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  1. If an image could encapsulate the Transporters experience in its entirety, this would be it. We have Jacques doing angry Frenchman things, BBC stoned, Tomas looking at Jacques with boomer disappointment and then the women in the background not paying attention to any of the chaos. Truly a Renaissance photo.
  2. Hey man, you're not wrong here. As one of those dudes that tucks himself away with a close knit group of friends, it is hard for us to let anybody new in, considering DayZRP's salty, ban-happy history. We're all people with emotions, frustrations and issues we'd like to see changed in the community. People getting banned for dumb shit they said 6 months prior or people joining groups to snake them out, sooner or later, people are gonna adapt to that and be a little less open. Still, these groups wouldn't get so big and continue to grow or play on the server if they weren't at least open
  3. I have enjoyed the beatings, shootings and stabbings that have occurred during my interactions with this group. The roleplay is good also. Jacquefish
  4. Damn bro, not playing here anymore, I'm too scared to be racist irl so I do it on the internet instead Really though, I don't really care if we can't say a few different words if it means getting more players on the server, my biggest concern would be over things like torture and firefights and how that would play out with these new rules.
  5. Community meetings feel good but they really change nothing about DayZRP in my experience. The last few I've been to/run were punching bag sessions for community members against staff and were memed to fuck. Maybe this'll be different but I doubt it.
  6. I am very disappointed to not see @UniiLR, Chernarussian popstar, on this roster. Glhf, good to see another group pop up so soon after the departure of so many.
  7. It really just depends on the type of group you meet. Most people are opportunistic when they have 20 friends backing them up but honestly that gets boring for the little guy after a while. Really good hostile groups will show you a good time by demonstrating that they have the upper hand and giving you a chance to work with that, but rarely will you find yourself initiated on or killed by them, provided you're not directly opposing something that the larger force wants at the time. If you keep playing, I hope you run into that experience, its worthwhile once you get it.
  8. Where is all of this hostile RP and firefights that are happening every day, I must have missed the memo

    1. AndreyQ


      the modern day firefights are on the forums

    2. burAlphaAF




    3. Craig


      I wish you would campfire roleplaye with me more, our last interactions seemed to bring our characters... closer.

  9. Honestly if the player base that's leaving is the player base that builds themselves off of hating hostile groups OOC, can't see past their own glaring flaws and only wants to form super-zergs to deal with 10-15 man rosters of decent PvPers, I say let them go. I'd rather 40 odd decent folks gaming on the weekend than 60 zerg kids that cry as soon as they lose one firefight, their allies go inactive or complain when the shoe goes to the other foot for a while. In-game balance will always shift, if you can't handle when you're on the lower end, perhaps DayZ isn't the game for you.
  10. I quite enjoyed my limited interaction with the Duchy under @Cor. Hope you guys will be back one day.
  11. HBO Rome slapped

    1. Duplessis



    2. Elmo Cringe

      Elmo Cringe

      what's the magic number

    3. Duplessis



    4. Elmo Cringe

      Elmo Cringe

      you clearly haven't seen HBO rome, dictator

  12. no fun allowed

    1. Elrod



  13. Base too hard to attack - also raided successfully a couple of nights ago. I am living in an alternate reality 🥴

    1. AndreyQ


      the correct way of playing dayzrp is just not playing dayzrp

    2. Elrod



  14. naughty naughty

    1. Elmo Cringe

      Elmo Cringe

      didn't even read the evidence properly smh

    2. Rutkiy


      whatever flame-baiter smh my head bruh

  15. Poll is biased and evilly so Wouldn't mind trialling it, if possible, to see if it really adds anything cool or if its a gimmicky mess.
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