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  1. Hi all, You can call me cyborg as most poeple do. First i would like to thank DayZRP for letting me be a part of the story. I have gotten whitelisted already and have played a few hours in the US server. The person i ran across in electra was very nice and helpful and i quite enjoyed it. I have plans for Liam in game and hope to see you all around. Stay Safe all and shoot silent
  2. Liam Grendson was born near Chicago in the late 80's. His life was fairly simple growing up. As the only son of a paramedic mother and a PI father, Liam learned some very interesting skills growing up. He was always the one everyone else came to for help with their problems. Even though everyone new Liam in school he tended to stay out of the cliches and the clubs. Mostly sticking to his video games and his guns.After college, Liam felt a need to travel and see what the world had to offer. With the will and the drive to see the real world he decided to go to Chenarus to help in the rebuilding efforts in 2010. He was there to help out with construction aid and some medical relief.Liam decided to stay in Chenarus after he fell in love with a women, got married and had 2 children. When the outbreak started Liam and his family tried to hunker down hoping it would all blow over and the government would come to help. Just a few days into the outbreak Liam's youngest son fell and cut his arm open on a shovel. Liam had to head out to look for something to help his son. He took his gun and a few other minor supplies to go scavenge what he could. Later than same day after finding some antibiotics and a suture kit in one of the first aid posts, Liam returned to his apartment to find his wife dead and his children gone. Searching like crazy Liam couldn't find any sign of his boys and decided to go search elsewhere. Even after all this time Liam is still searching for any sign of his kids. Knowing they are more than likely dead he searches for closure.
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