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  1. APositiveElmo

    Lore Wipe Discussion

    Ideally, if the lore were to be wiped, we'd have a time jump and disallow all previous group ideas. As @AndreyQ wisely said though, mechanically DayZ is not all that different beyond the tools we now have and some extra mods that are really QoL improvements rather than anything game-changing. Until we have something that can make DayZ feel like a fresh game again, a lore wipe won't fix it, roleplay ideas stem largely from the in-game environment and the in-game environment is more often than not influenced by the mechanics of the game.
  2. APositiveElmo

    Reports and Video evidence

    Its fine, video evidence is video evidence, no matter who brings it forward.
  3. APositiveElmo

    Operation Custodia (Open Recruitment)

    Very well @HaZardouZPlayZ, we will be archiving this group. If you wish to bring it back at a later date, pm a moderator or any rank senior and they will sort it out for you. /archived
  4. APositiveElmo

    • APositiveElmo
    • Ryan Shepherd

    you're a god tier shitposter

    1. Ryan Shepherd

      Ryan Shepherd

      That purple suits your sexuality

    2. APositiveElmo


      Red is royal, purple is imperial, Shepherd is a shitposter, these are facts.

    3. Ryan Shepherd

      Ryan Shepherd

      Thorax is best PvPer in Tarkov, also facts.

  5. APositiveElmo

    S1 KoS East of Novaya Petrovka

    Verdict: @ScarRP- Invalid Kill [Roleplayed] - Inconclusive Explanation: Due to the lack of evidence in this report from both sides, we are forced to make assessments based off of the logs provided to us. As seen in the hit logs, the OP is killed at a distance of approximately 75 meters from ScarRP. Whilst dubious, the story provided by Scar is somewhat feasible, having claimed to have initiated on the OP at max VoIP range, as well as firing some shots that missed, it is entirely possible for the OP to have covered the ground he covered before his death. That being said, we cannot find Scar not guilty due to the fact that the OP has claimed not to have heard any initiation. In the future, we recommend recording your gameplay using software like Shadowplay or OBS, they are user friendly and easy to set up using online tutorials, providing an impartial eye which the GM team can use to assess situations as they occurred. This concludes the explanation of the report. Outcome: @ScarRP - Invalid Kill [Roleplayed]: Temporary Ban Revoked - No Further Action Taken Signed by: @APositiveElmo, @Peril & @Inferno
  6. APositiveElmo

    Rip g19 Discord ban appeal

    Given your lazily written appeal and impatient bumping of it less than 2 hours after posting, it shall be closed. You can reappeal your ban in a couple of weeks if your attitude improves. /closed
  7. APositiveElmo

    C-J's 2BIT status updates

    Real sadboy hours but your status updates were revoked CJ, can't circumvent the system no matter how true the facts you post in them are. /closed
  8. APositiveElmo

    S1 KoS East of Novaya Petrovka

    Indeed you are. Once this report has reached its verdict, this will change.
  9. APositiveElmo

    S1 KoS East of Novaya Petrovka

    A fairly quick kill then. Alright, thank you for your answers, if we have any more questions we'll post them here.
  10. APositiveElmo

    S1 KoS East of Novaya Petrovka

    So its fair to say he was at a fair distance when you initiated. How many shots do you believe you fired before you killed the OP?
  11. APositiveElmo

    S2 Livonia - Invalid Kills - 2020-01-09, 00:25

    Boys and girls, we're reviewing this report. If there are questions about the legitimacy of evidence, we'll ask them. This report has had enough back and forth, my mousewheel needs a break.
  12. APositiveElmo

    Silliest deaths in DayZ

    That time I belted @Kordruga with a mushroom and his glass jaw broke Me dying to a fire
  13. APositiveElmo

    S1 KoS East of Novaya Petrovka

    @ScarRP how far do you believe you were from the OP when you first initiated on him in VoIP?
  14. APositiveElmo

    Vanguard - [Livonia & Chernarus]

