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  1. Truly an ano moment. Can't wait to RP with ya'll!
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    1. Panda


      o7 @Murdoc

  3. Maks Angeloff is the son of a career military general in the Russian Army, while his mother was a civil servant who died in a car accident in the Ukraine in 1999. Growing up, Maks was always fascinated by robotics, vehicles, and computers. His desire to pursue a purely academic career in engineering was constantly overshadowed by his father's military prestige. His father, Aksel Angeloff, was a pivotal force in the Russian military even before the fall of the Soviet Union. Well connected, well respected, and well educated, Maks' career in the military was a powerful expectation that railroaded
  4. >Potius Cras Welcome back!
  5. The whole point of development is for them to make cool things to improve our immersion and gameplay. Definitely not a waste of time in my opinion. +1
  6. Gonna miss our interactions, ya'll. Hope to see you out there.
  7. Had some really great RP with the Spero gang today! It's been nice to get out and about, build stories, identities, relationships, and even rivalries. Every minute we spend IC together the stories become that much more real. Here's to everything that awaits. @BeanMama @Panda @Konohamaru @ThatGuyJacob @Dank Ninja @Cub @UwU Monke @wastingdoor @GhostyAlt @ItsJet @V Fusion Also wanna thank the Belic Pub for their great roleplay today in Berezino. Never a dull moment. @Woody @NickYakov @beatbapple669 @mr cowboy whose name I forget. Special shout out to all of the f
  8. i love all the homies

  9. *A young man's voice comes over the radio.* "I know the sound of a man with a gun to his head when I hear one. I think it's ironic that the anarcho-communists believe in spreading propaganda and misinformation. It sort of sounds like what a police state would do." *He releases the PTT.*
  10. Welcome back community member Sparta.
  11. Had some nice RP with some of the birb gang last night. @Panda Welcome home. @BeanMama @UwU Monke @Konohamaru @RedChimp41 @Dank Ninja Always a pleasure when we get to actually interact without combat these days. I live for these moments where our characters get to take a breath and look inwards so we can actually portray how they'd feel.
  12. https://www.dayzrp.com/characters/display-5666/

    New graphics and stuff. 🙂 super simple, hope you like it.

  13. Really happy to see this group get approved. Looking forward to our future interactions. Good luck!
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