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  1. APositiveElmo


    Its an interesting conundrum that I, as a hostage, may be punished for not complying to demands hostage takers shouldn't be making in the first place. Seems a tad shitty.

    1. OldSchool


      I don't know what you're referring to, but shouldn't that be treated the same way as gaining KoS rights from a rulebreak?

      EDIT: I've just seen it and honestly I'm going to refrain from speaking my mind because it would get me points. Just going to say it's totally unfair.

    2. APositiveElmo


      Yep. The default assumption is that all rules are being followed unless proven otherwise. If all rules are being followed, the hostage should bear full responsibility for whatever choices they make. If the hostage taker breaks a rule by issuing an invalid demand, to which the hostage does not comply, the hostage's choice shouldn't be punished as they should never have been in that situation in the first place.

    3. Lyca


      I totally agree. That situation shouldn't have happened in the first place.

      So basically I am punished for my hostage taker breaking rules. 

    4. Eagle



    5. Rover


      Bad ruling, hope the appeal fixes it.


      What if a hostage taker orders me to shoot someone innocent? Am I banned for invalid kill - roleplayed, or am I banned for NVFL for not doing what I'm ordered to do? Bad precedent.

    6. Lyca


      That's exactly how I see it too, Rover 😄 

      Doesn't make sense. 

    7. APositiveElmo


      @Rover exactly. Protect the victim, don't punish them.

    8. Derek Crow

      Derek Crow

      Big yikes tbh.

    9. Rover


      Balance has been restored.

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