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  1. Hi staff, So I was looking at this report today and the verdict seemed a little interesting to me, due to the following line: As seen in the report, the accused was hit with ruleplay due to the fact that he killed the OP whilst unknowingly having rights on him. This doesn't make very much sense to me as ruleplay has always been the deliberate prioritisation of rule-based actions (specifically kill rights) rather than role-play based actions. To that end, it confuses me how this man can be hit for ruleplay when he didn't even know he had rights to act on in the first place. Some clarification regarding the thought process behind the verdict from @Duke @Eddie & @Banshee (<3) would be appreciated as the explanation read more like there was a desire to punish him for giving no time to comply rather than prioritising his kill rights. Edit: @Banshee thanks for the reply cutie, I do agree that there was very little time to comply for the victim, however, this does not address the core issue of a ruleplay verdict which is the intentional prioritisation or misuse of kill rights over roleplay. This does not seem to be present here and lines up more with an invalid kill verdict.
  2. The way I understood the lore was that there was a mass purge of nationalist sympathisers in the country after Lopotev took over and they were replaced with sympathetic Russians in order to bolster the population of the country. Beyond the population of 3.7 million, I don't believe we received a breakdown of % of Russians vs native Chernarussians being present in Chernarus. In addition to that, taking the 87% vote at face value doesn't really offer us any insight into who was allowed to vote, what voting system was used, how easily accessible voting was in less developed regions of the country etc. Personally, I believe RAC should have more sympathisers than they do but, due to their in-game actions, a large amount of people have turned against them. Is it unrealistic? Maybe, but we've also not been given enough details to actually definitively say that its unrealistic for the average Chernarussian to harbour nationalist sympathies or pro-RAC viewpoints.
  3. Livonia trash, Deer Isle cash, vote yes. Still my favourite map, even more so than Chernarus. Map has seen mega updates since we last played, is functional and has more personality than debug 2 Livonia.
  4. Thanks for the feedback, can only address this as I wasn't present for the trial, spoke with Dew and we cleared it up to my knowledge. I do have some questions about your conduct but I'll direct those to a DM, not everything needs to be feedback
  5. Elmo

    car stuff

    yeah i got 204 but no recording, believe me though
  6. Good luck with your group guys, excited to see what you can offer the server
  7. Don't underestimate the strength of the Carp lobby Craig, they've got big numbers these days. you're right though
  8. Sounds like a nice immersion idea, also sounds slightly annoying with how DayZ's inventory system can be sometimes.
  9. hee hee

  10. Initiate from cover, keep your quarry on the floor and react quickly. Solves all your problems.
  11. Knew I'd seen this camera work somewhere before:
  12. We're grand with this report being dropped aswell.
  13. Appreciate the kind words, hope our first interaction lives up to your expectations
  14. @groovy toez hey ToeZ, thanks for reaching out with your concerns. I won’t address the ban or your lore furthering concerns as I’m not staff and that’s something to be handled in appeals or by LMs, however I can explain briefly why we turned on violent protestors. Our intention was for the protest to escalate, not from the civilian side but from the RAC side. CLF wished to use the protest as a PR move by not attacking, in order to disprove rumours in Berezino that we are terrorists that attack civilians and military alike. This is part of an ongoing propaganda effort which was hopefully going to culminate in the RAC/CPF using extreme violence to disperse a relatively peaceful protest. However, once live rounds were fired from the crowd resulting in police deaths, we knew that opportunity was lost. We decided then to violently disperse the shooters and our PR guys now wish to use this as a show that CLF were willing to do what RAC could not, tackle and disperse a violent group of individuals. RAC also knew CLF were in town and, to avoid blame in the public eye for the escalation, this seemed like the only logical play. It wasn’t an ideal outcome and I doubt it will be as effective as our original plan but, make no mistake, we were there to undermine the RAC, just in a slightly different way. Thanks for taking the time to write up this question, have a good day
  15. I don't believe this was any of us honestly, there's the possibility that somebody else came along and did it or some bug led to this occurring. Either way, I don't see any evidence of us griefing you.
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