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  1. Buck was born in Charles Town West Virginia on the 18th May 1987, he spent most of his life working on the green pastureland surrounding Charles Town and tending to the many animals on his fathers ranch, he would also accompany his dad to the flea market too sell of surplus they had over the year. He met Jolene while she was working at her mothers vegetable stall in town on one of his many forays into the market. He met up with her many times over the coming years and eventually married her and had three children after inheriting the ranch from his father in 2004. he lived there with his wife and children as his 2 brothers and sister all left to purse jobs in Morgans town and Berkeley Springs, not wanting to carry on the family tradition. However, Buck felt a strong urge to carry on his fathers work and stayed on the ranch for the remainder of his days raising his children and expanding the ranch to new limits. That is till Jolene had a great idea of visiting Chernarus for their annual holiday, after 1 week in Cherno the outbreak began and Buck watched as Jolene was torn apart by a mob of infected, he was only able to save his only daughter from the bloodshed. having been bitten, Buck locked her away in his hotel room with ample food and water and barricaded the entrance. He now wanders Chernarus looking, hoping, for a cure for his daughter and repressing the memory of his wife and sons deaths.
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