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  1. @Georgia Banks @Mia @Rederaz @Humanitas_ @Longhammer @OsiViper @Krullix @Dingle @ImBlisna @Damitri @BackInNam @Buckly @Kattsura @C-J @DownhillPlagueX @Wee_L_LR @TheLamp1 @darethima @Militus @wastingdoor @MrBurke Absolutely astonishing role-play today! I have never felt so emotional in an RP situation in my life, not a single thing was off. Every single person who I RP'd with today was amazing and did excellent! I have never been apart of such a community before and I truly love all of you. There are no words, truly no words to describe the events that unfolded today. It was utter perfection and I wouldn't have wanted it to go any other way. Amazing character development and I apologize to those I missed! Do good, Be good, Smell good
  2. *Maverick would scramble for his radio in his bag as Georgia sobs in the background, fumbling the device several times before finally holding the PTT* "Old man! Thomas! Please don't do this...for the love of god you son of a bitch, you still owe me a bachelor party! You still got months left, valuable months! Please...I want to make it up to you for the things that I've do-" *Maverick chokes up as a singular shot is heard towards the outskirts of town* *He would start to break into tears, holding back as best he could* "F-fuck old man!...I fucking love you like a brother...." *Maverick, after saying this, would throw the radio across the rooftop, shattering it to pieces as he sits with his back against the guardrail, holding the back of his head as he begins to have an episode, rocking back and forth as Georgia sobs by his side, hugging him tightly, and crying into his chest*
  3. *Maverick would sit there, listening to the radio placed on a nightstand next to him, gun in hand as he sits wide awake, Georgia sleeping by his side. The rest of the group sleeping in other rooms. Maverick would pick up the radio, hesitantly holding PTT.* "I'm an honest man Johnny. And I can't say I trust you, nor do I like you, after all the things you've done to not just K.O.G., not just my wife and I, but to every group and individual as a whole. If this isn't some sort of plan you're executing trying to get us off guard, I forgive you...... Stay out of my people's lives, and we'll stay out of yours. You can keep the tooth, and the spit." *Maverick would release PTT, tossing the radio to the side, staying awake watching over Georgia as he is often unable to sleep.*
  4. +1, I hate dying from glitches in the middle of my role-play then losing all my equipment and taking 30 minutes to an hour just to get where I want to be, not to mention the time it takes to gather my equipment again. With this I believe it would be a huge benefit, there are more pros than cons in my opinion. Being able to choose from the default spawn points would be extremely helpful, especially if you implemented the NLR rule, where you couldn't respawn at the spawn point you died at!
  5. I fully agree with this, this would make everyone's lives so much easier. Base building is already tedious enough by default, but the locks themselves drive me insane. Code locks would be a real improvement!
  6. Heavily updated, Maverick has changed quite a bit so far! I love you all and thank you for your amazing role-play experiences, many more to come I'm sure! "Do good, Be good, Smell good" I apologize to anyone I missed, please do inform me! There are many friends @Georgia Banks @Rederaz @undeadgamer9182 @Longhammer @GoatFyourself @DownhillPlagueX @JasonBR
  7. *Maverick would be cleaning his rifle late at night as Georgia sleeps, unable to sleep himself, as he hears the radio transmission coming from his bag, he opens it up and listens, sighing before holding PTT, speaking in a low yet optimistic tone* "This is Maverick Alexander Cobalt, I hope all of you are safe out there and doing well. I appreciate everyone's help and assistance at Green Mountain. Home is not a place, it's a feeling. We must stay optimistic and positive, I see this as a new beginning to do good. Failures are just the stepping stones to success. We all know what happened at Green Mountain, and we will continue to spread its legacy and values. As long as there is good in the world, evil will lurk in the shadows. But do not fret my friends and family, Green Mountain is not dead, it lives on inside each and every one of us. I love you all. Do good, Be good, Smell good. Foxtrot-5, going dark." *Maverick releases the PTT, putting his rifle to the side and sitting on the bed next to Georgia with a handgun in his hand as he slowly falls asleep*
