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  1. I've talked to parties involved and other members of the community and I'd like to cancel the report @Aiko. Thanks.
  2. Yeah instantly shooting someone because you can and such things isn't RP a good RP for you would be World of Warcraft they attack and don't really care for their life. But good luck man.
  3. I'm not trying to report you I said the OOC but didn't mention you in the report because I don't want to cherry pick. Yes it could be that your radio was bugged that's nothing we can do about it's a game bug and we all have to live with it. Yes the OOC you said "We already had an coincidence about an report" Audio proof will be provided but the report isn't on you. Edit: I do have to add I can't really remember exactly what you said but something in that way.
  4. Their will be allot more context when the second video is posted, and I did NOT scream “or die” it’s clear you got spooked by me irl as you didn’t even registered what I said and it’s just more proof towards the report. You can read the rules I’ve put in the title that I feel has been broken. But I’ll fix the second video as fast as possible and GM’s can decide if this is a valid report or not.
  5. Server and location: Server 2 (Livonia, s2.dayzrp.com:2300), Wrzeszcz. Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 01:50:00 (GMT 1+), 18-12/2019, Mid-day/Afternoon Your in game name: Jax Kungsgard Names of allies involved: Oliver Evens, @TribusGaming95 Name of suspect/s: Joseph Smith, Austin Maverick. (What we know) Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): They arrived in a car. Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): (coming soon) Video 1 (My perspective with no audio as I forgot to toggle it on in OBS.) I'm sorry for the bad quality but I can't really record that much I always start recording when I must. Context to the chat, I was venting it's not a trash server I just needed to vent and take my time. Video 2 (Coming soon, I'll post it tomorrow as I really need to go to sleep.) Detailed description of the events: It all started of with us going to Wolfs house to interrogate him, we heard people talk so we waited outside for sometime. We knew their would be someone injured and mr. wolf, Also wolf refereed to his report against me and I see that as OOC. As you can see in the video we did this but only got so far until we heard a car pull up outside. So I go outside to check then I see this one guy and he is carrying his weapon but not aimed. So I started aiming on him and screamed "sit the fuck down and put your hands up!" About 3 seconds and nothing happens, I really didn't want to shoot him as I feel it destroys the RP and thanks to @Rover I'm really trying to keep calm that's why I'm really taking my time with this report. But I wanted some really good RP with this but clearly he wasn't having it. I do understand he had his gun up but I told him an order and it took him 3 second to respond with that and I don't feel that's an proper action made. I thought he would put his hands up. Yes I knew later that he had a friend with him but then that friend could have fired not him. This is basically all I know from my viewpoint. (Yes I forgot to record desktop audio and mic audio but in the other clip from my friend you can hear everything I say.) I also wanted to add if they knew we where here then it's clear meta gaming as Wolf talked over the radio in silence and I think that's not how you RP. I think it took him 3-4 seconds for him to react because he got scared. I also have to say it's really hard for me to keep my accent and be in-voice with my character as I have/had tonsillitis (I think it's that.) and is really sick but I tried my best. Edit: I accidentally pressed submit topic but videos will be provided as fast as possible.
  6. Thanks for stating he said "The OP of that report" @Sung I have to apologist towards you that I got so mad. Also you are right I should really keep my temper down allot if I wanted to be take serious. I do apologist to everyone that's felt offended or I've been overly aggressive towards. But I'd really like to see a change maybe it's not the rules that needs to be changed maybe it's us players whom should stop "baiting" and RP with a flow. Thanks you @Rover and I hope you all have a great day I'll go and drink some tee and take a minute before I respond again.
  7. This is the thing I'm not cherry picking that's what most people do in the report I first started this with. A bunch of "cry babys" as I call them, reporting anything for maybe the chance of "revenge" this is not something I'd like to see. I just want the 3.2 to be more enforced or removed. I do know I have a temper but if you read the one above I responded to I'll always go with that always in my whole life. Clearly someone hasn't read the whole thread, I DONT WANT KOS! If you'd like I can make it more clear NO KOS! I just feel like when you get killed for a totally ok way don't cry about it. Also about 3.2 is all about Roleplay I really want this to be enforced allot more. For example if a report is made and GM's see that the reporter wasn't thinking about 3.2 give him a warning. It's as easy as that. From now on I'll start recording and I'll be posting what I think is some really good RP and then I'll also post bad RP but I won't ever make a report if it's not super clear rule breaking.
  8. No I'll always go with the how you treat me I'll treat you. It's clearly he was referring to my report as he said OP and I only have on report. So how you treat other you should and will be treated back.
