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  1. APositiveElmo

    Stamina system - distance modification

    I'd like to have more stamina by default, not a soft-skill.
  2. APositiveElmo

    Locked to FPP when holding any weapon?

    I'd prefer first person in PvP because third person is cancer, leaving the option there for people who don't run with their guns out is the best of both worlds.
  3. APositiveElmo

    Staff Feedback: Saunders

    Link to the situation: Any supporting evidence or notes: See above. Feedback: I'll keep it short, the report itself was pretty cut and dry so I won't get into that, however after perusing the PoVs and those who were called in, I noticed that SassyRP never posted his PoV. This was either ignored or not picked up on by you and @Samti. Suggestions for improvement: In this case, I doubt this will come back to bite you in the ass but, in future, it is best to follow procedure and temporarily ban people who don't post their PoVs. It may seem trivial but you never know what that person will contribute until they post their PoV.
  4. APositiveElmo

    EliteRP series by Shanoby - How to RP

    May I suggest a character pic after witnessing you shave only one side of his face:
  5. APositiveElmo

    The Dollars

    Pretty sweet roster, headers and pics are a bit weak, clean those up and you’ve got a swish looking page. Good luck nerds.
  6. APositiveElmo


    Looks like you guys are in for a lot of PvP, good luck.
  7. APositiveElmo

    Interview with some weird Irish man: Ryan Shepherd

    That Steve Blazer story had me dead, sweet interview Ryan
  8. APositiveElmo

    Interview With A Community Member: StagsviewRB

    What a sagely answered interview @StagsviewRB, good read.
  9. APositiveElmo

    If you could meet 1 person.

  10. APositiveElmo

    What do you think?

    Its also a video game and glitches are a pain in the arse, why not make life a little easier for people who genuinely die to bugs and glitches?
  11. APositiveElmo

    Kill rights being allowed to be used for execution

    Death of an ally is required to execute, as per 4.6, not just a hostile action. Once my rights are up, I can't execute you after RP unless you killed an ally, even if it would make RP sense. Its pretty clear what's needed for an execution but I agree with Andrey, it should be expanded to include regular kill-rights, as long as it makes RP sense.
  12. APositiveElmo

    Kill rights being allowed to be used for execution

    I agree with this suggestion. Both paths are viable but I shouldn't be afraid to make contact with someone who wronged me, even if its just to verify that they're the correct target, in case I get whacked with ruleplay for talking before shooting. Its nonsense.
  13. APositiveElmo


    Now isn't this nice, welcome back Taryn
  14. APositiveElmo

    Initiation before raiding

    I'd agree to a new ruleset for bases if only big groups could have bases, as long as they were used primarily as RP hubs. Anybody can build a base at the moment and use it to hoard their gear. Rules shouldn't protect your gear, better use of mechanics/manpower should.
  15. APositiveElmo

    Real life picture Thread

    Visited the Giant's Causeway today. Was pretty lit. 8 hour round-trip was definitely worth the effort
  16. APositiveElmo

    RE: Posting video evidence

    Does the onus still fall on the person who recorded a video relevant to a report to post it, or can they now do it through a third party and have the onus fall on them as a result? Edit: @Roland the question is perfectly clear, if I record a video during a situation which ends up in a report, then I upload it and show it to Tom and Jerry but don’t post it, are Tom and Jerry going to be punished for withholding evidence even if the video is mine? Edit 2: Understood, thank you for the clarification @Roland
  17. APositiveElmo

