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  1. gElmo

    The Rainbow Six Siege Megathread

    wHEW Good luck friend
  2. gElmo

    The Rainbow Six Siege Megathread

    I did the same thing, ubisoft won't let me upgrade it. Took me a while but I've a decent roster of operators now.
  3. gElmo

    A different post-apocalypse, fast forwarding in time

    Depends on what the mods add, a new map and setting would be nice but it'd still be the same boring DayZ that its always been. Might be a while though, given the ambiguous scheduling of the DayZ developers.
  4. Shane Is Dead

    • Shane Is Dead
    • gElmo

    found this thought you might like it aswell

    1. gElmo


      Its Irish but I don't want it to be

    2. Shane Is Dead

      Shane Is Dead

      I think its brilliant 😂

  5. gElmo


    Another year, another day.

    1. gJadeboat


      Month should go in between

    2. Gaylaxitive


      I'm coming to comfort you my love ❤️ 

    3. gElmo



    4. Eagle


      Not close to the year's end but OK 

  6. gElmo


    Discord's pretty lit, TS is cool too, as long as there's no negative quality of life changes from the migration I'll be happy.
  7. gElmo

    [GAME] What would you do if you woke up with the person above you?

    Ask if I could pet his dog
  8. gElmo

    • gElmo
    • Spartan

    I think its time for a new gif

    1. Spartan


      Eh, no avatar is speaking to me right now. Not even the yoga backflip one

    2. Shane Is Dead

      Shane Is Dead

      the alexis ren backflip one or am I tripping?

    3. Spartan


      No no, this one is Alexis Ren. The backflip one is unknown 

    4. Shane Is Dead

      Shane Is Dead

      ahhhh well they're both peng 😍

  9. gElmo

    Human142 hospital

    Condolences, was anybody seriously injured during the incident?
  10. gElmo


    .63 is alright I guess, still struggle to raise my weapon now, or aim down sights or break a zombie’s stun lock

    Other than that, I’ve had fun

    1. gElmo


      .63 experimental* 

    2. Whitename


      tfw stunlocked by a zombie until you die


    3. Descendants


      I don't like the night time. Or the fact that you die from thirst and hunger way too quick 

  11. gElmo

    Broke up with my girlfriend...need a distraction

    Heaven protect you child
  12. gElmo

    Broke up with my girlfriend...need a distraction

    You saw those logs too?
  13. gElmo

    • gElmo
    • Jamie

    Thanks for acknowledging the poorness of the message and the pleasant wishes, well written, regardless of my thoughts on the matter 🙂 

    1. Mexi


      I love the sly digs that continue for little to no reason, really no need for this to be quiet honest.. Don't attempt to play dumb on the subject either, you and I both know this is a jab.

    2. gElmo


      @Mexi nope, I'd have left feedback if I felt like having a dig. I felt the verdict was well written and acknowledged all aspects of the argument, regardless of the conclusion. If Taryn feels like this is a dig at her I can only apologise and insist that it isn't.

    3. Jamie


      Thanks, Elmo.

  14. gElmo

    • gElmo
    • Sleepyhead


    1. Sleepyhead



  15. Shane Is Dead

    • Shane Is Dead
    • gElmo

    I stand with Elmo

    1. gElmo


      Considered titling it Elmo the Abuser but I didn't wanna steal your thunder