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  1. AdorableColorfulErne-size_restricted.gif.72925a43f5c8a2012d1a2fb2818483db.gif

    my game every 3 seconds, resolution is accurate

    1. Watchman



  2. I enjoy you guys living and breathing the Dubky apartments, from your roleplay as a Dubky based gang to how you fight, the theme of this group is clear and well presented. Enjoyed the scrap and roleplay today, thanks gents.
  3. I enjoyed your roleplay today, thank you, got the blood pumping
  4. Probably @Sassy just to hear him whine about collecting his stuff for 3 hours
  5. Thanks @Roland and team. Mod+ this thread can now be closed
  6. Hot take, hostage negotiation rules should apply to all groups, regardless of approval status.

    1. Para


      Facts 🙏

    2. Finn
    3. Elmo


      Thanks guys, I'm overwhelmed by your support 🥰

    4. groovy blisna

      groovy blisna

      Hot Take, kill rights shouldn't exist and if you are dissatisfied with the reasoning behind your death make a BadRP report instead of a KOS report.

    5. Banshee


      Kinda fax

    6. Elmo


      I agree tbh @groovy blisna

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  7. If the bus is an issue, why not remove the bus instead of removing a cool ass feature from the game. The bus event would have to stop for a while until the problem is solved, but there's plenty of other vehicles to accommodate storage needs and whatnot. All in all I'd say the applications of the feature far outweigh the applications of the bus.
  8. I'm not sure if this is an option available but, if it is, I'd like to see the street lights removed. The ambience is nice but its neither lore friendly nor performance friendly in my experience.
  9. @Jackfish all beanz should be directed to @AndreyQ, as this is his creative work which you have illegally stolen
  10. I'd like to add full basebuilding back in to the game so people hunker down more. Current basebuilding is shit for anybody who likes that sort of playstyle.
  11. 1. Dead Batteries (Introduced me to @Stagsview, @AndreyQ & @Kordruga, one of the best RP experiences I've had to date.) 2. Vultures (Continuation of DB, great time.) 3. Nameless (Same folks as DB, really fun time aswell and a great change of pace for myself.) 4. Legion (Wasn't involved in this project but Legion's impact on the political landscape of the server was fun to navigate.) 5. Potius Cras (Gary Cash's impact on the server is also undeniable, most wholesome guy ever, love every iteration of this group.)
  12. Pretty sure this is already the case if you were an active participant in a firefight. The system we had worked to prevent constant back-and-forth switching from alts to main characters purely for the purpose of fucking with people, circumventing rights rules etc. It was more than just stopping people from switching to a character to avoid the consequence of being killed.
  13. The CL timer is 30 minutes, so if you were to implement a cooldown in that regard it would have to be at least 30 minutes. I believe you must wait your full rights timer though if you don't need to log out, as people have been slapped for server hopping/alt hopping with active rights on them.
  14. Some of the concerns on this thread hold no merit: It would hinder LM events (No it wouldn't, I've been staff and the cooldown can be reset.) It would hinder active roleplay storylines (No it wouldn't, a 6-12 hour cooldown would allow you to swap multiple times per day and swap to the appropriate character for the next day's roleplay.) Just report them for Bad RP (The player base has no reliable method of tracking this. I can't report what I can't prove.) At will character switching was harmful to the community before, so a system was put in place to stop the practice. It should be returned to prevent the community from returning to a time when dynamic rights were heavily abused.
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