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    DayZRP 19.6.3

    The timer change is nice. It probably won't be fair on base-builders until there are some specialised items that are difficult to craft, which would be required to raid bases. Effort to build should = effort to raid.
  3. APositiveElmo

    Allow diamond donor rank access to everything in the item shop.

    It'd be cheaper for me to buy the items I want individually rather than rip my wallet open for diamond, even at my current rank. If you're really into that sort of thing, a subscription based service to the item shop for a flat fee of X per month might attract more people who want to try out what the item shop has to offer but don't want to spend a load of money on items they'll never use again. I'm not sure how successful it would be but it might be something for Rolle and Jim to consider if demand for this sort of thing is large enough.
  4. APositiveElmo

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    1. Kordruga


      Hello this is Castiel's manager. He cannot reply to this status update. He has requested me to remind everyone to, quote: "Stop fucking posting on my profile." 

      Thank you,

      Manager Kordruga.

  5. APositiveElmo

    Server Queues

    If your friends really wanna RP with you and there's a giant queue for S1, either wait it out or get your friends to move. Nothing bar a hostile situation will stop that transition. If they're RPing with people, they can ask them to hop over too or go their separate ways. Nobody is forcing you to stay on S1 at gunpoint. If you're established on S1 with a base and whatnot, you've every reason to wait the queue for the more popular server, but that is ultimately your decision aswell. The queue cap is a good decision as the overall good of it outweighs the bad. There have been times when I've seen a 20-25 man queue on S1, and heard tell of even larger queues that I've yet to experience, when S2 is sitting half full and waiting for more RPers. Shit's ridiculous.
  6. APositiveElmo

    The Tainted (Open Recruitment)

    Should probably supplement this goal with finding a sturdy freezer. Good luck with the group
  7. APositiveElmo

    Text Role Play

    Text RP has its place here and is commonly encountered. With an influx of new blood, it’s important to inform them what they will encounter on the server, regardless of personal feelings on the matter.
  8. APositiveElmo


    Siege's new season actually looks pretty lit

  9. APositiveElmo

    Change MVP color?

    Hot pink or death
  10. APositiveElmo

    Failed Robberies Thread

    This can only be the work of White Vader. real talk though why does this shit never happen to me
  11. APositiveElmo

    Brayces Clippy Clips - [Videos and Whatnot]

    No pvp montages -1
  12. APositiveElmo

    Metagaming changes

    The rule is nice in theory but all it will do is reduce the amount of video evidence people will upload in reports. Neverthless, I give the rule a +1.
  13. APositiveElmo

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    You should change managers

    1. Kordruga


      You think I wouldn't notice this you cunt

    2. APositiveElmo


      I planned on it my good British buddy 🇬🇧

    3. Kordruga


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    Timmy's Polaroids

    Brokeback vibes with cowboy guys
  15. APositiveElmo

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  16. APositiveElmo

    DISTRICT // Recruitment Open

  17. APositiveElmo


    Bitta NebbercrackerRP in the report section rn


    1. Onyx


      are you ok

    2. APositiveElmo


      Monster House, great film

  18. APositiveElmo

    Timmy's Polaroids

    that thread title tho quality shitposts
  19. APositiveElmo

    The Wedding of Noah and Hope [Date TBD]

    I still remember pulling up that wedding script on my shitty little laptop when Eamon married Faith & Casper together. Have fun with your wedding nerds.
  20. APositiveElmo

    Theft Outside Of VoIP

    Idk its pretty simple when you look at it, guard your shit, inform people that its your shit and if they try to fuck with your shit, kill them. Rolle's always been pretty clear with his anti-rule armour stance, I don't know why this would be different. As for that report, there were 2 different stories that nobody could prove, idk why the alleged offender was punished when it should've been found inconclusive. Wild stuff.
  21. APositiveElmo

    To Devs: HUD mod

    There's a suggestions channel in the discord you can use, the devs check it and it has a convenient format for suggestions. Maybe something to keep in mind for the future
  22. APositiveElmo

    To Devs: HUD mod

    Wouldn't be bad to squeeze it in, though it wouldn't really affect me because I play with my HUD enabled. Not my business how you go about suggesting things but if you only wanted dev responses, why not DM them instead or whack it in the suggestions channel bro?
  23. APositiveElmo

    New Base Building

    I made an inquiry about that particular issue a little while ago, I was told that it is not considered AOGM to do that. @Roland perhaps with the new changes to basebuilding this standpoint may need to be revised.
  24. APositiveElmo

    Interview With A Community Member: Bot Elmo

    I left your @ in my other pants
  25. APositiveElmo

    Keep S2 Open?

    Yeah, keep it open but with a small caveat, we all spawn naked, no loot spawns and you cannot leave your assigned campfire. Honestly I agree with Game Memer @Onyx, give it a few weeks and see if the pop is still the same, then maybe consider keeping S2 open on a more permanent basis.
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