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  1. Elmo

    Frannys Artworks

    This is pretty cool, I'm looking forward to seeing what other art you put out.
  2. @Para @Jasper @Ducky @Cocomii @Hunter Today was fun
  3. Tbh if this isn't the case already, decrease their spawn rate around coastal areas and smaller, less valuable towns, have the bigger towns have much bigger spawns, as well as mil bases etc. Its frustrating to run up and die constantly but zombies should also be a threat in high loot areas.
  4. We'll get back to where we were, one day
  5. Lol and this kids is why you plan your robberies
  6. Here's video evidence to back up everything we've been saying. Gonna wash my hands of this salt report and say good day. Also no allies, was just me and @Para doing the initiation.
  7. @Jemyni if you don't wanna sort things out via discord, can you explain why you felt baited by our actions?
  8. Yo dude, I was the shooter, the long and short of it is that we initiated on you, you pulled your gun out after two seconds and were shot. I'd rather we talk this out in discord and see what the problem is, if you want staff to moderate a chat that's not a problem for me either.
  9. Boi you're the unluckiest man in dayz
  10. Only experienced this a handful of times. Sure it sucks but to say it happens with half of your interactions with zeds around buildings doesn't seem right. I have prepared a meme of love for you to examine, to further explain my point. Real talk though, why apply sense or logic to zombies? Why play a zombie game if you don't want the zombies to be a threat? Making them do more damage but removing their tankiness is gonna make it so easy for players to kill them. Melee wise, its already very easy to kill them with a combat knife, if you time your strikes correctly they can't actually hit you back unless you miss. Firearms 1-2 shotting infected, along with literally everybody running around with a SMG/rifle, makes them a non-existent threat because they're so weak that they can't close the gap between you before they're dead. Whilst I agree that there are some annoying mechanics with them, like ruining your clothes after 1 hit, or glitching through walls or spam hitting you because of lag or w/e, I think we should go in the opposite direction of your suggestion. Less damage, more tankiness. Zombies that do less damage will still be threatening with their tankiness, in numbers, as zombies should be, but they would be easy to dispatch in smaller groups with a rifle which again, most people already have. Basically, less damage, more tankiness. Mutant zombies plz, tyty.
  11. Nah not really, if you aggro them and you can't hide/kill them, its your fault and if you die you can't be mad. That and it should be hard to survive if defenceless, it is, after all, a survival game.
  12. Kinda to be expected that you'll die to zombies if you can't defend yourself from them. Not really a valid argument. That was a great game
  13. Nah they're still not that much of an issue tbh. When one of them rips me in half and starts sucking on my insides like a frube, then maybe I'll ask for a nerf ?
  14. 2 towns worth defo should be fam, sorry. Sucks that your suppressor didn't work but what can you do
  15. Your boy is happy that the zombies are becoming a threat in this zombie game
  16. I'm all for more variety with zombies. Personally I'd love some mutant zombies, big ass brawler guys that take a full drum mag to go down if you piss them off, but their visual range is shit and they're slower than your average zombie. Region specific zombies with unique abilities would be cool too, so you know what you're gonna go up against in each area so it doesn't feel like the same rehashed location with some infected sprinkled over it to call it a zombie game. Actual hordes would also be cool but I don't know if the server would shit itself having to load in so many hordes roaming around the place, which is why I think more individual, dangerous infected are the way to go. Current zombies will always be weak until they're tanky and numerous. An increased spawn rate and health pool for them would make me a happy boy.
  17. It may be a nice morning but I’m so incredibly tired I’ve entered a new dimension 

    1. Queerios


      Good luck in there man

  18. Definitely a cool, quick little survey ?
  19. If both parties agree to it then who really cares what staff thinks? Reports are really only meant for when people can't resolve things between themselves.
  20. What an extraordinarily quiet evening 

  21. I would like this very much. Aesthetically and gameplay wise, it would be a very nice addition. +1 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  22. Have RP'd out being married in-game before, not much changes honestly, except maybe how you react to their problems/threats and whatnot. Out of character, just treat them like another member of your group. If somebody initiates on them, gas em, if somebody hurts them when you're not around, catch up with them later.
  23. You all need to stop @ing me nerds. Tbf, when I was a GM I wouldn't have punished for somebody logging out to avoid being illegitimately killed, if there was proof that that was the reason they logged. You shouldn't be punished for trying not to die when you've done nothing wrong.
  24. Report is old but I don’t see why anything should have changed here. See Rolle’s 3rd point regarding the stance on combat logging to avoid mass kos, RDM etc.
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