    Congratulations on approval nerds
  15. APositiveElmo

    S1: No time to comply, Invalid Initiation in NWAF - 04/01/2020 02:00

    Verdict: Ruleplay - @Red_ - Guilty Invalid Initiation | Attempted Invalid Kill - @brookiehiggh - Guilty Invalid Kill [Roleplayed] - @Murshy - Guilty Metagaming - Viperial - Inconclusive Explanation: To summarise the events of this report, members of CJ’s group and Red’s company meet on the airfield. Discussion ensues and, for one reason or another, the latter group decides to initiate. A gunfight quickly breaks out due to varying levels of non-compliance, in which several members of the 5.0.3 are killed, as well as two initiators. This then escalates into a larger gunfight between the initiators and members of the 5.0.3. @Red_, you are guilty of ruleplay. From the evidence provided, it is clear that the OP was gunned down far too quickly. CJ neither moved quickly from where he was standing in an attempt to escape, nor did he raise his weapon in an attempt to fight back. As soon as the first shots broke out, you gunned him down and switched targets immediately, it seems you were more interested in killing members of the 5.0.3 rather than offering them ample time to comply. Two seconds elapsed between the initiation and the first shots, which is not enough time for anybody to comply with any demands. Whilst EvanPVE went non-compliant, thus granting you rights on members of the 5.0.3, you also made the decision to initiate on CJ, thus binding you to our initiation rules. You violated these rules by not allowing for enough time to comply with the previous initiation, in favour of prioritising the kill rights you gained from Evan’s non-compliance. The OP had his choice to roleplay or fight taken away from him by your itchy trigger finger. Consequently, you will be receiving a punishment for ruleplay. @brookiehiggh, you are guilty of invalidly initiating and using that as a basis to try and kill members of the 5.0.3. Saying “hands” is not an initiation in and of itself. Hands is a plural noun and in no way indicates a desired action for the victim to take, thus rendering it an ambiguous term unless coupled with directing verbs. An example of this would be “put your hands up or you’re dead.” Moving on to the attempted invalid kill, given that nobody on the initiating side shares attacker rights, your invalid initiation affects you and only you. You do not gain rights from an incomplete, inadequate or otherwise unheard initiation and, as such, any attempts made by you to exercise kill rights based off of this initiation are invalid. As a result of this, you will be punished for an attempted invalid kill as the result of an invalid initiation. @Murshy, after extensive investigation, utilising our position log tool to determine your distance and viewing the video evidence, we are satisfied that you made some attempt to initiate after your group's interaction with the 503. However, given that the video evidence covers up to approximately 4 seconds before your first shots connect with RJParker, we are also satisfied that he was not given enough time to comply. Firstly, as seen in CJ’s video evidence from 4:47-4:50, you break into a run but subsequently realise that you are not on yell, standard voice would not cover the near 40m of distance between you and the target so you, as stated in your PoV, attempted to switch to yell mode in your VoIP. This rules out at least 3 seconds of time for you to have adequately initiated. Secondly, you stated during questioning that your initiation consisted of “put your hands up.” As seen at 4:50 in CJ’s video, which is approximately 1:59:08 server time, 4 seconds before your first shots connected with RJ, you are not raising your rifle to indicate any threat. This rules out you having initiated before or at 1:59:09 server time. Furthermore, you also stated that, by the point you had initiated and shot RJ, he had already engaged your friends. With this in mind, it is clear that, during an already active gunfight, you crossed a short distance in 7 seconds, 4 of which you could not have initiated during, subsequently raised your gun, initiated and then shot and killed RJParker for non-compliance. Gunfights are high pressure situations, they are loud and initiating during them can be tricky. For this reason, it is paramount that, if you decide to initiate on a target that is already engaging someone, you offer them more than 2-3 seconds to comply with your demands. Due to your actions in this report, you will be receiving a punishment for an invalid kill that stemmed from a poorly planned initiation. As for the accusations of metagaming, there’s little evidence to prove such accusations on either side. Whilst the initiation was co-ordinated as though there was some communication, without first-hand evidence of such metagaming occurring, we cannot issue punishments to anybody in this report. CainoGS will remain temp banned, he must provide his PoV in the form of a ban appeal before he can be unbanned from our servers. This concludes the explanation of this report. Outcome: Ruleplay - @Red_ - 5 Day Ban & 10 Points Invalid Initiation | Attempted Invalid Kill - @brookiehiggh - 2 Day Ban & 10 Points Invalid Kill [Roleplayed] - @Murshy - 3 Day Ban & 10 Points Metagaming - Viperial - No Action Taken Signed by: @APositiveElmo, @Aiko, @Inferno & @Conor
  16. APositiveElmo

    S2 - Livonia Gieraltow - 2:30am 07/01/2020 - NVFL, BadRP, Attempted Kill On Sight

    Verdict: Attempted Invalid Kill x1 - @FilthiestKevin - Guilty Explanation: As seen in the video, Mademoiselle is standing away from a large group of people, conversing separately with another individual. Within the large group of people, a scuffle erupts resulting in an initiation from Skeeterbolt, which causes Filthiestkevin to pull out a grenade and attempt to kill Mademoiselle and her conversation partner. However, he forgot to pull the pin and was promptly gunned down by members of the initiating party. Filthiestkevin, you are guilty of attempting to invalidly kill one person uninvolved with the initiation. Whilst they were close by, they had no control over what was occurring with you and, as such, bear no responsibility for the hostile action taken against you. Due to this, you did not gain any kill rights against them. In your defence, you did not unpin the grenade but, nevertheless, admitted to attempting to kill people uninvolved in hostility. Though you may have botched the attempt, you still had malicious intentions and attempted to carry them out, therefore staff have determined that, though you posed no actual threat, there is still enough evidence to find you guilty of these rulebreaks. Consequently, you will receive a punishment for attempting to invalidly kill one person. We will be dropping the NVFL accusation due to the fact that Mademoiselle has agreed to drop it on the condition that your character was permanently killed. After reviewing your written PoV and the written PoV of Skeeterbolt, we have cause to believe that this was a poorly planned roleplay idea and, though your actions were in violation of our rules, were nevertheless motivated by roleplay. Furthermore, in your recent posts in this report, you have demonstrated a capacity to understand your wrongdoing and have apologised for the upset you caused. Due to the combination of these factors, staff sees no reason to pursue this any further. This concludes the explanation of this report. Outcome: Attempted Invalid Kill x1 - @FilthiestKevin - 2 Day Ban & 10 Warning Points Signed by: @APositiveElmo, @Aiko, @Peril & @Rover
  17. APositiveElmo

