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  2. Verdict: @Juice Hand | @Keeeru | @Milk2Go - BadRP: Not Guilty Explanation: In this situation, members of the Corporation took a member of the Soup Kitchen hostage, under the pretense of bad past relations. Some role-play took place during which the hostage had some equipment taken from them, informed his hostage takers of his relatively new membership to the Soup Kitchen staff and was let off shortly after, with most of his equipment intact. @Juice Hand, @Keeeru, @Milk2Go, based on the PoV of the OP and your corresponding PoVs, we have come to the conclusion that the robbery was of a satisfactory length and that you acted reasonably to care for your hostage. Per our hostage rules, hostage takers are required to take care of their hostages whilst they are in their care, though if hostages do not communicate their needs in a clear and direct manner, we cannot find fault with the aggressive party as the opportunity for neglect cannot arise without knowledge of a declining situation. However, we would like to recommend that, in future situations, a safe bet is always to leave your hostage with a tin of food and drink in case they forgot to communicate their distress whilst being a hostage. With all of that being said and taken into account, this report will now be closed. Outcome: @Juice Hand | @Keeeru | @Milk2Go - BadRP: No Action Taken Signed by: @Elmo, @Eddie & @Woodzie
  3. Not really an admission of anything honestly, just an acknowledgement of the possibility of being incorrect. However, my point remains, your video and screenshots are unreliable evidence at best.
  4. 7 seconds of a blurry gif does not a case make I'm afraid. Neither I nor the GMs have any way of verifying the authenticity of that gif you provided, therefore I believe it to be inadmissible as evidence in this report, per our report posting rules. Show the full video that can be verified by the staff team and I'll gladly throw my hands up and admit wrongdoing in this report. Otherwise, its as good as your word against mine for who did what.
  5. Hey friends, So me and the Bandit Hunters™ had some bandits hostage in Nadbor and were in the process of re-educating them on how to behave like well-socialised individuals. As we were in the process of letting our now reformed bandits back in to society, we started taking tracer rounds from the hills and trees west/south-west of our position from what we believed to be a single shooter. Our search led us to find @Jpurts and one of our famous bandit hunters called out that he had dropped a M4 to another man who subsequently ran away, leaving himself with but a Mosin, a few minutes after we started taking shots. This naturally piqued our interest as the M4 is without a doubt most people would wish to keep unless it would draw suspicion and, after taking him into our custody, we determined that this was the same lad we had taken hostage a day prior for the exact same thing, popping shots at us from the hills and then pretending it wasn't him. Now, the OP has claimed that it wasn't him firing the shots, however, if you will draw your attention to the position logs from between 22:19 and 22:24 (the timeframe during which we began to release our hostages and the shots came flying in) you will see that the OP is at the following location shortly after the shots were fired, the exact location from which we received shots: For reference, we were at the southern end of the mouth of the barn when the shots came flying in, an angle which the OP had a perfect view on. To further support the notion that it was the OP who fired the shot, he was circling the area whilst we had the hostages in the barn, as seen in this map: Now, given that the OP had taken shots at us for having his friends hostage, its reasonable to believe that, after we discovered he was the same guy that shot at us the day before, that we'd be interested in putting a permanent end to his banditry. Rather than blast him straight away, we decided to opt for a good RP experience and make an example of him. However, the experience was cut short when, after he was clonked for lying about his actions yet again, he unceremoniously passed on in to the next life. Unfortunate but, given that we had valid rights from his previous actions, there's little in the way of rulebreaks to complain about. Honestly @Jpurts, I apologised to you for cutting the RP short unceremoniously but, as the evidence above shows, its highly unlikely that anybody except you fired those shots. After discussing it with you and @ChrisW, who claims to have been the shooter though the angle at which he claims to have shot from does not correlate with the sounds we heard nor the trajectory of the rounds, it seems to me that you're upset that you died repeatedly a few days in a row and now you're trying to get one back in the report section.