  8. Sunday, November 10th - *He presses record, beginning the first audio log as a knife scraping against skin can be heard as he shaves* "...Uh...this is my first voice log to my wife, Savannah River......if anyone is listening, you have probably taken this off my corpse, in that case...please discard it...Dear Savannah...I feel stupid for making this, but I found this old voice recorder and you always told me it was best to talk about my feelings...even to myself.......I miss you so much Savannah, I don't know how I go on. I'm unable to sleep most nights, the voices are in my head again. The ones you warned me about. I can almost feel your delicate touch...your soft hands on my arms...that light, gentle rubbing you would do to calm me down...I still feel it, it's driving me insane. I can't shake the feeling.....I know you're not there. I know you're in a better place, wherever that may be....please come back to me...please..." Tuesday, November 12th - *He presses record, beginning a new audio log as water boils in the background* "Dear Savannah, I met two men who go by Dr. Cole [ @GoatFyourself ] and Frisk. Dr. Cole is a nice man, but I don't know if I can trust Frisk. I stayed quiet most of the time, we made our way to a military compound in the West, losing Frisk along the way, some place called Pavlovo. I don't know what happened, but I think Dr. Cole might have saved my life. From what I can remember, we were overrun by biters and I blacked out. I woke up in the middle of the snowy woods, cold, striped of most of my equipment, and my wounds were treated. I haven't heard from Dr. Cole in days, hopefully we meet again." Wednesday, November 13th - *The record button is pressed as he speaks in a low tone* "Dear Savannah, I-....I killed a man today. He was a bad man...a slaver who tried to capture an acquaintance of mine. We tied him up and we were going to turn him in to some lawful group my good friend Nikolai told me about, but he escaped his restraints and punched Nikolai. I brought him into a shed, and shot him in the skull with his own M4 Carbine while he was dying from hypothermia. I've killed before...many times on active duty...but I don't know what is wrong with me Savannah, this one felt...different..." Friday, November 15th - *Maverick presses the red record button, creating a new audio log* "Dear Savannah, on my journey up north, I have ran into three nice individuals in the town of Zelenogorsk. Their names were Dr. Blue, Jonathan, and Riley Lux. All four of us were taking shelter in a shed from a snow storm, Dr. Blue decided to make a fire in the shed to warm all of us up. Dr. Blue didn't really talk much, but Jonathan and Riley seemed to be in a group separate from Dr. Blue. Jonathan and Riley were trying to head East to a town called Berezino in search of a school they say has been fortified as a medical facility. Apparently Jonathan is sick and they are trying to find medicine." Saturday, November 16th - *He pushes down the record button, speaking in an aggrieved tone* "Dear Savannah...I miss you so god damn much...I got drunk last night and lost our fucking wedding ring....I don't want to live.....if only I was able to get you to the hospital in time...I see you sometimes in the distance on the tree line, just yesterday I was camping in the woods by a fire...I heard your voice in the woods..." Sunday, November 17th - *The recorder comes alive, establishing a new audio log as it struggles to stay powered* "This fucking thing......Dear Savannah, I made my way to Berezino. The school is desolate...I managed to crawl through a hole in the fence and scrap out some car parts, found a tent and a good amount of supplies. No sign of Jonathan or Savann-......I mean Riley....hopefully they are alright..." Monday, November 18th - *Maverick presses the record button, smacking the device on his hand a few times before it creates a new audio log* "Dear Savannah, I have met many kind people during my travels up to Stary Sobor. I think I might want to settle down here with a kind man who lives nearby. I was thinking of setting up inside the local church? It seems like a good building for defense. One entrance, one exit. OH! Savannah I have found Dr. Cole! After all this time, I was scouting the town for supplies and ran into Dr. Cole who was passing through. He goes by Dr. Green now, but I like Dr. Cole much better." Tuesday, November 19th - *A new log is created as Dr. Green, Dr. Maxwell, and