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  1. Ive noticed that cars ive found in the past will despawn after so long. (Or may have been stolen but its unlikely) What do you have to do when hiding a car to ensure it doesnt despawn (ruling out that its been stolen)
  2. I love being one tapped by a zombie.especially being fully geared and then "boof" you are dead by a zombie... theyre to overpowered lower them....
  3. Oh i didnt even realize that lol. how do i delete a topic?
  4. There should be a premium perk that gives you priority queue in the server
  5. So I had a temporary ban and now logging back in after it is lifted. My character is completely gone! Why is that....
  6. I honestly am not sure what you mean by template ? am i missing something? .... this is my first "offense" So forgive me Found and updated. Edit: Merged by @Para
  7. I was temp banned for griefing and i was wondering how long they are for or if anyone knows how long for them to respond to an appeal takes>?
  8. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: I honestly am not sure what exactly I did wrong besides maybe moving a tent and it being considered "griefing" Additional statements/comments explaining my point of view: I was banned a few days ago for I believe griefing. What I had done was look around for stuff when I had came across a broken into base. So I looked further and found some tents ( i was not the one who broke into the base mind you) So il ooked through the tents took some stuff of course and left. I had also taken an almost empty tent (that I had taken a few things out of so i could carry it) But later decided i didnt need the tent so I dropped it I went back near the house when a man said "Hey what are you doing in my house" So not wanting to get killed because I didnt break into it originally I hid. Went on about my way and didnt return. Then I came back here tonight excited to play and saw I am banned. I dont understand what I had done wrong and Had I know what I did was wrong I wouldnt have done it. Id love for my ban to be lifted What would I like to achieve with this appeal: Ban Lifted What could you have done better?: Looked into the rules a bit more and could have at least roleplayed with the home owner instead of hiding out of fear of death.
  9. Sloth680


    So i can use a hacksaw and rid the handsaw then. and just find the new raid tool? Gotcha,
  10. Sloth680


    So saws are useless now because of new raid criteria?
  11. Get near a base with hacksaw. cant even saw it open. no option to. glitch. ?
  12. So if the server just shut down for maintnence if my pal and I were in a moving car. will we spawn back in the car. is the car ruined now? WIll we die? etc.
  13. I am Dillon, I come from an american family which had come to the chernaran lands following ww2. I am a cherno citizen but have been around my american family for most of my childhood. The war had a major impact on my family and my grandfather forced the family to relocate. And to chernogorsk for some reason i wont ever understand. 18 is how old I am. all of my family had been killed for as far as I can remember. I am the last of the nickel family. Right now, My goal is to stay alive and to hopefully find my family if any are alive. I've never been married unfortunately and probably wont ever be due to the "outbreak". I wish to be someday but i am not holding my breath. I am Dillon Nickel and this is how my story unfolds......
  14. I am part of the defenders rights. I was alongside jack and kilo at the time A new commer came along our town and we started talking to him Very kind and very good decent roleplay from both sides. Jack kindly said in no hostile way, "hey were going to handcuff you pat you down, were not goona take anything from you just checking to make sure youre not hiding anything, and you can get on your way through town" Or something along those lines. The man said ill just leave then , Jack said no no come back here real quick dude pulled gun and opened fire on jack as then myself and kilo took our guns out took aim and fired. Dealing lethal damage to the attacking side. Seconds after if not instantaniously as he pulled his weapon and took the first shot effectively killing jack. He had no value for life as there were 3 of us and one of him. As well as firing upon 3 people is not likely going to end in his favor.
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