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  1. I was running on the trail when I see a house I’m going to the house and I see someone outside I instantly react by being careful then I see all these friends behind him with drawin guns I first of wanted to run but I know if I start running they just start shooting at me and tell me to put my hands up. And I didn’t do that because I knew that I would die they initiate on me and I instantly put my hands up and complied with what they want and then this girl starts asking for my name I tell her my name but she keeps on asking I talked back because I was getting hold up by a lot of people and I wanted them to feel that they are so tough. My character instantly knew that they wanted my gear because she commented on my gear So I thought that that if I just give them my gear They would go away. they shot me Twice I RPD like I was shot After that There was a bit of questioning nothing much nothing important just the same questions they asked how I knew of 503 and I have talked to a guy earlier that said I should watch out for them because they’re assholes I talked back I got shot talked back I got shot. No punching no nothing like that that’s basically it. And I accidentally hot miced as I didn’t use my characters voice and you can hear it cuts of cus I saw the voice icon.
  2. First of I answered all truthfully you never asked if I was in a group or if I knew anyone I didn't see why I should make the RP when I just answer questions I can't do anything you guys are the once that need to provide hostile RP I accidentally hot miced the "I love GearRP" I said that cuz this isn't the first time the 503 have robbed me for a reason like "You sound Russian" when my character is polish. I did say tho before you shot me No No No sadly the ping and how it works you could't hear me and maybe not have such a happy trigger finger and question more for more information more then just whats your name. Ofc I'm going to talk back as stated my character instantly knew you was there for the gear and sure you shot me but we are in a hard environment maybe torture is an hostile RP idea? I know you are scared that I'm meta gaming and a group of people is on there way towards you but we don't meta game I never said where I was all I said yeah 503 holding me up then they asked for stream just to watch how you hostile RP. Maybe if you have a group goal use the armbands and clothes at all-time? That's also a suggestion then I'd see it as a group goal not when you wear plain clothing and then put on armbands.
  3. I hot miced on accident the "I love GearRP" (I screamed it and I had dubbel pressed the talk key when I also tabbed out.) then as I knew they was 503 my friends in discord asked me to stream and I started my recording software, She asked my name I said it she keeps asking I mouth back but I was scared for my life as I said no no no before she shot but as I have over 150 in ping she couldn't hear it but people in the discord hear me scream it. I don't really see this as badRP I hot miced on accident and talking shit when I knew all they wanted was the gear and they got it I don't see why they keep on holding me up maybe she couldn't take it but that's not my problem I gave them my real name and cooperated I could have started blasting them all but as they was allot more then me I didn't do it as I know I'll die. They commented on my gear that´s how I knew they only wanted it not me. If they suspect me of being in a group or so just ask it's not that hard. I stopped talking shit for a long time I named she looked like an asshole but she had a happy trigger finger I guess.
  4. That shit talking was so worth it!

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    2. kranen


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  5. 7 Glock shots fired 1 in to head and rest body still not die? Great game hit reg like CS:GO xD Not if you use onetap but still xD

    1. Kordruga
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      How you know I'm drug user xD

    3. Terra


      Because of your status updates and posts on the forum!

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  6. My throat hurts after watching this girl singing! 


  7. - user has received a warning for this post -
  8. 5/6 vs 1 and you still can't insta kill me xD

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    1. Elmo


      Just had a glance at those logs, I don't know about you but if I didn't kill anybody in a fight I wouldn't be talking this level of shit.

      /locked before this turns into a flame fest.

  9. Sorry thought it would be DayZ as it's shit character but thanks.
  10. Next prime time is the congrats
  11. @YAKMOUTHs character just hit 1000h https://www.dayzrp.com/characters/display-16409/ CONGRATS to him!
  12. Excited Season 5 GIF by Friends

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      Can't find dayzrp on community tab so I need to keep killing myself to get my character and I think I've tried like 10 times now 🤮

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      Aye chill Father. 😘

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  13. love GIF

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  14. The holy Grail of badRP!

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