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  1. YaBoiParantoid

    Another one bites the dust.

    You're alright for a German, take care of yourself Malet.
  2. YaBoiParantoid

    Overshadowing my love methias

    Third chances too apparently. For mass KoSers, harassers, people who posted all kinds of nasty things. I agree, it is disgusting. Anyway, bye Beansy, I'll see you in the discord
  3. YaBoiParantoid


    So long boat
  4. YaBoiParantoid

    Not like it matters.

    Everyone matters. Good luck my guy.
  5. YaBoiParantoid

    Farewell <3

    Piss, mah peep.
  6. YaBoiParantoid

    Piss mah peeps

  7. YaBoiParantoid

    The bar is now part of the floor.

    Cancelled by Amnesty Intl. Nope.
  8. YaBoiParantoid


    I often saw you were outspoken in your views and its something I respected. Take it easy.
  9. YaBoiParantoid

    The bar is now part of the floor.

    We thought amnesty wouldn’t be so bad. How wrong we were. Bye guys, I won’t be back this time.
  10. YaBoiParantoid

    And with that, I'm out

    Good luck Clumsy. Don’t be a stranger.
  11. YaBoiParantoid

    Yeah..... no. Bye.

    You’re a good guy Para, I’d almost say the community doesn’t deserve you. If things keep going the way they are I may be following you soon. o7 bud
  12. YaBoiParantoid

    Staff Feedback: Sleepyhead

    Link to the situation: See @Tiviyl's screenshot of the warning message. Any supporting evidence or notes: Mentioned above. Feedback: First off you have my apologies for the timing of this feedback, as it may come across as negativity bandwagoning, which I would like to assure you that that is not my intention with this feedback. It is obvious that Tiviyl does not know how reported posts are handled within the staff team, or he is simply feigning ignorance to make the staff team seem tyrannical in nature. My feedback boils down to the lack of evidence that appears in the warning message. As a former staff member I'm very well aware of the contextual evidence that often surrounds flamebaiting and how important it is to analyse it, as well as procuring it in the first place should it exist. However, it seems as though no evidence of wrongdoing was produced in the warning message, there seems to be no link between his post and an outstanding issue with a community member/members. I trust the regular staff team to do the fact-finding and not simply point because they believe something is rulebreaking, though it would also be good to have evidence presented in the actual warning message. Again, you have my apologies for the feedback's timing, I just felt it was important to bring up this issue for clarification. Suggestions for improvement: Support your conclusion with the evidence you used to come to the aforementioned conclusion.
  13. YaBoiParantoid


    If anything, I think the bar should be higher. However, that's not my choice. Que sera, sera and all that good stuff.
  14. YaBoiParantoid


    People who were previously on final warning or who have been banned more than once have been allowed back. People who posted very graphic and explicit images on the forums have been allowed back. People who directly targeted staff and community members on the forums have been allowed back. It is fair to say that the bar is pretty low for acceptance. Any lower and I think we'd have to call it part of the floor to be honest.
  15. YaBoiParantoid

    hello world!