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  1. APositiveElmo


    Attention, beanz farm incoming:

    @Brayces - I decided to start this love train after reading your obvious bean farm. Its been great RPing with you again, even on a limited basis. I've missed you quite a bit and the batteries gave me an excuse to come and try out something different, which you've helped me enjoy immensely through excellent fear RP and trusting us to do right by you and your friends.

    @Stagsview - I didn't like you at first, still have my misgivings but you've given me an opportunity and an experience in RP that I've seldom been afforded. You don't let your ego get in the way of RP, you genuinely care about everybody else's experience and, in my view, have been a quality leader despite your hectic real life schedule. 

    @AndreyQ - You're hilarious in-game and out of game, I really enjoy being around you both IG and out of game, discussing reports, bantering about the community and trying to come up with new memes for the media thread. I'm genuinely glad the batteries gave us an opportunity to become friends.

    @Kordruga - Sleeper squad my man. What more is there to say? You've got great ideas for RP, you're a memer and its pretty safe to say Vlad has made himself right at home in the batteries. Keep it up ranger 🤠

    @Aiko - Honestly after that chance meeting outside the Galapagos camp, I never expected us to RP as extensively as we have or to enjoy it as much. RPing your way into the group was incredibly believable, I enjoy you as a person OOC and what RP you can generate and facilitate to make things as fun as possible for the people around you. You've been an invaluable friend over the last month and I can't wait to see what else we're gonna cook up together.

    @Lyca - Same as Aiko, except we've RP'd together for years now and the last month-ish has been some of the most memorable RP we've had together IMO. From recruiting you as a spy, to fostering a tenuous relationship through the use of comfort, to all the adventures and problems we've had IC, its been a blast helping solve/create new problems for each other.

    @Craig - Huehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehue

    @Smixxa - You're a treasure, come back to us ❤️ 

    1. Samti


      Oy, why am I not up there?

    2. StagsviewRB


      I still think ur a prick, but one with a massive heart xxx

    3. APositivePara


      You forgot me 😞 

    4. Kordruga


      All love 💕

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