  6. Elmo


    Group archived. PM a moderator or higher if you wish to bring it back. /archived
  7. Connection Hit Logs Death Logs Chat Calling in the following people to post their PoV(s), upload video evidence and name any allies in the situation: @RiZ - Roy Hutchinson - OP @VegasRP - Rowen Karsyn - POSTED @SassyRP - Sassy Sullivan Jr - POSTED @Shroud - Micheal Lovington - POSTED @Atrix - Lucas Stevens - POSTED @Nik - Nik Khaos - POSTED @MrBee - Jack Savage - BANNED @duxpredator - Nick Sauce - POSTED @ASMRRP - Janett Fromagio - POSTED @Apollo- Don Caddaugh - POSTED @VegasRP & @RiZ, your reports have been merged due to their interlinked nature. All grievances will be addressed in one verdict.
  8. We're glad you talked things out with the accused. @Bishop, in future, be mindful of where you're shooting as one stray bullet can turn a legitimate kill into potentially a 7 day ban. With that being said, this report is /closed. Closed by: @Elmo & @Eddie
  9. You're all going to the naughty step for a bit. Thread /locked.
  10. All those groups you listed are or were hostile groups, so one can assume we share at the very least the desire to keep hostile RP going on the server and allow for as much freedom as possible, whilst still keeping things fair and fun for everybody. Unless your desire is to dogbrain people all day, turn RP hubs into something resembling a hub in A3L or your interests just aren't in RP, then I believe there's a good chance your views are well represented in staff, regardless of who your friends are.
  11. Hostile RP is pretty abundant on the server. I don't really buy that the community or the majority or staff are against hostile RP, that's just an easy narrative to sell when something doesn't go your way. There's been some decisions made by top level staff that I've disagreed with but, for the most part, we hostile roleplayers are very well represented in staff. Just off the top of my head, there's currently 3 Game Masters that have played both sides of the hostile coin and 2 admins that have extensive hostile RP experience, some of which currently play in a hostile group. If I'm being frank though, I do wish the community would pull back on the constant prattling about potential 2.3 violations as that is, without a doubt, the biggest OOC obstacle that faces most hostile RPers looking to further a story. I know it fucked with us when we first started out and it really made the game unenjoyable for a while.
  12. Verdict: @Doctor Ice - Griefing/2.3 Violation - Not Guilty @JoeRogan - Griefing/2.3 Violation - Not Guilty @TearsFallSilent - Griefing/2.3 Violation - Not Guilty Explanation: In brief, a raid was conducted on a Homefront base by the accused, in which they broke several fences and stole some storage cabinets. @Doctor Ice, @JoeRogan, @TearsFallSilent, after reviewing the logs, the team deciding the outcome of this report have deemed your actions reasonable for the purpose of gaining access to loot during this raid. Per our logs, you destroyed a few fences, a reasonable amount in our eyes, and clearly were not responsible for stripping the walls of their materials. Due to this, we will not be finding any of you guilty of griefing. Onto the supposed 2.3 violation, we will also be finding you not guilty of this as one isolated raid, no matter how ill timed, is not grounds for a 2.3 violation. With very little evidence being provided by the OP to support that this may have been motivated by OOC factors or is in some way hampering their roleplay to such a degree that it becomes intolerable, we have no choice but to find all of you not guilty. @Kas in regards to your base, it seems as though your lack of residence at your base led to the despawning of several of your walls and assorted building items. This is unfortunate but the only guilty party here is the game as far as we're concerned. There were some serious accusations being thrown around in this report, such as OOC motivations influencing IC actions and potential 2.3 violations. Note that we do not take these accusations lightly and that 2.3 reports should be reserved for the most dire of circumstances, whereby you are being unfairly dominated by another group to such a point that the game does not become fun anymore. Please bear these facts in mind for the future. With that being said and taken into account, this report will now be closed. Outcome: @Doctor Ice - Griefing/2.3 Violation - No Action Taken @JoeRogan - Griefing/2.3 Violation - No Action Taken @TearsFallSilent - Griefing/2.3 Violation - No Action Taken Signed by: @Elmo & @Eddie
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