    RE: APositiveElmo 5 Warning Points

    Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: The verdict is not fair due to the fact that this is not flamebaiting. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: So, after reading the initial warning, I believed it was not articulating staff's displeasure with my supposed flame-baiting and their reasons for it, so I sought clarity from @Fae, the issuer of my warning points and so most suited to offer explanation. Our conversation is linked below, with approval, in two separate screenshots, posted in chronological order. As a former staff member, I understand how the process of coming to a punitive decision in staff works. There are multiple inputs, a discussion and a consensus is eventually reached on which a majority agree. A moderator or a more appropriate rank, as befitting the nature of the offence, then articulates the consensus into a warning which is then issued to the offender. With that being said and understood by the reader, I will now proceed to break down the arguments put to me by the attending moderator. Argument 1: The timing of my status update coincided with a verdict, therefore it is attacking and provoking a reaction from, presumably, the attending GM. Supporting screenshot: Yes, I can't dispute that it coincided with the verdict because it was, inherently, about the verdict. However, I dispute that it was attacking anything but the way the verdict was written and, furthermore, I vehemently deny that it was designed to provoke a reaction from anybody. There is no evidence to support the contrary, I did not @ anybody in my status update, I did not post it to someone else's profile and I certainly did not phrase it in a provocative manner. The verdict was lazily written, so lazily in fact that it could've been considered a copy/paste response. This is not flamebaiting, this is a fact, which I articulated via a status update. Argument 2: It was a jab at Samti's verdict, therefore it was flamebaiting. Supporting screenshot: Verdicts are not people, they are not members of the community, therefore they cannot be flamed or flamebaited under this community's rules. They should always be open for public criticism, across any appropriate medium this site offers. Argument 3: It is flamebaiting because it was not left on Samti's feedback page. Supporting screenshot: The fact that I posted it on a status update, on my profile, rather than to his feedback thread in no way makes what I said flamebaiting. Status updates are for all manners of things, like posting videos, funny gifs, images, memes or opinions. What I posted falls into this category. Furthermore, I have left this particular GM feedback before about lazily written verdicts, which he didn't respond to for about a month. It is also clear from the verdict he recently wrote that my feedback fell upon deaf ears. Argument 4: People may say something on your status update, therefore it is flamebaiting. Supporting screenshot: I am not responsible for what people say on a status update I post, only what I say, in a similar way that a person who posts a report is not responsible for what anybody else in the report says. My status did not incite anybody to attack, provoke or otherwise threaten the GM that wrote the verdict, it simply stated an opinion. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Points removed, status update restored. What could you have done better?: Not logged in to DayZRP today.
  18. APositiveElmo

    Vultures (Open Recruitment)

    I can also attest to the quality of the roleplay provided because I was definitely, 100%, undoubtedly present for any and all interactions listed above. #FreeAndreyQ
  19. APositiveElmo


    Free @AndreyQ

    1. Eagle


      Did you just insult my in an unprovoking way?

    2. APositiveElmo


      Careful, you'll get done for flamebaiting

    3. Terra


      Stop flaming...

      ....or flame baiting...

      or just... stop posting or....



      you get points anayway!!!!






    4. Kordruga


      No banter allowed!

    5. Terra


      Good now.

    6. Mugin


      We can banter one another
      Just not staff man
      Know your place.

  20. APositiveElmo


    So what's with GMs saying stop the back and forth when there's clearly no back and forth occurring in a report?

    1. ToeZies


      and if they're deleting it, why? I want the juicy details.

    2. Eagle


      He hid all the comments for some reason.

    3. Banshee


      Y'all being silly

    4. APositivePara


      Who needs discussion amirite

  21. APositiveElmo

    When does a fun character become trolly?

    Rule #1: Know your audience. Tailor your performance to the viewer. You can be a funny man without being a fool.
  22. APositiveElmo


    Remove twitch shirt, add GoPro
  23. APositiveElmo

    Blocked means blocked

    Staff has no right interfering in how I conduct myself with another community member unless DayZRP rules are being directly violated in a place set out for DayZRP activities, or if they are directly involved by myself or the other community member. People don't get on, it happens, and avoidance is generally the best way to circumvent the escalation of conflict. I'd rather not see any trace of people I've blocked on the forums. There's only 4 people I've blocked in my 5 years as a member of this community, it doesn't overly bother me that I can see that they've posted something but, given the choice, I would opt to wipe them from my personal browsing experience.
  24. APositiveElmo

    Chapter 2 [Recruitment strict IC only]

    I know an ERP group when I see one. App soonTM.
  25. APositiveElmo

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      You missed it

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