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  1. . The name is Danny McCallister. Im a Marine out of the 1st Marine Division sent here to assist with the outbreak. My Platoon was tasked with securing the City of Elektro and the surrounding areas. My Platoon was tasked with patrolling the immediate area surrounding the city. I was set out in an LPOP when our PB was completely overran by the infected. Before I knew it myself and Ben Johnson (the Marine with me at the LPOP) we’re alone. We immediately set our back to the city to link up with our HQ platoon stationed within. Upon our arrival (which took us nearly a day) we found the City overran. We were able to ID several Marines from our unit as infected now roaming the streets. It appears as though our forces were recalled back to the US or either wipes out completely. I’m assuming they believed our entire Platoon was wipes out by that heard of infected.... We received word that the infection spread back home. That’s all we could think about. Now we were stuck in a foreign Country dealing with this issue as our own Country fell victim. All we wanted was to get back home. Ben and I were cut off and unfortunately, I found Ben dead 2 hours later. Now I’m alone... my goal is to hopefully find some friendly forces either US or foreign to link up and align myself with to make it through this mess.
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