    Fail RP robbery ends in murder in about 4-6 seconds

    After reviewing the video evidence provided and taking the OP’s wishes into account, we’ve decided to honour those wishes and close this report. Before we do that though, we’d like to point out to @Gregor that, had this report gone to verdict, you most certainly would have been found guilty of two invalid kills. As a hostage taker, you are responsible for keeping your hostages safe and secure from all threats. From the video evidence provided, your kill on the OP resulted from neglecting to properly ensure that any bullets that may have passed through the gentleman you initially shot invalidly did not strike any other hostages. Furthermore, the first hostage you shot did nothing to warrant being shot. Your commands were overwhelming and, due to the suddenness of the initiation, clarity seemed to be an issue. Spamming VoIP with insults instead of clear, direct commands is a surefire way to ensure that these situations get out of hand quickly. In addition to this, speaking out of turn once does not grant you kill rights on a hostage, as the rule states, it must happen multiple times before kill rights can be exercised. Try giving a warning to not interrupt you again and, if they do, blast them As an aside, @KaneIsMyName, if you run across any situations such as this in the future, which you may find unsatisfying or suspect rulebreaks may have occurred, it would be wise to join the helpdesk and request the assistance of a Game Master. We can help determine the user you would like to speak with and summon them to the help desk to resolve the issue. If it can’t be resolved there, the report section will always be available. With that being said, this report will be /closed. Signed by: @APositiveElmo, @Rover & @Scarlett
  18. APositiveElmo

    S2 Livonia - Invalid Kills - 2020-01-09, 00:25

    While you're here, could you please clarify who exactly initiated in @Jared's 10 second video?
  19. APositiveElmo

    New Life Rule Warning Oversight

    Can't speak for Rolle himself but we've had one ban error so far that's been fixed. This is not a be-all end-all system, that wouldn't be smart, not to mention the fact that there are exceptions for this non-appealable punishment, such as spawning near your body and being banned in error. See this screenshot for clarity: I've been present for one person challenging a NLR ban under the new system so far, they were successful. It is not as overbearing and final as you make it out to be. Please, calm yourself and realise that mistakes will be made, albeit in a small number, and corrected if found.
  20. APositiveElmo

    New Life Rule Warning Oversight

    That one doesn't even need a punchline honestly. That's why we have the appeal section. Automated systems will inevitably make mistakes, it happens. No idea what's got you so riled up but please speak to myself and other community members with respect in future, your attempt at snarky belittlement was not appreciated. Thanking you.
  21. APositiveElmo

    New Life Rule Warning Oversight

    How do you challenge a ban without an appeal? Appeals are built to do just that. I'm pretty sure I know who you're talking about and from the looks of the logs he spent a good 8-9 minutes around his death area before he got banned. The sentiment of this thread is something I agree with, we have the numbers in the GM team to deal with these requests for an unban with video evidence, and if they died to a bug I see no reason why it shouldn't be voided if all parties involved or witness to the death agree. However, Roland made his position clear on the matter, so I doubt it will happen any time soon.
  22. APositiveElmo

    New Life Rule warning

    please come back we miss you This'll be good for stopping people NLRing back to fights, which has happened to me a few times. Its not hard to obey the rules, especially rules as sensible as NLR.
  23. APositiveElmo

    S1: No time to comply, Invalid Initiation in NWAF - 04/01/2020 02:00

    Your concern has been noted. Thank you for your answers.
  24. APositiveElmo

    S1: No time to comply, Invalid Initiation in NWAF - 04/01/2020 02:00

    That's cool, if you become a GM you can make those calls, til then, you'll have to answer our questions. Moving on to our next question, what was the exact wording of your initiation on RJParker?
  25. APositiveElmo

    S1: No time to comply, Invalid Initiation in NWAF - 04/01/2020 02:00

    The details of your PoV regarding your kill on @Rjparker are a little vague. Please describe, in detail, your actions in the run up to killing @Rjparker.
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