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  1. This appeal is a meme, don't post any further meme appeals, we'll just aggravate your punishment. /closed by @Elmo & @Realize
  2. Explain this weeb stuff

    1. tz



    2. Gaylaxy


      Listen Elmo, not all of us can be a spaceship for years

    3. Elmo


      Weebery is not the alternative

      you were beautiful once

    4. Gaylaxy



    5. AndreyQ



  3. I have dirt on you, remember that Geymaster Elmo


    1. AndreyQ


      @Elmo the sort of guy to get banned for killing a hostage with a shovel

      oh wait...

    2. Rutkiy
    3. Elmo


      the sadness in your sigh at 0:07 brings pain to my soul

    4. Rutkiy


      because I knew I'd have to keep that dogshit game open for another 2 hours

    5. AndreyQ


      @Rutkiy exemplifies really well why I hate dying in this game

  4. Verdict: @Reeves - Invalid Kill [On Sight] x2 - Guilty @Juice Hand - Attempted Invalid Kill - Guilty Explanation: In this situation, @tz & @Bela ventured forth to investigate some suspicious hostile activity. Upon reaching their destination, they were accosted by @Juice Hand & @Reeves, the latter of which instructed them to put their hands up from a position of concealment, whilst the former rushed through a downed tree and began an initiation. Part way through, @Bela pulled her rifle out and was subsequently shot and killed as her animation finished in tandem with the initiation from @Juice Hand. In the same few seconds, @tz raised a single hand in compliance and was shot dead, posing no threat. Thus ends this situation. @Reeves we find you guilty of two invalid kills due to the fact that your initiation was done from a position of concealment with no verifiable threat to the defending party, such as a visibly aimed rifle, a consequence for not raising their hands etc. To couple on to this, we have deemed Juice's initiation invalid, thus rendering any potential rights you may have gained from his actions also invalid. Furthermore, we have deemed @Juice Hand's initiation invalid due to the fact that, as a reaction to being accosted by two individuals from behind, @Bela pulled her rifle at the same time the initiation began. Due to the fact that the attacking side was not clear enough with their threats and, at the very end of what could have been Juice's valid initiation, not enough time to assess the situation and comply was given, we have no choice but to deem your attempt to kill @Bela invalid. In future, we suggest planning your initiations in a more thorough fashion and wording them better if you wish to initiate from a place of cover, so as to adequately inform the defending party of their situation and to avoid any future punishment from potential ambiguity. This can be done by saying "put your hands up or you will be shot" or some such threat. With all of that being said and taken into account, this report will now be closed. Outcome: @Reeves - Invalid Kill [On Sight] x2 - 5 Day Ban, 15 Warning Points @Juice Hand - Attempted Invalid Kill - 1 Day Ban, 5 Warning Points Signed by: @Elmo, @Para & @Cal
  5. image.png.140d1b547eda7cf12d27fc9c0968cdaf.png

    1. AndreyQ


      mfw i have to write dayzrp report pov

  6. Elmo

    Report POV

    That's alright, life is a busy thing and it can best us all - your temporary ban will remain in place until you've found yourself and can properly provide us with a POV on the situation. Best of luck on your spiritual journey, we are all praying for you Appeal closed. Signed by: @Elmo, @Cal & @Hofer
  7. Elmo

