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  1. you got my frequency, send him into a trap but again, thanks for the fun,first time personally seeing you in numbers and off berezino, hope to see ya more !
  2. ty for the RP tonight peeps, especially big capitan boi and the medic! Just surprised the "execution" was so rushed, and not even by the sword I had told Dima I'll use to chop your heads off, missed opportunity right there lads!
  3. " to* tag " you dogpig But yeah, top notch RP in Zeleno lads, ty to everyone that passed through !
  4. Why chop little finger when I can cut whole head?! But likewise, it was fun, thanks for the great RP!
  5. when do I add the cars as enemies and when do I report them for attempted RDM?
  6. Thread updated, opened recruitment to add 2-3 more people to our roster
  7. It's all good, just wanted to clear it out anyways! And likewise, thanks for the fun RP! Punching big Viktor was the funniest thing I seen in a while
  8. Our IDs will only be "needed" for the people that decide to live in our general area, you won't need it if you're just passing through etc, only if you decide to claim a house
  9. Goals updated after the feedback, to reflect our group(and differences from CLF) more accurately.
  10. Well yeah, as mentioned in the thread, we're a small force that is trying to find the supplies and right moment to strike. We haven't been in any fights with RAC yet(or RF before they RIPd) and we been running as this group since the wipe happened. Just realized that thread might suggest we plan to attack and wipe RAC over and over, until they quit, and while that's what our characters want, that's not the plan OOC. We're not planning on overly attacking them(or anyone) to the point it's not fun for one side. We're focusing more on the vocal side of things, spread propagande, steal the Russians' allies, get people to support us and an Independent Chernarus instead of the russian regime. Make friends, strengthen our numbers, get more supplies etc etc. Sure this will end up in fighting, but we don't plan on bullying anyone. And about CLF, this is fully OOC and not to be metagamed, but CLF might not be the good guys in our eyes since they failed to protect our country or liberate it
  11. As mentioned on the thread, most of these are our "future goals", goals that will be advanced as lore progresses. Currently we assume the virus is gonna get defeated and stuff will go back to normal. We're obviously curious as to why the hell this thing got out of hand so fast, and why it's changing people, but not focusing on fighting or studying the infection currently. We're hopping to get official lore updates to help us with the RP, but we progress our story anyways. Once this switches to a "ok this is the actual apocalypse" thing, the Russians/foreign forces will be our secondary enemy, making the infection the biggest threat for Chernarus(and humanity).
  12. chernarussian comrade* and green berets this time around
  13. As mentioned in the thread as well, we're pro-Chernarus but also pro-life. As long as the people we meet aren't dangerous to others(aka bandits), don't act hostile against us, and they're not pro-russian, they're fine by us. The few people we had to be hostile towards so far had given us multiple reasons to do so, we ended up befriending most of them in the end anyways.
  14. Our interactions so far haven't been the greatest, but they've been interesting,
  15. Ran it by the loremasters first, they said it's fine. Lorewise we're one of the smaller unknown group that fought the war, and got destroyed. As mentioned in our thread too, most of our members gave up, and everyone just went about their day hoping one day chernarus would be free again, with very few of our members trying to keep the rebellion alive. Seeing the Russians so unorganized when the virus hit we realized it's now or never, hit them before the virus is gone and they have time to take over, force them out so if they want control of Chernarus there has to be another war. And while some of our ideals are similar with CLF, we don't fully agree or support them, we got our own views for the country. We got different opinions, different plans, and most importantly, different RP. Plus, we're a bunch of farmers, hunters, villagers that decided to rise up again for their country, we're civilians not an army.
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