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  1. Hi! im new to the server and i dont know how to change my name ingame and my look. I just spawn as a woman and i am kicked because my name does not fit a characters name. I use the dzsa launcher to get into the server. Thanks.
  2. My life used to be easy. I was born in Buenos Aires (1998), Argentina in a wealthy family from the north of the city. My father was an important economist who used to work as a technician for the government. My mother was an unhappy housewife who had married my dad because of the money. When I was a child I had everything I wanted. Whenever I saw something that I liked, my father would just buy it to me. Later I realised this behaviour was to compensate the fact that he was never home, not even for our birthdays nor for Christmas parties. Some months after I turned 14 (2012) I started playing rugby in my neighbourhood´s team, called San Isidro Club (SIC). By then, my whole life was dedicated to studying and playing rugby. I even got into the youth national team by 2016. Everything was going great, my bigger brother got independent and left home, and my mother found some hobbies that helped her to get better from her depression. In order to get the family together and help my mother with her recovery, my father got some tickets to go on holidays to an exotic location: CHERNARUS. I didn´t really know that place but my father had been investigating it for some time, and he told us about it. It was a place with a huge war history, and that was the kind of destinations my mother enjoyed to visit, those where you can learn and see a lot about the past. It was a region that had been recently integrated into the Russian Federation, so the things were supposed to be calm there. In December 2019, we left the country for a trip that was supposed to last just two months. Once we arrived Chernarus, the things went wrong really fast. There was an infection called Caedesviridae (we didn´t really know about it in Argentina) that was experiencing a rapid resurgence. This happened after a month we had arrived, and we had to take really strong measures ourselves, as at the beginning the government wasn´t taking any real measures. 2 weeks after the initial outbreak, the worst notice came to me: both of my parents were infected. They were immediately put into quarantine, despite they tried to refuse. From the day the police took them, we never heard of them again. My brother and I were now alone in a foreign country and with little if any money. The whole city was a chaos and everything was starting to fall apart. By May, we were forcedly took to a relocation camp with a lot of people. There, we met some foreign families that were going through the exact situation as we were. After a month there, we successfully escaped the camp, as it was no longer possible to get food anymore and people was starting to get violent. We reached (my brother and I) to a city called Chernogorsk. There we got some information about some other quarantine camps that were all over the region, possible places where our parents could be. We then decided to separate ourselves, he headed north and I started to roam around the coast. Now, I am stranded in a coast city called Elektrozavodsk, trying to get supplies before continuing my journey.
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