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  1. Maverick Alexander Cobalt (spelled the same as cobalt but pronounced "Ka-Balt") was the son of Alexander and Marie Cobalt. Mr. Cobalt was born on March 20th, 1995 in a small town located in Pennsylvania, U.S.A. Immediately after high school, at the age of seventeen, young Maverick enlisted into the Army as a marksman and was well acquainted with a rifle as he had partaken in hunting with his father in the Pennsylvania wilderness, often hunting mostly white tailed deer. After four years, he received an honorable discharge from the Army just after receiving the rank of Sergeant. Maverick, now known as Mister or Sergeant Cobalt (although he rarely goes by Sergeant Cobalt), had shown signs of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) after his discharge from the Army. Often unable to sleep due to reoccurring nightmares, he would take comfort in his high school sweetheart and only love, Savannah River, who often wrote to him during his tours in the Middle East, and was now living with him as his fiance. Savannah, who was born with a heart condition, passed away later that year as her severe Aortic Stenosis had caught up to her. This heart valve disease is the narrowing of the valve in the large blood vessel branching off from the heart, which can cause weakness, fatigue, chest pain, shortness of breath, and if left untreated, death. Maverick tried to get Savannah to the hospital but had little to no gas in his vehicle from the night before of drinking at the bar alone, some what of a hobby of his as he had frequent episodes of PTSD, often remembering his friends who were killed in action. Maverick called 9-1-1, but the ambulance got caught in heavy traffic and did not arrive on time to save Savannah. Savannah passed away in Maverick's embrace, unable to be treated in time, from heart failure and lack of Oxygen to the brain. Maverick went into a deep depression, blaming himself for Savannah's death, and was unable to transition back into normal civilian life. He often attempted suicide, but could never pull the trigger or kick the chair, unable to go through with it as he would often think of what Savannah would want him to do. He would have episodes of PTSD almost daily. Alone, tired, unable to sleep, depressed, and unemployed, he had no one to turn too, other then Uncle Sam. Maverick re-enlisted into the U.S. Army. He was able to continue where he had left off, regaining control of his life as he quickly transitioned back into the strict military life he held so dear. On July 17th, Sgt. Cobalt and his fire team were deployed with a number of other soldiers to Chernogorsk, Chernarus on a large NATO mission to secure and contain ground zero of the infection. Whilst he was based in Chernogorsk with the U.S. Army, they were soon forced to retreat due to increased riots within the city and an abrupt attack by a large wave of infected. Unfortunately, Sergeant Cobalt and what was left of his previously five man fire team, were forced to stay and hide on an office building roof to avoid the horde, unable to get to the extraction point in time.
  2. Is there any way I am able to change my name without having to create a new account?
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