  9. I'm not referring to my own report this is stupid and I'm referring to multiple reports in latest days and even people whom I've never meet. THis is the kind of people I know I won't be wanting anything in-game to do with as I can just smell the bad RP. Also their is multiple rules going against etch other please stay away from this thread now thanks. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Role-playing I do agree with you that we should all police ourselves. This will create the best kind of RP and community. But you can't make all situations in to long lasting RP for example if someone sneaks in to your base and goes in a car and tries to drive of but I feel the only chance you have to any RP at all is to protect whats yours and yeah their actions will be treated properly towards. We still need to have 3.2 be a stronger rule or removed. Allot of rules should be edited as I feel allot of them counter etch other. And as I said to the first one maybe you should read https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Role-playing I'm not saying KILL KILL KILL this is what you people do. I want realistic the way you assume I was talking about my own report and the way you see RPing is just bad. Role-Playing is when you put your-self in that character and if I'm trying to put my self in to this world and still be like "oh no he can steal from me I won't do anything" You are totally wrong and I wouldn't even to that in real life ether. Now you can leave this thread. Thanks.
  10. Maybe I misunderstood it to but you aren't allowed to do that if the other player disagrees with it. That way I fell like getting killed and all your hard earned loot taken is punishment for it. I know you could be like *Smashes stock in to face* but if the other person has a gun in their hands what options do you really have other then to pull the trigger?
  11. Maybe you should RP on another server then as it says in 3.2 I think it's really important and no I don't think it's unimpressive I think it's even more immersive everything is a risk stealing someones car/supplies and such on. We don't just want to kill but we will kill people who are trying to destroy for us when we are trying just as much to survive. I really think ether 3.2 gets removed or enforced harder.
  12. If not I feel all this "realistic RP" and the "Think about what world we live in" can be scraped and rewritten to "unicorn land".
  13. I wasn't involved in any killing or something? This is just a complain towards all the bad reports and such things. I think you misread the thread. I'd like to get your viewpoint on it all tho.
  14. Yes, I really think allot of people should learn how to RP more realistically and really think about the world their in. People are "monsters" and "savages" I have no problem getting randomly killed by like crazy cannibals out hunting human meat. I feel like that could be really interesting. For example me and my mates could go back after a day and make a search part to find these cannibals (If I gave the information about it before getting killed! No METAGAMING here!) and make some super fun and cool RP from that.
  15. Well I can understand that maybe you could say one more time to really make is clear but after that well you chose your characters faith. For example I RP as a high priest and if someone forced me to to something sinfully I'd rather get killed for it. Yeah and if you run away from getting caught stealing I don't think you should get shoot if you dropped everything and then just ran away.
  16. The last part you posted I feel is a big one to be honest. Like you hear gun fire and you go towards it and act surprised they shoot you when you are rude or stealing. People really need to learn how to RP if so.
  17. YES! I've had a super great time the short time I've played on the server. But I feel like people should really start taking this RP more serious as I feel it becomes better and allot more fun. I'd like to see a strike towards "bad" reports so people don't abuse the report function.
  18. That's just how I feel about it as the 3.2 say we should remember the world we RP in and it's status people aren't instantly friendly towards one and another. Same as with "joking" with characters it's not that type of world. Maybe if you make a "Pub" or something like that you could joke around. But not in the open-world. People are trying their best to survive and people are morally broken. I do understand that but if you've been warned multiple times and such things then you should just listen or get shoot. I mean you can always make a better RP then just saying "No I won't listen to you" then I feel you deserve to get shoot. So you know your actions will be acted on. I don't like just killing people but if I must I must and I won't think twice about it if my character follows 3.2 as we are all just trying to survive.
  19. I see allot of people don't understand that you could get shot for stealing and refusing to give back the items even when you are caught red handed. And the "I'm going to instantly report you for killing me." is becoming an issue. What are we going to do when someone steals, verbally threatens you with multiple people and such on? I really feel like their is allot of so called "cry babys" on the servers now people who can't take being killed for their actions. I really think people should think about the 3.2 more. I don't want everyone to go around robbing everyone and killing everyone. But I've seen multiple reports now of so called "cry babys" no report will be mentioned but really. We can't have a community and as soon as something doesn't go YOUR way you'll report it. And I feel a strong bias towards older players whom cry. Even if for example people have commented towards me "Man your RP is on a new level this is what we want to see" and such on. I feel like the 3.2 Should be a stronger rule. Also kill rights should be edited to fit 3.2. I don't know how Staff team wants the server to be but right now their is no "flow" on the RP always report or really bad and over used RP. Edit: Also I'd like to see a rule that strikes "bad reports" so people don't abuse the reporting.
  20. kranen

