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  1. APositiveElmo

    Make the map smaller? Evolve the story?

    tbh if the problem is people being spread thin just nuke popular individual spots to set up with radiation or w/e in the lore, or laser the east and south coasts with radiation and have Kamenka be a contested port town or something, that'd be cool
  2. APositiveElmo

    Stamina system - distance modification

    I'd like to have more stamina by default, not a soft-skill.
  3. APositiveElmo

    Locked to FPP when holding any weapon?

    I'd prefer first person in PvP because third person is cancer, leaving the option there for people who don't run with their guns out is the best of both worlds.
  4. APositiveElmo

    Staff Feedback: Saunders

    Link to the situation: Any supporting evidence or notes: See above. Feedback: I'll keep it short, the report itself was pretty cut and dry so I won't get into that, however after perusing the PoVs and those who were called in, I noticed that SassyRP never posted his PoV. This was either ignored or not picked up on by you and @Samti. Suggestions for improvement: In this case, I doubt this will come back to bite you in the ass but, in future, it is best to follow procedure and temporarily ban people who don't post their PoVs. It may seem trivial but you never know what that person will contribute until they post their PoV.
  5. Aiko

    • Aiko
    • APositiveElmo


    1. APositiveElmo



    2. Conor
  6. APositiveElmo

    EliteRP series by Shanoby - How to RP

    May I suggest a character pic after witnessing you shave only one side of his face:
  7. APositiveElmo

    The Dollars

    Pretty sweet roster, headers and pics are a bit weak, clean those up and you’ve got a swish looking page. Good luck nerds.
  8. APositiveElmo


    Looks like you guys are in for a lot of PvP, good luck.
  9. APositiveElmo

    Interview with some weird Irish man: Ryan Shepherd

    That Steve Blazer story had me dead, sweet interview Ryan
  10. APositiveElmo

    Interview With A Community Member: StagsviewRB

    What a sagely answered interview @StagsviewRB, good read.
  11. APositiveElmo

    If you could meet 1 person.

  12. APositiveElmo

    What do you think?

    Its also a video game and glitches are a pain in the arse, why not make life a little easier for people who genuinely die to bugs and glitches?
  13. APositiveElmo

    Kill rights being allowed to be used for execution

    Death of an ally is required to execute, as per 4.6, not just a hostile action. Once my rights are up, I can't execute you after RP unless you killed an ally, even if it would make RP sense. Its pretty clear what's needed for an execution but I agree with Andrey, it should be expanded to include regular kill-rights, as long as it makes RP sense.
  14. APositiveElmo

    Kill rights being allowed to be used for execution

    I agree with this suggestion. Both paths are viable but I shouldn't be afraid to make contact with someone who wronged me, even if its just to verify that they're the correct target, in case I get whacked with ruleplay for talking before shooting. Its nonsense.
  15. APositiveElmo


    Now isn't this nice, welcome back Taryn
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