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  1. Thank you all for the welcomes. I've played some time and I've had a blast I've been scared, happy, angry and every feeling their is in this world. I've yet to meet any strangers but still had an amazing time I'm just hoping to find some people and I know I'll have a blast and find new friends. Thank you all and have a great day.
  2. Jax Kungsgård was an teacher before the outbreak more specific an collage professor in psychology. The day started normal he was scheduled for only one class that day at 4PM, On his way towards the campus he started hearing on all radio channels "Breaking News" but Jax was tired of this world and all its "news" so he simply turned on the CD player with his favorite band on it Iron Maiden. The song "The Trooper" came on and he was closing in to the campus. At the parking he saw how the young adults started to panic and running towards their cars. Just as Jax steps out of his car his phone rings. "Daddy? Where are you?" it's his daughter Elisa. "Darling I'm at work what is it?" Elisa -"Their is a really scary man in the kitchen..." Jax -"Listen carefully now darling, run up to your room and close the door daddy is on his way home!" Jax jumps in to the car and people are panicking and driving like crazy Jax really has no idea what people are panicking for. "The Trooper" is going hard on the car stereo. It's like an action movie and Jax gets full of adrenaline. He parks out side of the building and runs in. The creature is just staining their in the kitchen. All bloody and lifeless. Jax -"HEY YOU! GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!" The creature turns slowly towards Jax. He can't believe what he's seeing it's. It's an monster! Jax quickly runs towards the satires up to his bedroom. He had always kept an Glock in the bedside table if a thief ever got in to the house. slowly walks past Elisas door and down the stairs and shoots two times once in the body. And a finishing blow to the head. The creature slams to the wooden floor. Jax can't believe his eyes, but their is no time Jax runs up to Elisas room and find her crying under the bed. Jax -"It's okey darling its gone now daddy fixed it. I'm going to call the cops now" but Elisa just keeps crying. Jax -"Did he do anything to you darling?" he asked in a shaky voice. Elisa shows a strong bite mark on her right arm... It's been days, weeks or maybe years Jax stooped counting after the first year. He has adapted to the new life with hard decisions inhumane decisions. But at last a traveler he meets says their is a place North from here called Chernarus. The traveler tells stories to good to be true. Of communities that help etch other to make it go back to the good old days. Jax starts his travel with only food and water to spare but at last after long walks believing in something better he sees a sign Chernarus 10km...
  3. Welcome to @kranen 's (my) first DayZRP Forums post. I know at the time of posting this thread I'm not whitelisted but I put allot of effort in my whitelist application. I'm really exited to start RPing on DayZ I have to be honest I've only played DayZ for 2 days but it's been amazing. I joined a server (modded) that was full pvp with big clans small friend groups and I actually instantly got in a small group that teached me everything I need to know about basic DayZ. I've RP'd in allot of game mainly Arma 3, World of Warcraft & GTA V (FiveM). But my friend bought DayZ and started RPing and he told me it's amazing 10x better then GTA V (FiveM) RPing. He also linked me to this website and told me this is an amazing server. I sadly don't know what his name is on this server as he said he wanted us to RP and if we can find etch other we do if not we don't. But he said I'll have fun solo RPing and I truly never had fun solo RPing but I trust his words. I want to make a good first impression so I'll leave a small bit of my character. "Character" Have a super awesome day and best regards from Sweden and me! (sorry for any misspelling I'm dyslexic and hope auto correct fixes most things for me.)
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