    S2 Livonia Ruleplay/Invalid kill

    I see you guys don't really have the same quality of RP as I do. I want my RP to be realistic all you guys want to do is "banter" around and have fun. I like the real RP I think that's the fun part being in danger and such things. I opened fire on the OP and you as in a real situation I want to kill the persons that are threatening to me and you might pull out a gun and shoot me. It's realistic, I didn't open fire on @AFluffyBrick she got caught in the line of fire. As I said if you are looking for your kind of RP I'd recommend FiveM as it's more "banter". If you don't think he has bad RP then don't cry about getting killed. You made the choice to threaten my life then I'll defend it. Yes it's right you didn't have a gun towards me but it doesn't state in the rules you have to have a gun to my head. You was showing threat as I saw you as the main guy towards this character as you laughed the most and was so on with him. The other people stood back and the Canadian even said "Stop it" to YOU guys not me. You prioritized the use of kill rights instead of Role-playing the situation. But you don't have kill rights because there was no threat, no gun pointing at you and no demands has been made. Just the use of words. The next time someone in real life goes up to you and threatens you and you don't respond by defending yourself call me then." If you'd like to show me how to RP I've RP'd in allot of games where I'm looked as a great RP as I take the role of the character and the environment around me. I'm not new to RPing I might be a new member and new to DayZ but I just like my realistic RP and I don't like "cool" guys running up on me thinking they funny then cry on the forums cus they can't take being killed. I've refereed to rules that give me the kill right and I'm only waiting for staff to make a decision on this report. Thanks for all of the involved parties and let us just wait for staff decision.
  21. kranen

