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  1. David grew up in the south suburbs of Chicago. Ever since he was young, he knew what he wanted to do with his life: help people. And the best way to do that, he reasoned, was to become a police officer. He worked towards that goal throughout school, learning everything he could about police work. At the age of 17, he lost his family, mother, father, younger brother, and younger sister, to a car accident. Because he was so close to turning 18, and had disowned his mother's side of the family, he was emancipated and lived on his own. Due to the loss of his family, David's plans changed a little. As soon as he graduated high school, David joined the army to get away from his home town. There, he threw himself into the work and the training. Soon, he pushed himself head and shoulders above his other classmates in determination. Once he finished basic training, he became a military police officer. He served for the next four years until he was medically discharged due to a broken clavicle. After healing, and finding himself at loose ends, David decided to follow his original dream and join the police force. He applied to the Chicago Police Department and was accepted. He was sent to the police academy and worked his way through with the same determination as basic training. He graduated in 2011 and was sworn in as a Chicago police officer. Over the next several years, he worked as a street officer in the city. While he had no close attachments, he made several friends inside and outside of the precinct. His main goal, now that he was a police officer, was to help as many people when and where he could. It worked well but there was always something missing, he felt. Then, in early 2017, David heard of a country, Chernarus, that was looking for police officers to emigrate and help their own police force. The idea intrigued him and he looked into it. It seemed like a great idea and, having no close family or ties, he decided to move. He applied and was accepted. In summer of 2017, he moved to Chernarus. Specifically, the city of Staroye. The work could be difficult at times but it was also rewarding. He made friends in the precinct and out, again, but still had no close connections. Helping people was as much of his main goal as it was before and he made great strides in that. Then, in 2020, an unthinkable thing happened. There was a zombie outbreak in the country of Chernaruss. David, using his skills and knowledge and determination, managed to survive the initial terrifying and confusing days. Now, he roams and looks for survivors. He's still driven to help and wants to find some sort of settlement. Mostly, he does what he feels is right, no matter the cost. He helps individual survivors and groups of people, trying to keep them as safe as possible. And he kills as many zombies as he can.
  2. Hi all, You can call me cyborg as most poeple do. First i would like to thank DayZRP for letting me be a part of the story. I have gotten whitelisted already and have played a few hours in the US server. The person i ran across in electra was very nice and helpful and i quite enjoyed it. I have plans for Liam in game and hope to see you all around. Stay Safe all and shoot silent
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