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  1. Elmo


    In a hostile situation, hostages have all the power.

    1. GreenySmiley


      They are on to us..... 👀 shared power is shared fun.. we try to play ball after all.

    2. Elmo


      @GreenySmiley I don't find it funny really. There's no point in being a hostile RPer if I can't enforce any sort of consequences after getting the better of someone in-game, as long as they follow a strict pattern of behaviour.

    3. Ryan Shepherd

      Ryan Shepherd


    4. GreenySmiley


      I wasn't joking actually... at the moment a lot of the game play seems very one sided, like I got you you are screwed. Instead of yes I got you and if we both play nice together and both enjoy the experience as a hostage you will also get something from me...  you already are subject to loosing everything you have and control over everything... yes you still need to value your life and all but this way you get more out of it if the hostage enjoys the experience as well... They are more likely to allow more if they do.  Like when you hurt Penny for giving you the wrong information... still something you can do.. and for most people there is a torture point they break to... executing them would just wipe the RP and not further it.

    5. Eagle


      Stoopid stuff.

    6. Elmo


      @GreenySmiley you're missing the point, hostile RPers have little power beyond exercising kill rights now. Any attempts at roleplay, like gathering information on groups, stashes, noteworthy individuals etc can be stymied by the rules protecting hostages who lie about such things; tying their captors in rule knots and ultimately leading to the roleplay going nowhere. Read this verdict for further information.

    7. GreenySmiley


      To be fair the RP went nowhere either way when the hostage is executed they forget so....

    8. Ryan Shepherd

      Ryan Shepherd

      I can lie about my identity under gun point even tho they know for a fact its me without the risk of NVFL and I can’t be executed and if I am thats invalid execution 🙂

      Consequences can get fucked right? 🙂 

    9. Elmo


      Your mind goes straight to execution instead of things that have a permanent effect like scars, mutilation, amputations, all things that require perms from the hostages. Permanent kills require perms from the hostage. I can't execute or punish hostages for lying to my face, so in effect I require their out of character permission to progress any roleplay.

      In other words, fuck me.

    10. GreenySmiley


      it seems execution is the only consequence people can think off.... even though that leads to no memory...


      What about torture in so many other cruel ways you have at your hands... not even talking about any that includes lasting damage... endless things you can do to people that leaves no marks.... but hurts like hell... mind games... if you want something you have to get more smart about it.

      I think this can open a new page of RP if people allow it to and give it a try.

    11. Elmo



    12. Para


      @GreenySmiley most forms of torture are either extremely risky due to player model deaths or i need permission to do from the hostage ergo I do not have any real power w/o taking the risk they instantly die. Ultimately there are people that fucking hate us simply for being the antagonists and thus will give us 0 permissions to do anything bc they're salty. The kinds of people that sit all day shit talking a group OOC in their friends stream are the kinds that are going to lie constantly, give 0 information that is actually useful and tell us our RP is generic AF and it's boring. What other option do i have but to punish a hostage for blatantly trying to worm around a situation and in some cases not value their lives by lying to me even though I know they are?

    13. GreenySmiley


      I have all the power for if you don't tell me what I wish to hear I will send you to the coast...
      and you can't remember we had this conversation
      so keep boasting about being big and we can't catch you cause in your memory we never did.


      There are a LOT of pain torture that you can do to people that leave no mark or at least nothing permanent that they have to give permission for but is just to use for the moment of the RP and not to show of with a mark later that they would constantly have to emote out to people.

      There are groups IRL that particularly practice this they would even call Art to cause pain without leaving a mark and getting creative about that. There is no need to risk hurting the player model in game for it. 

      The question is also how important is them admitting to the lie? Can you find a way to get your answer without them having to tell you? They are not allowed to ignore you. When you ask questions they have to answer you. with a lot of people if you get to know them you can tell when they lie in their voice in the actions... not every sign is a confirmation but if a LOT of them are done at the same time you can be fairly certain they are. So adjust your questions... Brute force is not really that much fun... like being shot and killed really doesn't add much to the hostage and adds none to their RP... for a lot of hostages to get the hostileRPer to shoot them soon is their way out... its more difficult now to get that done as a hostage unless you really go for NVFL... both sides loose something here and both sides can gain something... depends on perspective.


    14. Elmo


      Yeah urite, hostage takers need to galaxy brain it instead of hostages giving some leeway and not being children.

    15. GreenySmiley


      If a good story is build over time. A story both sides enjoyed, I do believe a lot more leeway is given.

    16. Elmo


      So you've said. We won't see eye to eye on this I'm afraid.

    17. GreenySmiley


      hmmm maybe I have to find a way to proof......


    18. Para


      There is no proof, we get your point but we inherently disagree and think you're missing our point.

    19. Ron


      I love torture-rp, especially if the other person doesn't react to text chat or keeps saying they got lost on this russian island. 👍

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