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  1. crates with weapon skins on item shop soon? Memes aside, these look amazing, as said above, the weathered look they got is pretty well done, hope we actually get to see them in game!
  2. should be removed or at least fixed, not due to covid, but cause it is pretty unrealistic and annoying to get sick 4 times in an hour, while doing nothing that could cause it
  3. Thanks for the great fun adventure and roleplay @Bangethe chicken man and the tisy survivor(don't know your forum name to tag ya). Stay away from chicken and wolves boys
  4. Big thanks to @Doctor Ice and his boys for the fun RP and adventures tonight, hope to see ya guys more and with less car crashes
  5. Welcome back señor Brock of the Lee family Hope our roleplaying adventures will be plenty and immersive. And also that you won't get in any buses ps. revive me
  6. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): None Why the verdict is not fair: It was Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I was amnesty'd 3 months ago, and I'm hoping to get my final warning removed now. Granted I haven't been as active in these 3 months due to work and irl, and won't be extremely active in the following months anyways, but from my small amount of time on the game after my amnesty, I followed the rules. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Remove my final warning What could you have done better?: Not be dumb and get banned in the first place
  7. I'm gonna chip in my 2 cents on this thread as I do agree with the OP to the extend of rule 3.2 being stronger/better. I've been playing on this account for a week or so(amnesty'd,not "illegally"), but was on this community for years on the mod, and i do have to say, there is a HUGE difference in the quality and mentality of roleplay. pls dont ban me for flaming, but frankly most peeps i've met so far were borderline ruleplaying instead of roleplaying, completely disregarding rule 3.2, Mainly by trying to provoke a hostile situation so they can get rights on me/my friends, almost straight up baiting(prohibited by another rule).Also encountered people that initiated with 0 rp, and were gunned down instantly, when their character had 0 chance of surviving, and the situation had 0 room for RP with an initiation going on. I don't mind hostileRP, or getting robbed, I'm a bandito myself afterall, but it is annoying when people shut off RP situations just for the sake of borderline momentary pvp, not just by initiating themselves, but also doing something so extremely dumb to provoke others just so they can get defenders' rights
  8. pretty chill comrade stuff
  9. oh no pls do not i friendly but holy fuck, that was a blast from the past and a half
  10. oi still expecting you to log on pleb @Wunsleh
  11. so heartwarming and wholesome
  12. Thought I might as well make one of these posts. Howdie fellas, haven't played since '16, recently returned, so ya better hit me with your best rp to boost my immersion, ty
  13. Character name: Nikolai Kazapov Nikolai was raised in his father's farmlands, visiting the city only for school. He was taught the ways of farming and basic hunting, but he was never interested in it. After graduating highschool, he enrolled in a school to become a car mechanic, he already knew a few things as his dad taught him, and fancy cars always fascinated him so much in the big city. Meanwhile, he was working part-time as a bartender in a pub, and soon moved in a small apartment over said pub with his girlfriend, an up and coming journalist. When he got the news of his father's passing, he was devastated as he didn't have much contact with him after moving off the farm. The circumstances surrounding his death were at least iffy, he was operating farm machinery for years, it was really surprising to hear he toppled his tractor over next to the small pond, hitting his head and going unconscious underwater. Don't let the name fool you, while Nikolai is of Chernarussian decent, and was born in Chermarus in 1988, he grew up in Greece and that's the only life he knew and remembered. His father was a military officer in Chernarus, fleeing the country with Nikolai in 1991 due to all the conflict, he wanted his son to be safe and not live under constant fear of a coup, or invasion. While Nikolai knew a few things about his decent and his father "old profession", he didn't know everything, for most of his life he knew him as an honest farmer and hunter, living off the land. It wasn't until his father death in early 2009, when he got hold of his father diary as his will dictated. In said diary, his father mentioned a lot about his life in Chernarus, and how, to his knowledge, his parents were still alive in the country, at least up to mid-2008. He had lost contact with them around August, fearing the worst. Nikolai's mother had died in birth, so his possibly alive grandparents were the only family he (might) had left. With the recent peace treaty in Chernarus, and most of the