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  1. Michael Roberts is a midwestern boy that joined the U.S. Army straight out of high school. He volunteered for the airborne and after a few years found himself going to Chernarus to aid in containing the infection with the rest of the 173rd Airborne Brigade. His platoon was assisting in the evacuation of civilians from one of the small towns when they were overrun. Many fought bravely but once you're on your own and out of bullets there wasn't much else any of them could do. They scattered into small groups and fled. "Rowdy" Rutt, the soldier Michael had paired up with had been infected. They amputated his leg to try and quell the infection but it didn't work and suddenly Michael was out of supplies, and alone in a foreign country. He tried to find a way back home to his family but the task seemed impossible. With no one left to operate ships or planes he was trapped. His only hope to make it out of this mess in one piece was to find other soldiers, people like him that understood they had to work together to pull through this. Michael had come across small bands of looters and bandits but didn't believe being tied to a group of people with their disposition would get him very far in the long run.
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