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"If you look good, you are good."

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      Never! <3

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      That gif implies i want the cuddling @Brayces

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      Well, don't you?

  1. Scariest thing

    Person I have a RO on tried to enter my house, fortunately all the doors and windows were securely locked and they were arrested shortly afterwards.
  2. Let's all get to know each-other a lot better!

    Aberdeen Angus beef burger, topped with a crispy bun, crunchy onions and a healthy amount of ketchup. Maybe a nice cold glass of a tasty beverage too. Do you consider yourself to be a funny person?
  3. Caught bits and pieces of the RP, was entertaining to watch. Made me giggle when you realised you'd accidentally metagamed my emotes.
  4. Iso

    Repetition is the killer of fun :(

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      i wish i can find you again with your aug and shit it was cool to help you help wayne

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      It was cool wasn't it :')


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    Where is Elmo!?


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      I'm so confused

  5. Get out of jail card idea

    I like to think of it as a reminder that, even though they may have the money to get back into the community if this were to go through, they still wronged somebody/something in order to be permanently removed. Money doesn't change nature, so I think, even though they may initially act like good boys and girls, a few months down the line they might get dissatisfied again after having their fill of DayZRP and do something stupid to get permanently banned again. Now I know you'll probably say 'oh well they're out of pocket either way, its a win/win', no, no it isn't, because they still have to do somebody wrong to get permanently removed again. The pragmatic half of me sees this as a good option to inject some new (or old, as it were) life into the community and see where it leads, but my more cautious half tells me that we could be laying the foundations for the same mistakes to repeat themselves. I'm not sure whether this is good or bad, so I'm glad it was given a discussion thread instead of pushed through at the top levels.
  6. Get out of jail card idea

    Those who got banned got banned for a reason, perhaps a monetary loss as a result of bad behaviour would be an incentive for them to not repeat bad behaviour. I don't like the idea of people being allowed back in because they have money, as opposed to a legitimate basis for being allowed back in, so I'm wondering will this be applicable to all permanent removals regardless of their reason, case legitimacy and/or any other possible factors? <- (excluding those who are deemed too malicious, invalid etc).
  7. Worst Fears

    Sudden death scares the shit out of me too, I'd rather hear/see what gets me and know that its coming, instead of suddenly being blacked out by whatever decided it was my time to go.
  8. Worst Fears

    Deep water, kraken looking motherfuckers gonna snake around my ankle and drag me to the locker, not cool.
  9. Iso

    o/ goodnight fri-


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      I crie

  10. Real life picture Thread

    And here I was thinking the little boy shorts thing was a meme
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    This OOC hate will not be tolerated

  11. COMPLIMENT the person above you

    Has the best butt voice this side of the Atlantic