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  1. How did he end up in Chernarus: Originally born in elecktro he return from the war to find most of his family gone and the infected everywhere. he grew mad with rage and destroyed hordes by himself until he cured the war within. he finally decided to help others as everything is stronger in force. he figured if the infected could do it then he could band together survivors (what little are left) and create a army to wipe the infected off the face of the earth while continuing to help people along the way. Objective: to help survivors and unite a army to drive the zombies back to hell where they came from, while also focusing on good order and discipline. while also helping whoever we see on our mission if they so wish to be helped along with providing a safe place to stay free of charge.
  2. hi everyone I just recently put in my whitelist app so I hope to be playing with you all shortly so heres alittle about myself my name is Jonathan I will be playing as a ex Russian soldier looking to band together survivers to drive the infected of the face of the earth. im in the us navy ive been in for almost 2 years I have lots of great stories to tell about the navy so if you would like to hear one just let me know I would be glad to tell you. im 21 from a small town in north Carolina and a spend my free time playing dayz. I hope to see all of you out there and have a wonderful day and happy thanksgiving!
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