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  1. Bot Elmo

    Add A Pump To The Prison Island?

    This suggestion promotes isolation, especially if you take into consideration the new basebuilding mechanics and that it takes 7 years to swim anywhere. I don't like isolation, therefore I say no to this suggestion.
  2. Bot Elmo

    Death Match

    Power of friendship wins in this one. @GenjiRP vs @Para
  3. Bot Elmo

    "Girls Only Thread"

    I was anointed by Queen @MRS Bradtica as an honorary female. It is known.
  4. Bot Elmo

    Failed Flirting Thread

    This is hitting the cringe centre of my brain super hard
  5. Bot Elmo

    "Girls Only Thread"

    I'm telling your chick
  6. Bot Elmo

    "Girls Only Thread"

    DirtyRP new name or I don't believe you.
  7. Bot Elmo

    "Girls Only Thread"

    Kink shaming is sinful Nozzy
  8. Bot Elmo

    "Girls Only Thread"

    Glad to see your gender reveal party is going well Western
  9. Bot Elmo

    Death = PK

    There are people who play hostile characters that, after being executed by their victims, refuse to permakill because they’re selfish. Like I’ve said in a dozen threads before this, forced PK from execution rights that were explicitly gained through RP, torture, fighting etc, anything else doesn’t make sense to me.
  10. Bot Elmo

    Bot Elmo

    PKing is a nice topic.

  11. Bot Elmo

    Fly sound for dead bodies

    Yes, I'd like this. Personally I would prefer the sound of bells tolling, soft, faint crying, along with the pained screeches of "bad RP reported" as the corpse enters various states of decay. Might break immersion though.
  12. Bot Elmo

    Dead Batteries [Selective Recruitment]

    Fat boy would make cholesterol the alpha within the week
  13. Bot Elmo

    Dead Batteries [Selective Recruitment]

    It was fun boys and girls. Thanks for a wild ride, but real life hasn’t been kind to me lately and I can’t put as much focus into the game as I’d like. Take me off the roster @StagsviewRB, thanks for this amazing opportunity.
  14. BreadERP

    • BreadERP
    • Bot Elmo

    God your profile music is the best music I've ever seen. Is it on itunes?

  15. Bot Elmo

    • Bot Elmo
    • Ron

    Why is it, the one time you log on per week, that you always seem to find that one exceptionally gifted roleplayer?

    1. Ron



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