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  1. gElmo

    how to not die of starvation every hour or so?

    Get good. If you can’t find tins of food, try trees for fruit. If you can’t find fruit, look for mushrooms. Rural towns tend to spawn chickens and pigs which you can kill to eat. Infected also spawn food when killed, not every time but you’ll find some eventually.
  2. gElmo

    0.63 EXP Known issues and fixes

    Problem : Animation error occurs while running, causing stamina bar to shorten and appear to regenerate even while running. In actuality, your stamina bar is much greater than what is shown, and your jogging animation is forced over your running animation.Solution : A hard restart of the game fixed my issue.
  3. gElmo

    Docter Fisher is back..

    Welcome back from your extended vacation
  4. gElmo


    Glad we agree there's an element of confusion there, its not just myself
  5. gElmo


    Doesn't make sense to me, why allow people to put in appeal for amnesty if they don't even meet the criteria. Ignore it and move on, wastes less time and illegible people are less likely to send one in as a result.
  6. gElmo


    @Descendants Read this post, this is where some confusion comes in to play for me personally.
  7. gElmo

    • gElmo
    • gJadeboat

    You can stop playing dayz now you died to thirst

    1. gJadeboat


      And I died three more times after that so no

    2. gElmo


      As a friend I suggest getting good

  8. gElmo


    @Ark seems like a chance upon chances. I understand your logic for those who went over their 30 points without a final warning and its a respectable viewpoint, however, allowing those who have already had chance after chance yet another chance is redundant. All I'm really asking for is that it be seen as a potentially excluding factor, if not an immediately excluding factor, as we can all agree that being put on final warning, no matter how you got yourself over the line, is a very serious thing. (Saw Ark's edit.)
  9. gElmo


    Not the process in general, moreso a specific point in the process. It does indeed defeat the point of a permanent ban, however, I'm willing to accept that the risk/reward for the banned player is significantly weighed on the risk side in this scenario. Your argument of it being an amnesty so anything goes would only really apply if there were no specific criteria excluding certain offences from qualifying you for the amnesty program. However, that is not the case, as harassment and illegal activity are apparently immediate disqualifiers. These are serious offences, a final warning is also a serious thing, so I believe that it should be factored in as a potentially excluding factor when determining eligibility.
  10. gElmo

    How about some Optimism?

    @MrPanda who gave you permission to use my music video?
  11. gElmo


    You've misunderstood. What I'm questioning is whether or not those on final when they were banned should be eligible for amnesty in the first place, given the nature of final warnings.
  12. gElmo


    Doesn't that defeat the purpose of a final warning to put somebody on final again, assuming they've already been on final in the past and their negligence of that fact led to their ban?
  13. gElmo


    Will folks who went over their points threshold after being put on final warning be eligible for this amnesty program, assuming they meet all the requirements?
  14. gElmo

    A Place of Positivity

    Think of it as dodging two bullets @Dan, I don’t know the details but I’m glad you’re in a good place right now
  15. gElmo

    Stop Looking At The Player Count...

    4:30AM my time is usually pretty dead regardless of time difference. I think people should apply your thinking to logging in at peak times, even if there’s only a few on, and if they have the time, to get the ball rolling. Just gotta roll with the punches and figure out the best time to move.