    S2 Livonia Ruleplay/Invalid kill

    That's my fault I mistook you for the Canadian guy. I don't think you know what RP is. Roleplaying is when you set your mind in to the world of DayZ your "banter" RP is not good nor is it funny. I'm waiting on staff to take action on whom ever they see was in the right. I don't use RPing as an "blanket" I RP with the mindset of an zombie apocalyptic world. I saw most of your comments threatening and I will take action on them. If you'd like me to read the rules I have here 4.2 "If you are a defender - the one being initiated on or subjected to other hostile actions that threaten your life which you did not start or provoke - you are allowed to defend yourself by gaining DEFENDER RIGHTS on the attackers" I saw your comment about "our chance" as life threatening I do not care if you say it's "banter" as I see that as bad RPing because I don't know you nor do you know me and the setting of the world is a dark place and I'm surviving also threatening to raid my home. My food and supplies is my life in a world like this. If you feel like RPing with "banter" I'd recommend playing FiveM in GTA world setting. I respect the rules and guidelines of this community and I'll respect the decision made by the staff team of this report. I RP in my style and you did yours you got killed for yours and it's the style you have picked and it got you killed so instead of crying about it maybe take a second and think. If someone in this world approached you with banter and jokes and you are on your way to help your friends who just got in to a raid and is requesting backup and you stop to ask some other survivors where they are going and you get joked with and such things I'm not going to be happy. If you'd made a joke and then would have maybe said "Well we are looking for food and shelter" and didn't say you was going to raid the only base here when I told you I lived here. Yes I know I said I didn't own the base here but I just met you guys for the first time but I would happily have given food and supplies. But you decided to be the cool guy and you basically got shit on. I know in your mind I just blew your cool guy status but man you re-spawn and now you know maybe be more polite to people. And talking about rules maybe read the first lines here. 3.2 3.2 "Your character must behave realistically and appropriately to the different situations you participate in, keeping the current world situation and context of post-apocalyptic world in mind. Do not act in a way that indicates no value for your characters life and survival. For example, attempting to kill people when heavily outnumbered, excessively talking back or insulting someone when taken hostage, or knowingly running into an area of active hostile engagement when not involved in the fight. Characters found guilty of breaking this rule will be permanently marked as dead." Edit: This will just be a battle against replies I would wish and staff member took their time and make the decision they deem necessary. Thanks and all have a great day even you @Fenrir.
  22. kranen

    S2 Livonia Ruleplay/Invalid kill

    Now when we have the video, you can see the whole incident. I asked where they where going. And you can hear that this quote below does not fit the videos. Not only that but you can hear him say he wanted to raid the base and threatened me. I don't think his kind of RP in this kind of world and situation is good RP. I think I did what most people would do in a world like this. I do understand that I could have asked them to leave and such things but then it feels like the person don't answer for their actions taken. I also said "Now you go" to his friends around him and the other character been "funny" threatening. I also never sounded amused by the "banter" nor did I scream "Are you threatening me" I just sound really angry. And the Japanies girl noticed it and said "stop" to the "banter" dude. Also their Canadian friend said "I'm going to get shoot with you guys". Both of them noticed. In the end I think I acted and took the actions necessary to the situation and actions made in it.
  23. kranen

    S2 Livonia Ruleplay/Invalid kill

    I'm role-playing in an apocalyptic world and my character don't think this "banter" is so funny. He said he wanted to raid my base and such threats mentioned above. My intention wasn't to shoot you but you got caught in the line of fire. Edit: I'm still waiting for the unedited-footage. We can go forwards after the whole footage is uploaded.
  24. kranen

    S2 Livonia Ruleplay/Invalid kill

    I'd like to add that insulting me saying this "very new to server way." Basically calling me out for not knowing what I'm doing. Sadly I think you don't take RP'ing as serious as I do as you show "banter" in-game and now as I suspect "banter" in forums. I don't think that's any professional. But at last we are waiting for the unedited-footage. If staff then rules in my favor I'd like to see action on this user @Fenrir for first making an false report. Then I'd like to see action for the bad RP when you "banter" with a stranger threatening the strangers home and him and calling it "banter". In an apocalyptic setting. Have great day. Edit: Edit 2: Also I didn't kill everyone I killed the two persons that showed the most threat. And I heard the person say please don't shoot me so I didn't and told him to stay back. Also didn't kill the woman because she said "Stop, you are going to get us shoot". Edit 3: Also if staff rules with me I'd like to see action taken on @SidChaos for supporting the "banter" role-play. Edit 4: I was talking to him on discord and linked this post as I was typing he posted faster then me but I think that he is involved in this report due to him watching my stream and he can detail all that happened. I don't think he should be reported and I think his viewpoint is important to this report.
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