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  1. Don’t forget to turn your god mode off when you start firefights  😇

    1. Realize


      I wear the Boonie Hat in your honour.

  2. @Realize looking good king

    1. Para


      @Realize is a champion among men

    2. Realize


      The real ones

    3. AndreyQ


      i looked at realize and now I am pregnant

  3. Nice

    1. Peril



  4. Truly a case where a man with vision is being oppressed by the system:


    1. Rover



    2. Elmo


      Once again staff mocking opinions 😠

    3. AndreyQ


      It's whatever. All jokes aside it's just really sad that after all these years I can't even express my thoughts without someone going hahaha is andreyq so it must be a meme, lets warn him.

    4. Final Turk
    5. Para


      @AndreyQ i swear this is like the 2nd or 3rd time they've just assumed your opinion is always a meme

    6. Itsmez


      I feel like some people are just throwing out points without thinking about it at all.

    7. DrMax


      They must be bored and just need something to do. 👀


    8. AndreyQ


      Thank you guys for the support. It means a lot.

  5. I don’t play so take my opinion with a grain of salt, but I imagine you’d have some epic cases of somebody aiming a rifle at a building, woods, field etc to scope it out, lock on to somebody and then get blasted because “he pointed his weapon.” Ruleplay might cover it but why chance that when the current rule worked fine?
  6. image.png.4415e4c414c484736b748cba4cbd3913.png

    shieeeeeet now I can't ever 3v1 mp7 strap again ; (

    1. AndreyQ



      I am confusion.

    2. Rover


      the look eye roll GIF

    3. Ron



  7. Nice now you can actually draw that map

    1. AndreyQ


      and write some lore

    2. AndreyQ


      and upload that recording

    3. AndreyQ


      and create a wiki with all the creatures

    4. AndreyQ


      and prepare for the next games

    5. AndreyQ


      no more hoi4 for you staggs

  8. Good advice is good advice, regardless of where it comes from.

    1. Mersey


      100%, If people cannot differentiate constructive criticism vs obvious flamebait for the sake of it then they should in reality open up a window and get some fresh air.

  9. Don't plan on playing any time soon but loot spawns being decreased is a bit wack if its only motive is to move players over to Namalsk. Let the Chernarus loot goblins do their thing, game is miserable enough as is.
  10. COVID got real rough for Dusty recently: https://puu.sh/GQRws/07129e2c1c.m4a Thoughts and prayers in this difficult time
  11. See you all in Namalsk


    1. ShroudKN


      Can’t wait 🥶 

  12. I am selfish and like being able to cheese people with the 0 animation draw, therefore I voted no.
  13. Hello gamers,

    Remember to enjoy yourselves, we are here to game after all.


    1. August


      I agree gamer.

      Some people just need to grow up. It's just a game.


    2. Elmo


      No no August, none of that belittling talk in this holy place.

      People must learn to accept each other and act with respect, even if there are differences to be had.

      Preach the message of peace and love 🙏

    3. August



      My Glasses are big.

      My Glasses are Holy.

      My Glasses will bring peace.

    4. Elmo


      Have an upgrade, and go with God to spread the message




    5. August



      Fucking Unit.

  14. Hi Elmo, I love you Elmo, have a good day Elmo ❤️

    1. Elmo


      I have no opinion of you Noble. Thank you for the warm words.

  15. Elmer Adams POV: I'll start from where I consider this situation to have started, during the initiation in the middle of Zelenogorsk where we took two of the nationalists hostage. Their attitude didn't start off well in my character's books so they were warned by him to cut the shit. Fast forward to a double brown house inside Zeleno, the two hostages have been made safe and lost their radios. I then left them with another member of Cerberus to go assist with the transportation of the other three hostages from the PD. I believe the OP was one of the hostages that we took at PD and, bear with me as my recollection of last night is a little hazy, he took his captivity a little less than seriously during transfer. This provoked my character to strike him with the butt of his weapon and warn him to cut the attitude. Once we had corralled all the hostages outside the double brown, we fed them, gave them water and then @RP gave them a loud warning that if there was any disrespect, fuck acting or otherwise unpleasant behaviour, it would not end well for them. With that being said, we moved them south-east out of Zelenogorsk towards the sniper barns and into the woods, where Panda's video shows the rest. At the point of his death, the OP had been warned twice by myself (one of which you can see in the video), once by Luke and once by Phoenyxx to quit his fuck acting. It was pretty clear from his response to Phoenyxx that he fully intended on continuing his disruptive, annoying behaviour, in violation of our earlier demands. Thus ends the epic PoV of Elmer Adams, poet, lover and Cerberus Operator.
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