we ask that everyone who comes here come with the intent of staying peaceful." <Bo releases the PTT.>
  10. <Bo pushes his PTT again.> "Alternatively you could just stay home and just not worry about it if it bothers you that much? Threatening to come all this way to shoot us isn't a good introduction Mr. Nobody. Please do not come to our event if you are so triggered. You will not be welcome." <The PTT is released.>
  11. The first ever Svetlojarsk Talent Show! Come hang out, RP, and show off some of your sick skills!

  12. <Bo takes a deep breath before pushing the PTT on the long-range radio.> "Hey, all you crazy kids. We're calling all sparrows and all of our friends to cordially invite them to Svetlojarsk for our first ever talent show. The apocalypse has been rough on all of us, but we all fondly recall a time before when things were simpler. Music made us chill, theater made us cry, and comedy made us laugh. I think it's time we all take a deep breath and reflect on who each of us are as individuals and celebrate what makes us that way. So, if you've got a song in your heart or a knack for bringing joy to a room through your art, your words, or your mind, come put it to work at the Svetlojarsk Talent Show, hosted by yours truly; Bo." "The stage will be on the center statue precipice with the crowd taking their place on the Church stairs. Acceptable acts include but are not limited to; "Singer/Songwriters Poetry Art Interpretive Dance Freestyle Rap Rap Battles Stand-Up Comedy Skits Monologues Play/Musical Scenes TED Talks" "Please keep all acts to a maximum of 10 minutes. Acts may be shortened to 5 minutes based on density of sign ups. Sign-ups will start at 18:00 UTC. Just find Bo in the Svetlojarsk courtyard and sign your name along with your act! Performances will begin at 20:00 UTC sharp!" "I wish all of our performers from out of town a safe journey. I speak for all of Spero when I say that we look forward to you sharing your talents with us. Take a break from the apocalypse, leave your problems at the door, and drink some booze." <Bo releases the PTT, sighing heavily with a smile as he feels satisfied with his broadcast.>
  13. Great Rp with @IrishSailor, @wastingdoor, @Sophie, and @VodkaWolf yesterday! Loved all of our dramatic yet vulnerable interactions as well as an impromptu jam session.
  14. Faygo

    Valning Map

    So, I have played on this map before and it needs a lot of work. There's a lot of funky business with the zombie spawns (zombies spawning inside glitched objects, becoming invisible, yet still able to hit passerby players, zombies falling through floors, zombies being able to run through walls/doors, etc.) and it has a lot of locations that would be very harsh on people with lower end computers. Granted this was about 6 months ago and I think they have been steadily updating it since then but I would just really urge staff to inspect this map thoroughly before making any changes.
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