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  1. My name is Patrick Burns and this is my story I was born in Dayton Ohio in 1995 my Father Eric was in the US Military so we moved around a lot I lived in Germany for a few years then moved to France and they came back to the US after my father had completed his duties but around early July 2017 my father was called to service over in Chernarus he wasn't told why but like any good solider he responded to the call but he was told not to bring his family with him me already living on my own and just recently finished with the police academy I as my father if I could come with it I want to see the world more before I started to began my life in my job at home that decision would be one I would soon learn would be one of the worst choices I had every made my father agree seeing that every other time he had been called into server it was as a engineer helping build infrastructure in bad parts of country's effected by war but I had to promise that I would leave if any trouble broke out which I agree to I had only plan to stay for a short amount of time around a month but as we arrived we soon learned that he was being called in the help build and set up checkpoints and other means of blocking people from getting in and out we weren't aware of what they were being built for we assumed it was because of the recent conflict as the days went on we learned that we weren't keeping people out we were keeping it out the infection spread and quickly we me and my father learned of the outbreak we thought it was a joke but after seeing photos found out it was far from it we packed our bags and try to leave right away but were unable to we didn't want to go to any airport as we didn't know if the infection was air born or how it was spread so we packed up my father vehicle given to him for work and left the minute we could we start to try and make it out of the country but the Russians sent us back not know if we had contracted the virus or not hopeless with tried to sneak out of the country through a different location but along the way had run out of fuel and were far in the country side from a gas station to refuel so we began to walk we walked into a town neither of us new and that is when we first saw the infected my father and I try to sneak around them and look for supplies and continue on are way but in a store we were attacked and my father was bitten we kill the zombie but it was to late we knew that this would be the beginning of the end we talked about what had just occurred and come the decision my father didn't want to become one of them that he wanted to be a peace and rest when it was all over I said my goodbyes and with a heavy and sadden heart left a few moments later heard a gun fire and felt many emotions rush into me at once one of relief know that my father we be resting and at peace but another of depression knowing that I had just lost one of my best friend on the planet so a set off and start living in the woods hunting and trying to survive and way I could this is were we come to today where I still travel and live in the woods of Chernarus most of the time
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