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"It is a bitter man who would assume the worst"

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  1. If I see a backwards baseball cap or converse, I instantly dislike you.
  2. image.png.9dbe1311ab70fed23c3ebfa6e3dd5cd3.png

    I cringed, please never write this again 🥰

    1. AndreyQ



  3. new profile song, new me

    1. AndreyQ


      fuck you

    2. Elmo


    3. Queerios



    4. DrMax


      I might make this my alarm clock sound. 

    5. Elrod


      get fragged

  4. I'm pretty sure the loot should still spawn regardless of how many people have X amount of each item. Maybe @Roland or @Whitename could confirm this fact. Not sure what a wipe would really do right now other than forestall the situation we currently find ourselves in.
  5. Rain rain go away, come again another day. With the coldness mechanics in the game being influenced by how wet your character is, the rain feels very abusive at times. Murder it.
  6. fix your pfp

    1. Rover


      Still accurate

  7. Enjoyed negotiations and our first real interaction with you guys today, keep up the good work
  8. Looks like every other nationalist group that’s cropped up, with the exception of the monarchs. Hopefully you guys take the unexpected path with this group and make it memorable. Best of luck.
  9. AridGlisteningAmericanshorthair-size_restricted.gif.8de2dbf00579f85243b7f865b3a88801.gif

    u and me 🥰

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  10. Can't wait for the jackfish chedaki voiceover video featuring the 3 kills he will get over the course of this group Gl boys, you're making a name for yourself already
  11. image.png.9370daf38dcc933f50ad3b99ae96cebe.png

    Imagine getting roasted by your own website @Roland

    1. Roland


      Technically, it's the truth 😄

    2. Whitename


      Most inactive moderator in DayZRP

  12. ctrl+v = rights

    1. Elrod


      this is true

  13. oochieman you're speaking nonsense rn Scar will kill in two shots through plate and is full auto, any fair fight with a pkm or a scar, every other gun is outclassed assuming equal pvp ability. Of course, if you surprise them, you still have to land 4 shots with an AKM/M4 whereas with a SCAR all you will have to land is at most 2 shots out of the 50 you have. Its a ridiculous disparity between guns and gives the SCAR particularly a lot more versatility than almost any other gun. Balance wise, it is an indisputable disaster unless your desire is a one shot meta.
  14. I enjoyed the pvp and being abused by hofer o7
  15. I'd prefer the SCAR be removed entirely, there is no reason to use any other weapon due to it taking the best ammunition in the game, allowing a suppressor and ACOG, as well as a 50 round mag. Alternatively, limit the SCAR to 20 round mags but even then I'd prefer if we just stuck with the FAL being the terror of firefights I'd be happy. Any weapons on par with the FAL or the PKM should be limited exclusively to chopper crashes as further measures to deal with the abundance of such high level items.
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