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  1. I don't enjoy roleplay or gunfights in DayZ anymore, so I don't play.
  2. True Irish males respect spuds too much to fire them at the British Real talk, this reminds me of the fish suppressor but less ridiculous.
  3. Video is usually only made private in reports if it was recorded by a staff member not participating in the report and shows use of staff tools. There is the other exception of video evidence containing personal information being allowed to be private, if it is to be posted in a report. I'd rather people post group feedback publicly and with video evidence to support their claims, however, people seldom want the negative connotations that come with group feedback. Personally I find it to be underhanded if the feedback is not posted publicly by the person that takes an issue but, that's my own opinion.
  4. Rate your DayZRP enjoyment currently from 1 - 10: 5 - What you enjoy most about your DayZRP experience: Gaming with my friends, laughing at community drama, taking bets on who's angling for staff next Reason(s): I've met some good people here that keep me healthily invested, were it not for them I'd probably have quit DayZRP in 2019 entirely. - What could help improve your DayZRP experience: I think admins are doing a good job of busting up the clique mentality that's been so pervasive here over the last few years. That's usually what hampers my experience here the most and its already being worked on. Reason(s): Friendships are good, toxic clique echo-chambers not so much. How could this be implemented: See above. - Any further comments: I'll be taking bets on @Polaroid firing in a staff application within the next 2 weeks
  5. Don't go back, stay with us 😎

  6. Played on Deer Isle today, was pretty fun, definitely a nice change of pace from Chernarus. Small map meant we found a decent amount of roleplay too
  7. Deer Isle will be fun for a while, better than leaving a dead Livonia server to stew instead of doing something temporarily with the server space I do wish the lore had come sooner and the hype had been built up for it a bit but what can you do
  8. @Para 

    mfw I see Deer Isle lore released



    we coming

  9. If you're not getting banned for shitposting, you're not really a roleplayer Ron, it is known.
  10. Tallaght is a shithole

    1. Banshee


      My ass is also a shithole.

    2. Cuchulainn


      Excuse me Tallaght is a very nice place

  11. I'd much rather bases be limited to official groups. No size or storage limit, that's annoying to enforce.
  12. Tank zombies need a nerf to health and a buff to speed, not removal. I'd like to see them be exceedingly rare but also drop something decent to make it worth the bullets. Haven't shot any this update but the last time I fought one, I blew up a whole gas station on it and still had to dump 20 or so mosin rounds in its skull to finish it off. More of an annoyance than an actual threat, unless you're tabbed out.
  13. I like the idea of biohazard zones, everything else is annoying.
  14. I'd be curious to see how those walls and whatnot open with the gates, hopefully nothing clips too badly or that'd be some frightening AOGM.
  15. I'm curious so if you're willing to share I'd appreciate your thoughts in a DM, beyond that one group I can't think of any other groups that have done this off of the top of my head.
  16. Do you have any particular groups in mind that archived too early and had an impact on the lore, besides the RF?
  17. I will now harass @Stagsview for Deer Isle lore updates until I die.

    1. Banshee



    2. Craig


      He will be to busy playing EU4, probably leading the Byzantine Empire.

    3. Stagsview


      Sure, 50 euros.

    4. Elmo


      @Stagsview its in the post

    5. burRP


  18. Better be I wouldn't be opposed to getting rid of the baby AK going in pants either but I've never tried to stuff one down my pants irl so take my words with a grain of salt
  19. I like killing people with my pocket MP7, leave it alone Zero
  20. As long as it leaves pocket weapons alone I'd be chill with it, ripping a FAL out of your bag or some such nonsense is kinda wack.
  21. Sure, why not, its pretty cheese. Please post the video of the man who killed you and prompted this thread btw
  22. Depends on the gun. No, the players in this case are the problem and there really is no way to fix loot cycling to my knowledge, the same way there's no way to fix people finding new and innovative ways to hide their gear using glitches; to which there is no counter-play. As previously stated, there are ways to fix people whipping guns out of bags quickly but, as yet, it remains unchanged, indicating that there is currently no desire amongst the dev team to change this feature. There is also an element of counter-play to this so, in my mind, this is a fair mechanic. Furthermore, DayZRP doesn't run exclusively off of realism, otherwise there'd be no KoS rules, it runs off of what is deemed to be within the bounds of fair play. Looking at it through such a mindset will dampen your experience here, trust, I've been around the block enough times. Edit: We are getting a little off topic so, out of respect for @Peril's message, if you wanna discuss this further you're welcome to DM me.
  23. The example given in the rule clearly denotes the spirit of the rule, which is to stop people from glitching objects such as tents, barrels, sea chests etc into places such as walls, rock clusters etc that would make it very difficult to access even though, logically, they would not fit in there. This is different to the inventory mechanic which is slot based and designed by the DayZ devs. If the devs didn't want us storing guns in our bags, guns would be larger, bags would be smaller or they simply just wouldn't allow the interaction.
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