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  1. BreadERP

    • BreadERP
    • Bot Elmo

    God your profile music is the best music I've ever seen. Is it on itunes?

  2. Bot Elmo

    • Bot Elmo
    • Ron

    Why is it, the one time you log on per week, that you always seem to find that one exceptionally gifted roleplayer?

    1. Ron



  3. Bot Elmo

    • Bot Elmo
    • MRS Bradtica

    You're an excellent bean farmer

    1. MRS Bradtica

      MRS Bradtica

      ariana grande thank you GIF

  4. Bot Elmo

    Flaming and hypersensitivity

    The problem isn’t thin skin. The problem is petty people willing to capitalize on staff members that will ban/point over private conversations.
  5. Bot Elmo

    Dead Batteries Media Thread

    Blood spatter and the remnants of that poor man's gaming career.
  6. Bot Elmo

    Dead Batteries Media Thread

    highlight of my day
  7. Bot Elmo

    Dead Batteries Media Thread

    @AndreyQ JFKody Nivek pulling up
  8. Bot Elmo

    Dead Batteries Media Thread

    @Daisy jfk Andrey next time tyty
  9. Bot Elmo

    • Bot Elmo
    • MajooRB

    Detective Garaj on the case

    giphy (3).gif

    1. MajooRB



  10. Bot Elmo


    The ultimate storage container is a run-of-the-mill whitename that carries half the map's rifles on him. You need nothing else. On the off chance that they go extinct, I'd still like to have my barrel as a backup. They're easy to find if you know where to look, aren't buried underground and have an appropriate storage capacity for their size. They're also unwieldy to transport so its not as if there's no downsides to using them.
  11. Bot Elmo

    Bot Elmo


    1. Xehara


      I know.

    2. Kordruga


      your fucking profile music dude

  12. Bot Elmo

    Viridian (Open Recruitment)

    Nice to see older groups getting revitalised, I wonder what you guys will bring to the table this time
  13. Bot Elmo

    Server sure is welcoming ............

    Sucks to be you man. Record next time.
  14. Bot Elmo

    • Bot Elmo
    • MajooRB

    1. MajooRB


      Nerd, make it your profile song

    2. Xehara


      Remind me to beanz this tomorrow. I ran out of beanz.

    3. MajooRB


      he doesnt deserve beanZ for clip I uploaded of myself xd. Slithery Bot Elmo

    4. Xehara


      Open your profile a few times, it makes a good remix.

  15. Bot Elmo

    Real life picture Thread

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