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  1. Zach Hawkins was born and raised in Chenarus, at a young age, Zach understood small parts of the responsibility of growing up so he prepared himself. Zach was a young well and behaved boy before the outbreak, Zach acquired his first job at the age of 16 delivering Pizzas around his city for a minimum wage pay. Zach never expected anything of an outbreak so he wasn't prepared what so ever for what was coming to Chemarus. Once the outbreak began Zach noticed it all over the news channels, Zach is now the age of 18 and moved out from his parent's home. Zach knew he had to prepare himself quickly but didn't know how, and he was freaking out. Zach than wondered outside while chaos is happening - he's looking around his neighborhood then hears his neighbor call him over to his window. Zach and his neighbor have a small talk about the outbreak than tags along with his neighbor named Willis. Willis was a past marine and was future-ready for the outbreak so Zach felt decently confident. Months into the outbreak Zach and Willis are still together, surviving along the days - until Willis is then bitten by an unknown coming creature. Zach freaks out and makes a run for his life, never seeing Wilis again. Zach continues on his journey for survival throughout Chemarus.
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