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    1. Kordruga


      Welcome to the team pal!

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      I don't think they have campfires Roland. :^(

  2. Elmo

    My Only Offer [Open Frequency]

    *Seb hears the transmission and, while Nivek laughs uncontrollably in the background, literally dying on the floor, he speaks in reply* "Nah bro we gave you time and time again. That doctor bitch meddling with shit she shouldn't have touched in the first place, then trying to shoot me when I came knocking, then thinking we wouldn't find you bunch of ball-licking, mopey, unimportant cunts again, I let it slide." "I'll take your offer and shit all over it, then, when I'm done, I'll come find that doctor to get my 2-for-1 special on her and the bastard. When I'm done with her, we'll find Jax and rip his kidneys out. Then, when I'm finished with Jax, I'll find you and shove that fake eye of yours so deep into your brain it'll become self-aware." "I guess, what the translator has failed to confer, is that Nivek will have to get laid at least once before I take your deal, and that'll never fucking happen." *The sound of Vlad screaming "RAIDERS BITCH" could be heard before Sebastian stops transmitting and throws his radio at Nivek's face, who at the time was attempting to balance Brandon's glass eye on his nose*
  3. Elmo

    What's the funniest RP experience you've had.

    @Ron iconic Also this is one of the funnier moments I've had recently that hasn't been posted elsewhere i hope
  4. Elmo

    Dead Batteries Media Thread

  5. Elmo

    "Racism" in Roleplay

    I don't feel aggrieved by somebody failing to be funny on the internet, I'll move on and forget about it shortly after, but were I handed the option to stop it from occurring again I most certainly would. As for speaking freely in all situations, I don't come here to politicise things, its not a question of free speech but of co-operation to fulfil everybody's common purpose here: enjoyable roleplay. I doubt we'll agree on the matter as we value different things when it comes to our RP, so I shall excuse myself from any further discussion.
  6. Elmo

    "Racism" in Roleplay

    I am entirely against racist RP, not because I cannot separate IC and OOC, but because others cannot. Having done it myself, having had it done to my characters and having seen it shift from being maturely and tastefully played out to what a meme it is now, I can safely say its my preference that it returns to being entirely disallowed. Were it always done tastefully and realistically, like it was in late 2016/early 2017, I'd happily agree with you.
  7. Elmo

    "Racism" in Roleplay

    Kek, most racist RP I see is some child dropping the n-bomb to be edgy. Occasionally I run into more realistic racist RP, mainly from Chernarussians directed towards Takis/Russians, but most of the time it is as aforementioned. For that particular reason I would prefer it to be disallowed entirely, as its a slippery slope for GMs in defining what is and isn't good and tasteful racist RP.
  8. Elmo

    A song of whitenames and roleplay.

    Bruh I get at least 1-2 of these cringe asf interactions every day, if people even bother to speak to me IG anymore instead of running away from 1-2 guys whenever the chance to RP pops up. People having environments that are clearly unfriendly as fuck to RP, like loudass dogs barking in the background, going OOC in voip to ask what the surrender key is, tryna RDM me when I just wanna eat their ass, people clearly just hanging around to loot when fully kitted out and ignoring all attempts to interact with them that aren't hostile. Call me elitist or w/e but the average random person I'll meet, in a day, usually gives sub-par, unmemorable RP or its memorable but for the wrong reasons. Removing an age restriction and dumbing down the whitelist is a surefire way to ensure that a mature RP environment, that wasn't even all that mature to begin with lets be honest, is completely lost and recast as something out of an A3L server.
  9. Elmo

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    Bean whore

    1. Brayces


      OH you know me. Gotta get them beanz. 😜

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    Still shitposting I see

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  11. Elmo

    What's Up With These Verdicts?

    Verdict should've been ruleplay, thereby absolving Dusty from any potential disregard for his own life, as one does not reasonably expect to die from a rulebreak. By extension, if Scar were to be found guilty, the false report verdict would also have to be thrown out for obvious reasons.
  12. Elmo

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    I got @'d first @Kordruga
  13. Elmo

    False Report?

    Lmao that's some fucked up shit if I've ever seen it. Hope he gets unbanned and that verdict is amended heavily.
  14. Elmo

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Why did you @ me we don't roleplay
  15. Elmo


    Frankie's vids never get old

    1. Onyx


      I don't think he's ever coming back at this point tbh

  16. Elmo

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    @Lyca @Kordruga @Jaxon @RogueSolace Dead Batteries sleeper squad moving in to restore law and order. Fun times.
  17. Elmo

    The Asylum

    Pretty lit, when did you become so good at art @Cookie?
  18. Elmo

    Dead Batteries Media Thread

    You Calling Us Ugly? But with audio Lol para
  19. Elmo

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Yes, I had no clue who you were, hence the lack of the @ Thanking you for the roleplay today friend.
  20. Elmo

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    @Jaxon thanks for complying
  21. Elmo

    Dead Batteries Media Thread

    Lol Lol 2: Electric Boogaloo
  22. Elmo

    Interview With A Community Member: Aiko

    Weebs don't get cellmates, they go to solitary.
  23. Elmo



    1. Lyca




  24. Elmo

    To Mr Sebastian

    *Seb picks up his radio* "Altar radio. Hang around, we'll be waiting." *Seb smashes his radio off of Nivek's head, breaking it entirely.*
  25. Elmo

    Dead Batteries Media Thread

    Dead Batteries Video Cache #1 Dead Batteries Video Cache #2 Dead Batteries Video Cache #3 Dead Batteries Video Cache #4 Dead Batteries Video Cache #5 Dead Batteries Video Cache #6
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