Dr. Michaels can be heard conversing in the background* "Dear Savannah, Dr. Green has introduced me to a few of his friends, Dr. Black and Dr. Blue, who I have previously met in Zelenogorsk.....I guess they are going for some kind of knock off medical power rangers?......Seems a bit cheesy, I have met a man who goes by the name of Dr. Red for a brief moment down south, maybe he is the missing piece to their puzzle?....Anyway Dr. Black goes by Dr. Maxwell, so that is what I shall call him. Dr. Blue goes by Dr. Michaels, andddd Dr. Green goes by........Dr. Green.......still Dr. Green has a very good sense of humor, Dr. Maxwell is a bit emotionless, and Dr. Michaels seems like a good man to be around. In fact they all do. I trust Dr. Green more than any of them due to our history, but Dr. Maxwell [ @undeadgamer9182 ] and Dr. Michaels so far seem to be very nice and well rounded individuals. I'll be sure to update this log if I have to kill one of them." Wednesday, November 20th - *The voice recorder comes to life, creating a new voice log as Maverick loads bullets into his magazine* "Dear Savannah, I believe Dr. Maxwell and Dr. Michaels are trustworthy men, they are very comedic and I seem to bond with them extremely well. They are starting to become good friends of mine. They told me that they are in a group, something called The Knights of Georgia? Dr. Maxwell explained to me that the leader of their group is a very nice woman named Georgia Banks [ @Georgia Banks ] Dr. Green is especially funny, which unfortunately comes with being extremely loud. Although we do still love him. We tend to joke about kissing each other and being in a relationship, as you know I am EXTREMELY straight, but find humor in those kinds of jokes. Dr. Green is extremely straight as well.........I hope..." Tuesday, November 26th - *The recorder springs to life, immediately establishing a new voice log* "Dear Savannah...Dr. Green, Dr. Maxwell, and I have made our way down towards Berezino and have found a black hatchback. Maxwell refuses to hand over his gas mask so I have assumed ownership of said car. He refuses to recognize it as such but it's either the mask or the car, you can't have both. Anyway we scraped more of the cars, got a jerry can, and were able to boost each other up into an abandoned apartment building which was gated off, managing to throw equipment from the roof down to the car. We have acquired a lot of building supplies, with enough luck we'll have a home set up soon. Maxwell and Green like the idea of a church, hopefully it will work out in practice." Monday, December 2nd - *Maverick holds the red record button, starting an entirely new audio log* "Dear Savannah, Dr. Green, Dr. Maxwell, and I have met a very nice girl named Kat and her boyfriend John. Apparently she is second in command of "The Charity", based in Green Mountain at an old military comms tower. She was ecstatic when we told her we had fortified and retaken the once fallen compound. We also have built a gate in a church at a town east of Green Mountain. I have told Dr. Green and Dr. Maxwell that I would like to join their group, the Knights of Georgia. They were happy when I said this, telling me I must meet Georgia in a few days. I asked about her and they say she is a nice woman, she has an adopted son named Ben, who she is raising with a man in the group called Dr. Red, I was happy to hear another familiar name in this group. Hopefully she likes me?..." Saturday, December 7th - *The voice recorder flickers to life as Maverick sighs* "Dear Savannah...Maxwell and Green have informed me that Georgia is at Green Mountain as we speak, I hope she will allow me to join the group, I have brought her some gifts in my bag, I am off to meet her now...I love you Savannah." "Dear Savannah...there are a lot of people here, but I have finally met Georgia. She complimented my attire, saying her favorite colors were red and black together. She seems very nice, she was extremely grateful for the presents I gave her. She got extremely scared at first when I was asking for her, thinking I was an assassin or kidnapper sent from a group who was looking for her. I don't think it was because a big 6'1" masked stranger dressed in all black with a dark red hood and an M4 with a double drum mag was asking for her, but that's just me haha. She seems like a very nice person, just paranoid at the moment. Understandable in this world..." Monday, December 9th - *Maverick presses the record button as people can be heard laughing outside* "Dear