Chedaki gone, there was no better time to visit the country and attempt to find them, while also connecting with his roots. Chernarus was the safest it's been for years, or so he thought. Booking a flight was near impossible, so his girlfriend did instead, as a journalist she was gonna use it as a way to report the aftermath of the civil war, while Nikolai would search for his family and anything left of his family home in Sosnovka, south of Zelenogorsk.They landed on the Krasnostav Airfield and immediately got under military surveillance, some soldiers checked all their baggage, mostly consisting of clothes and a few microphones and small cameras. They were told they would have at least 2 soldiers with them at all times, after all "officially" it was a news report visit. With military escort, they were driven all the way south, in Chernogorsk, where they'd stay for a few days, planing to then move in Balota, Zelenogorsk and finally Vybor, catching their return flight from the nearby airport. They were free to roam the city alone, but traveling outside of it without military support was forbidden, as there were rebel forces, mostly a few Chedaki remnants, attacking military but also civilian vehicles on the road. The first day of the outbreak found them in Balota, where his girlfriend was documenting the rebuilding and security strengthening of the airfield. News of the Russian bombing in the North, or the virus didn't reach them that day. The next day, when they noticed weird military activity in the area, troops being mobilized and driven east, with some helicopters heading North. The 2 soldiers accompanying them ensured them that everything was under control, or, will soon be. It wasn't until those 2 soldiers were called by a higher ranked officer to report in Elektro, that Nikolai realized something was going on. Him and his girlfriend were told to stay in a small abandoned house in the city as their room in the military base was needed, and were instructed to not leave the house, or the city, until told so. They both decided to disobey those orders, which is what possibly saved their lives. During night, they snuck out the city, heading to Zelenogorsk. Plan was to spend the night in the city, next day scout for Nikolai's family house, then, hopefully, head to the Vybor airfield without facing any repercussion for disobeying orders. Traveling through the night was hard, and they could both swear they could hear shots and scream coming from the east every now and then, but they shrug it off as exhaustion and fear playing mind games with them. They reached Zeleno, which was still being rebuilt and cleaned out from the war aftermath. They spent 2 days there, noticing almost no military activity, which was weird, but good, they felt free for once. One morning, Nikolai decided to head to Sosnovka, see if he can actually find his grandparents, or at least anything from his family's history, while his girlfriend stayed in the city interviewing locals. After hours of walking, Nik found what he hoped was his family's home. No signs of life tho, so he started looking through things, trying to find anything that pointed out to his family, and he succeeded, in finding some photo albums, the proof was the fact that a young version of his father was in most of the photos. He spent the rest of the day, and night, looking through everything else, but found nothing else other than the photo album he took with him. He headed back to Zeleno at dawn, only to be greeting by a big cloud of smoke coming out of the city in the distance. He could roughly see what looked like corpses laying on the streets, and a few weird-acting people roaming around. Before he could head further in, a group of armed men with red berrets on aproached him, instructed him to stay silent and follow them in the forest. He had no chance but to comply. He explained to them his story, and how he must go back in Zeleno for his girlfriend, and they explained to him what is going on, about the virus, about how most civilians had been evacuated(or so they thought) and how most of the civs and military had been turned, how there was no contact on the radio from their base back in Russia, and it seemed like all communication with outside chernarus was cut. He was told that while it's not allowed, he could tag along with them as they needed as much manpower as they could find, he clearly didnt belong to any military groups, so he could be usefull as a looter/scavenger for them. And so his adventures begun, Nik joined their little group, but he never planed to stay with them forever. He needed to find his girlfriend, but after one, two, three weeks of seeing all the horrors his new life included, he realized she's probably dead. He never gave up hope(my girlfriend will probs follow me in this community, so Included her in my backstory incase she does ), but his main focus now was to stay alive himself, possibly escape Chernarus if possible. By any means necessary
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