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  1. APositiveElmo

    Kordruga's Media Thread

    How could u treat this angel that way
  2. APositiveElmo

    Kordruga's Media Thread

    Man this thread needs a new owner you’ve been neglecting it
  3. APositiveElmo

    • APositiveElmo
    • Baron

    lol imagine

  4. APositiveElmo


    Today was good.

  5. APositiveElmo

    A shell's fissure.

    didnt read just gave beanz
  6. APositiveElmo

    Vultures (Open Recruitment)

    Finally @Brayces has some help
  7. APositiveElmo

    Interview With A Community Member: AndreyQ

    Man this interview is a nostalgia trip. Good shit Andrey.
  8. APositiveElmo


    A highly relevant quote from Josh Brolin's documentary on roleplay


  9. APositiveElmo

    DayZRP Get Back In Game!

    Campfire RPers bore me. Hostages that don't give anything in RP bore me. Nationalists bore me. Base raiding bores me. I just play now cause I enjoy my friend's company in-game. We had a nice change of pace with Deer Isle but nobody wants to play cause the game is a bit harder and there's less places to hide their tents. I imagine I'd not be playing if I wasn't in a group.
  10. APositiveElmo

    • APositiveElmo
    • Smixxa

    I see you lurkin

  11. APositiveElmo

    Should writing on notes be modded back in?

    Let me MS paint it so I can give smiley faces to everyone I meet and I'll say yes
  12. APositiveElmo

    The 5.0.3 [Selective Recruitment]

    too busy rocking the polo and chino Eton look
  13. APositiveElmo

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    @Kordruga @Brayces @Conor Good role play today
  14. APositiveElmo

    Looking for Work

    *Sasha presses down the transmission button on his radio. A gruff Russian voice comes through, distorted by faulty hardware.* "Zdravstvuyte druz'ya, menya zovut Sasha, and I am looking for work. I am a skilled fighter and can best serve in a protective role. Payment can be discussed in person. Contact on this frequency if you are interested." *The transmission repeats two more times, once fully in Russian, the other in Chernarussian.*
  15. Birthplace is not important, parents are not important, how much money you have is not important; the only thing that separates the strong from the weak is who they know. I make it my business to know as many useful people as possible. It's how I ended up in the army you see, you can never have too many friends who know how to use guns and don’t mind some shady business every once in a while. In this respect, communication is everything. That’s why I started taking off the books lessons from a translator. School wasn’t much for me, I never saw the point of it, but even I could see the benefit in speaking English. Now you might be asking yourself what my plan was with my new friends and English speaking skills? It is simple really, after leaving the army I joined up with an aid organisation that will remain nameless for no other reason than its none of your fucking business. Northern parts of South Zagoria had been devastated by civil war. Much of the central region of the province and southern parts too. The whole place was a shitshow really, a far cry from the fond rural memories my babushka raised me on. I could have gone to Moscow to seek my fortune in the city, army boys can make a good living in private security or police, but I wanted to make a difference for those families in the north. That was my region you see, where I was assigned to, handing out fresh water, food, helping old women cross the road, that kinda thing. It was not to last, after about three months I realised that any meaningful work that I had been assigned was slowly being reassigned to other areas of the organisation. In effect, as the politicians are so fond of saying, I was being put out to pasture. Retributions on people like me were ramping up, homes and businesses burned out, men beaten in back alleys, women raped in the night. A contact of mine was able to procure significant amounts of food rations for me to distribute through inroads made with local families, but even then, it was a question of how long they would be alive if they even smelled Russian. Those who could leave had left but a significant population remained. I’m not getting into the details but, suffice it to say, I was pointed in the direction of a capable man. We worked something out and those young lads that wanted to leave the region but couldn’t suddenly found themselves with jobs in companies nobody had ever heard of; paperwork, passports, the whole shebang ready to go. Those who wanted to stay were given a fighting chance with some small arms to defend their homes. Illegal of course but jail is better than dead, even in Chernarus. I ran into some trouble with the law shortly after I made this arrangement, but the deal was done, I had done as much as I could. Anyway, gonna wrap this up here, I don’t usually talk this much. Oh, you want to know how I ended up fleeing from local authorities? Well that’s a story for another time.
  16. APositiveElmo

    What are you tired of seeing most?

    I see where you're coming from, though you inferred that you think its wrong with the wording of this particular line. We're in agreement, people shouldn't be assholes, but if they're being assholes outside of DayZRP then it doesn't really affect the community. What you're describing sounds like a personal beef that transcends the community and should be settled by the involved parties, unless it spills over onto DayZRP services and starts to ruin the good times.
  17. APositiveElmo

    What are you tired of seeing most?

    DayZRP should enforce rules on DayZRP, taking some shit talk from a rando discord and using it to ban someone here is pathetic. I feel personally attacked.
  18. APositiveElmo

    What are you tired of seeing most?

  19. APositiveElmo

    Nové Svítání [Selective Recruitment]

    Congrats on approval, hope to meet you IG soon
  20. APositiveElmo

    Dimitri Stepanov - From Isolation to Danger

    big love hofer
  21. APositiveElmo

    Vultures Media Thread

  22. APositiveElmo

    Domorodci Media Thread

    Nice edit, I see you've been training your aim too, landed every shot on that dead guy
  23. APositiveElmo

    Vultures Media Thread

    @Wolfen @Mugin
  24. APositiveElmo

    CLIP OF THE MONTH - Campfire Stories

    clip isn't mine but kord gave me rights to post this clip of me dying
  25. APositiveElmo

    Domorodci (Recruitment Open)

    Man I can't wait to hear your accent
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