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  1. With a rough upbringing Sam was never really able to trust his family. Despite this he had the rest of his life set. a career and a promising relationship he would never have to worry about anything. in 2013, at a golf outing Sam took a break in the bathroom, looking at himself in the mirror he knew he could never be happy with this life, it wasn't for him. So he set out to work on a ranch in Australia. There he would work hard, drinking and partying all the while as well as meeting a lot of women. After 2 years he returned back to the US to work at the Mackinac Island Hotel. Over the summer he met with his siblings and cousins but never saw his parents. he then went to work at a national park in Montana. There he became very familiar with wildlife and outdoor skills like tracking and hunting. Sam also learned a lot about firearms and many survival techniques. After the winter he needed to leave the US again, so he went off to Cambodia with a friend to party and get laid. There he got into a motorcycle accident and as a result of the crash has major scarring over his right leg but walks fine regardless. Sam would continue to ride his motorcycle through china working odd jobs and partying. There he learned of a dangerous disease spreading through western Russia rumored to be zombies. Sam was concerned but tried to keep his cool making some effort to prepare but still traveling light. Just after encountering a zombie for the first time Sam joined with a group in northern china who was planning to travel west hoping to merge with a larger group. The group traveled through Kazakhstan. Survival was getting tough food was scarce the group started to dwindle eventually till it was just 10.. To 5.. To 3.. They kept on though until eventually it was just sam all alone to survive in Chernarus.
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