    Report POV

    Try your best to recall, until we have an answer we're satisfied with, your temporary ban will remain in place Zrni. We would also like you to account for the knowledge displayed in this screenshot: In addition to this, account for your unorthodox roleplay during the situation beginning at 01:09AM wherein you roleplayed your character Kass. Vague platitudes and misremembrance will not be accepted as an excuse. Spare no detail please.
  8. Map isn't changing per administrator teams many posts on threads such as these. /closed
  9. Well we certainly wouldn't want you to imperil your health for the sake of an online report. For the time being, you will remain temporarily banned from our server until such time as you are well enough to appeal this temporary ban with your full, written POV containing a thorough explanation of your actions in this report, as well as addressing every accusation levelled by @Scott Fynch. Until then, eat well, rest and know all of us at the DayZRP Staff Team wish you a full and speedy recovery. With that being said, this report will now be closed. Signed by: @Elmo & @Rover
  10. Logs updated to call in @RainOfPearls to post any video evidence she may have, her POV and list any allies involved in this situation. @Zrni will be temporarily banned from the server until they answer Game Master @Queerios' questions in the form of a properly written, thorough POV.
  11. Pretty much this - nostalgia can only carry one so far. I see people enjoying themselves IG and that makes me glad for them, I just wish my friends and I could recapture that same enjoyment we felt in 2019. Its rare to see a serious @AndreyQ post but in this instance, I think he summed up a lot of people's feelings regarding the state of the server.
  12. Logs updated to call in @Juice Hand for his full PoV and any related video evidence.
  13. Connection Logs: Kill Logs: Position Logs: Calling in the following to post their PoV(s), video evidence and name any allies that were present at the situation: OP & Allies: @Scott Fynch - Soul Montgomery - OP @Shilo - Mick McGip - Posted @Miniburts03 - Swanson Evergreene - Posted @ImShed - Gabriel Raph - Posted @nuggets - Raven Grayson - Posted @ImRabbit - Charles O'Hare - Posted @RainOfPearls - River Larsen - Posted Accused Party: @Zrni - Alina Kovalenko/Kass Rose Adonis - Not Posted
  14. Verdict: Sobaki - NLR Violation - Not Guilty @Gaylaxy - AOGM - GUILTY Explanation: In this situation, members of the Sobaki initiated on a member of Basilisk, a Handler and friends within the Basilisk base. Subsequently, Sobaki raided their base whilst holding them hostage for several minutes, plundering its contents, shortly after a lengthy firefight within the city. Regarding the accusation of a NLR breach, it is clearly not a breach of NLR for @Mason and @Sc0ttie, who were well within their rights to reinitiate on members of Basilisk after the hour long period had ended, provided they were not reinvolving themselves in the original firefight where they had died or at a similar location. The two hour window between their respective deaths and subsequent reinitiations are more than satisfactory for this GM team to conclude no wrongdoing. Regarding the issue with @Sassy and @Vierra, leaving aside the latter's terrible attitude, we find you not guilty based on a technicality within the rules. Given that your group is a dynamic group currently, your rights live and die with yourselves and yourselves alone. To that effect, nobody could have kill rights on you after the fact, there could be no active situation to involve yourselves in and, given that you did not return to the scene of your respective deaths, we can conclude no wrongdoing in this instance. However, we would stress that had you been in an official group, you all would have been found guilty of breaking NLR. It is only by the precarious place of dynamics in our current ruleset that you are allowed to walk away from this particular instance without a punishment. However, we would encourage anybody reading this outcome, including the accused, not to make a pattern of this type of behaviour as it may fall into the territory of Bad RP for repeatedly failing to realistically roleplay out their injuries after dying in a firefight; or lest it also bring into question the notion of attempting to exploit the rules for their own benefit. @Vierra you will remain temporarily banned until you post a proper POV. Definition of "proper" provided courtesy of Merriam-Webster. @Gaylaxy what you did has been deemed AOGM due to the fact that @Sassy crashed in front of you, it was plain that he had lost connection or his game had shut down, yet you stole his plate carrier and subsequently logged out shortly after the fact. Given that Sassy had dropped the plate carrier only to draw his rifle, it is safe to say he would have had something to say had you stolen it in front of him, though he was not given the opportunity to find out due to your actions. For this reason, we find you guilty of Abusing Game Mechanics for your own in-game advantage. Finally, regarding the flame shown in your video evidence, we would like to apologise to the accused on behalf of staff for this behaviour occurring in staff channels and we assure you that it will be dealt with internally by the administrator team. With all of that being said and taken into account, this report will now be closed. Outcome: Sobaki - NLR Violation - No Punishment @Gaylaxy - AOGM - 2 Day In-Game Ban, 10 Warning Points Signed by: @Elmo & @Para
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