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  1. *Bill picks up radio turns on and begins his transmission* "this is Bill transmitting from i believe is the airfield Near a town called balota, Can anyone hear me?!"
  2. not understanding i have the mods but cant find server
  3. So im on the launcher and dayzrp is not there?! Whats going on someone help! all i see is enoch servers for this rp community. wtf is going on? DID THIS SERVER SWITCH TO LIVONIA?
  4. So the server jsut updated and I get the message cant join and in dzsa it says something like "your version 1.06.12345 server version 1.6.12345 join anyway" and i do but then cannot join. what am i missing?
  5. Possibly. game runs my laptop to its core lol (only game I have that does that honestly lol) But ill get back to you on that.. Maybe im not taking a true rp stance on it since im so used to pvp practice servers. But again when ur dieing of hypothermia what else do you have to do but run in a town?
  6. And what do ya know. Just got killed AGAIN by a horde of zombies getting stuk trying to escape... This is truly ruining the experience for me and im gettting close to not wanting to play this game as a a whole because of it.... (and i know most of yall will say then dont play like nah i didnt spend 2+ hours writing my character and paying money for this game not to. died 5 times now to zombies...)
  7. I am seriously tired of dieing to the cold so quick after spawning or being alive for hours and then dieing because zombies can just tank a round to the head multiple times... or i get swarmed and stuck by an unrealistic amount in a very small village. its honestly ridiculous. I need help and tips.
  8. Ugh but takes away from the rp aspect
  9. Yeah it fixes it but then If I use it again after relogging it still has the same problem.. I hear the same people no matter what until I relog and then I cannot use the transiever...
  10. I do not know why but I can hear people talking much out of my voip vicinity. I am not sure if its a walkie talkie problem or what... But radio on or not I can hear people chattering who are definitely way to far to hear and have been hearing them for minutes now (even when running far in different directions) I can literally hear someone being taken hostage....
  11. In my home of Elektro, Chernarus my wife Stephanie and son, Luca we lived the best life I could ask for, then the outbreak hit. We were living in our two bedroom home when the news came on blasting "people are eating each other!" Me and my wife looked at each other both thinking "what kind of drugs are they doing?" Thinking of our safety we decided to stay home for a few days to ensure this would just blow over in a day or two. We knew our food supply was running low and decided I would be the one to go out to get more supplies. I went to the closest market and the whole place was a disaster. The shelves were ripped off like a bull ran through the lanes. I knew as this moment this was not going to just blow over in a few more days. I rushed home feeling uneasy. Seeing my home in the distance I noticed unfamiliar vehicles. I prayed that it was simply soldiers helping my family with supplies or even take us to a safe place. I could never had been more wrong. I walked into my home and called out for my wife. I did not hear a response. My concern growing I ran into the kitchen where I was hit in the side of the head with a heavy cold object I could only guess was a gun. I fell unconscious and woke up to the event that would change my life forever. I woke to my wife and child being eaten alive across the room from me. My hands tied behind my back with zip ties, I screamed and yelled begging whoever was behind me, and this, to free my hands. Laughing at my sorrow and refusing to do so, I had to sit and watch angrily as they were ripped apart. Moments later as I turn around they are no longer there, My military instincts kick in. I have very few moments to decide what to do next. As my adrenaline is pumping I think back to my S.E.R.E training and remember how to escape potential captivity. I rush to the closest sharpest object and hastily try to break free from my restraints. The first few second go by and they do not seem to give. After about a minute I am broken free. I leave whatever anger and sadness I have behind for the moment, and with the slight thought they may return in my mind, I Grab a kitchen knife, bandages, and the only thing I could find for light, a glow stick. I Head to the closest town, Cherno.
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