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  1. Calling in @Jade & @AndreyQ as character witnesses.
  2. Alright I'll admit to the abuse of power but what the fuck Jamie this isn't cool
  3. No reports open currently. Two banstrikes for the next person that opens one.

    1. Roland


      We wouldn't do that, would we? 👀

    2. Inferno


      I'll open a report on you, i swear on jah my guy

    3. Elmo



    4. Aiko



    5. Banshee



    6. Elmo


    7. ChrisW


      Can I report Elmo for blackmailing to not post a report?


    8. Elmo


      @ChrisW you can try 😎

    9. Roland


      In a PM to me. Where I will tell you I can't talk about it.

    10. Zanaan


      But if there's no reports, how am I supposed to operate a profitable DayZRP law firm?

    11. Tomu



      Insight to my PM's

    12. OldSchool




  4. What's up sister

    1. Jade


      the sky I think?

    2. Elmo


      see your jokes are still terrible

    3. Jade




  5. @Roland has made me neutral.

    1. Hofer


      Does this mean I can't initiate on you anymore?

    2. Elmo


      Not at all

    3. Hofer



    4. Para


      I feel abused

    5. DrMax



      You my now enter the hospital grounds because you are neutral. Please be nice and good.

      Kind regards, 

      DrMax, Chief of Neutral Surgery

    6. Banshee



    7. Eagle


      Fuck now I can't shoot you.

  6. As long as there's decent lore behind it, I wouldn't mind a switch to a new, smaller map. I prefer them anyway.
  7. @HeartlssHeretic if you feel you're being unfairly treated or targeted by this thread, report it directly to the staff team. I'm not here to debate the content of the thread with you, I'm here to ensure everybody remains respectful
  8. There has been fruitful discussion, revelation of information and differing opinions provided in this thread. Belittling other community member's opinions because they happen to differ from yours is not allowed and won't be tolerated. Contribute productively and politely or click the X in the top right of your screen, leave the forum moderation to us
  9. @HeartlssHeretic no need to get mad and try derail the thread with bad behaviour. Chill out
  10. I'd have less of a problem with this if we had better breaching equipment. Until that's the case, I'm of the opinion that this should be removed.
  11. We love you, king 👑

  12. love each other like @Realize loves adidas

    1. Banshee


      Love each other like @Ryan Shepherd loves cranes!

    2. Aiko



    3. Raptor


      Adidas is king shit

  13. Wow you really will reach for anything won't you? We planted "bait", as in, we planted false information akin to a lure to see how you would act because we're not omniscient and can't tell if you're good or bad folks. You furnished the 503 with our planted bait, which we hoped you wouldn't, so we have to act in accordance with our group's ideals which is to disrupt bandit activity which includes but is not limited to: vehicular sabotage, ambushing, destruction of property, restriction of movement and information. To this end, you facilitated bandit activity actively and took our "bait." It was your decision ultimately to act slimy in-character, accept the consequences of being played and stop playing the victim OOC. Its unbecoming and clearly some of your group members feel the same way. Edit: Also Realize didn't combat log lmao, he ran and fought the 503 with us. I'll post the logs for you if you want.
  14. Its called aggressively negotiating. We were told "no" to our demands after we killed 503 outside the hospital, also being stonewalled by members of King's Ridge which effectively warps the nature of our group aswell if we cannot enforce these demands, yet we decided to handle it IC because that's how it should be done. Negotiate, whittle it down, offer something in return, reach out IC with somebody who has proven bargaining power and we know represents the group. If you make a half-assed attempt at negotiations, expect them not to be taken seriously and to be sent packing, as the original negotiator was because he presented neither proof of bargaining power nor adequate representation. I've explained myself as best I can and our reasons for our actions. We pride ourselves on being balanced and trying to cater to the needs of those around us, as well as pushing forward our agenda in-character. If you've got more questions about how we're operating I'll gladly answer them in DMs.
  15. Not factual actually. We planted some information using @Realize who I believe spoke with @Phoenix. This information was given to test the worthiness of the settlement before we came to a determination on how to handle diplomacy and potential use of force. That's our operating procedure, we test people and then we act based off of that, instead of being a passive group that reacts to events, we like to take the initiative instead. The information in question was about NATO being in Gliniska, as you were made aware of the 503 being on the prowl for them at the time. This information was then passed on to the 503, with their intentions being fully known, which then resulted in a firefight between us and the 503. A leader of this group passed on information to a hostile group about a group we feel align with our ideals, potentially facilitating an attack against them. This is not neutrality, this is being slimy IC in an attempt to curry favour with a group and then backstepping when you get caught out, pulling the neutrality card, when information your group provided would've directly led to an armed conflict and assisted the 503's efforts in hostility against NATO. Still, we did not act on this information right away and instead issued a demand which was then met with an OOC response instead of a more appropriate IC explanation of why you couldn't comply with our demands, offering an alternative or in some way pursuing meaningful negotiations with us, rather than running to senior staff to seek remedy. We don't know this man in-character, he just claimed to be able to make a deal then tried to get us to a location in order to talk in person. This was not trustworthy behaviour, as we know King's Ridge have furnished the 503 with information in the past, we pointed this out and sent him packing. We're not gonna take everybody at their word, that's how we operate. If your group truly wanted success in negotiations, we'd have been sent someone we recognised and with proven bargaining power, not some lad we've never so much as sniffed at in our lives.
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