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  1. My name is Max, I was born in Chernarus, I lived in a wooden cabin in a village know as Bogatyrka, not many people lived in this town but because of this we all felt like a community. We all shared everything, talked about current events, and helped one another out. As a boy me and my father went hunting quite often and would bring back big game for our community, since we were the only good hunters in our village we would kill enough to feed the whole village. When I got older I would go to the pub and hear things about Chernarus with the situation with NATO, and the Soviet-Union, and a couple days before the out break I heard talk of a virus, I thought nothing of it. However when the outbreak occurred military troops from the North West Airfield came to our village to help us to safety, while on the route back to the base our convey was attacked, I passed out and when I awoke I was the only person left alive, no one was alive not a single sole. From this moment I have decided to live of the land of Chernarus, hunt, farm, build shelter, and try my best to survive. I will rarely attack others and will try to make a friend instead, or if their intentions differ from mine at least hear their story and maybe trade with them. However I am a hermit and I live of the fat of the land.
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