Savannah, Georgia and I have grown awfully.....close....she opened up to me about how she got here and about her husband Tom...who had been shot by awful people who took them both captive, tormenting and beating them both while their hands were tied...defenseless...I'm a hard man, a brave man, but I am also an honest man...that being said I might have shed a tear under my ballistic mask when she opened up to me. I've never felt this way before about someone's past.....but she speaks with such emotion towards me....I don't know what it is. I took off my mask, something I don't like to do often, especially in front of people I have only known for a day, but something about her is...comforting. The moment I took off my mask she was a bit flirtatious, saying I was cute without the mask and to keep it off......I think I might...like her?.........Forgive me Savannah......." Tuesday, December 10th - *The voice recorder creates a new audio log as the red record button is pressed, wind can be heard entering the microphone as Maverick speaks over it* "Dear Savannah...I feel so guilty....but...I think I really like Miss Georgia. Georgia and I have been flirting back and forth quite often now, I think she really likes me. She said "Where is my new boyfriend?" to Dr. Green while I was right behind her, running off when she noticed I had heard. I-.......I know you would have wanted me to move on but....I'm nervous....I hope she is able to calm me down like you used too........maybe this is a sign from you?....I know I'm not a religious man...but hey, the dead do walk among us...." *Weak Voice* "S-S-Savannah...I've been sh-shot three times in the stomach...it was the Jackals...they came in a car, jumped out, and yelled at Maxwell and I to put our hands up...but while he was jumping out of the car I drew my M4 and he opened fire...I blacked out and woke up in the woods somewhere near Elektro...I was treated by a man named Dr. William [ @JasonBR ] inside of a gas station, he was very kind. I told him he was forever welcome at Green Mountain. It was a long journey but I made it back to Green Mountain...Georgia and Maxwell were very happy to see me alive...I was in bad shape but I'll be alright. On the way up to Green Mountain I got a lot of supplies and managed to get enough things to have a surprise dinner date with Georgia on the top of the tower....Miss Georgia would like to have another date very soon...I....I think I'm in love...." Thursday, December 12th - *Maverick presses the red record button as the device creates a new audio log. Water boiling in the background can be heard as well as the sounds of the forest* "Dear Savannah, I have some good news! Georgia and I are....officially a thing. I woke up and Green Mountain had been ransacked by the Anarchists...this was our home...I want to seek revenge but one man recovering from wounds with a Mosin against a heavily armed group...the odds are not in my favor. But I trust Georgia, she's the leader after all, and she knows what she's doing. We need more firepower and more men if we are to take arms against a group such as the Anarchists. Anyway, I made my way up to Severograd far north-east from Green Mountain, apparently we were going to stay up there for a little while but things went...south. So we decided to go to an unnamed location, I will not disclose this location in the case that I do perish, and someone gets ahold of this tape recorder. I have too many friends....no, family...at this location, and the woman I love. Later on, depending on how it goes, maybe even a boy? I think I'd like that...I always wanted to be a father......Well, we all are living in separate houses now, two to a house at the moment. Georgia and I picked a nice little log cabin, it's perfect. We put a gate up and even have a little garden next to the house that Maxwell put in, hell, Dr. Maxwell might just be my best friend. This location is perfect for every one of our group members, there's all sorts of defense and fallback points for Charlie [ @Longhammer ] , prime fishing spots for Chad, the nearest town is a hotspot for medical equipment for Dr. Maxwell, Dr. Cole, and Dr. Michaels. And well Georgia and I are just happy to be together. It's truly like a little neighborhood, and I can't wait to make more memories here. I slept with Georgia in the same bed...we have a house together now....it's been, interesting to say the least....I um...haven't been so close to someone in a long, long time...I still don't sleep much at night, it's more like 20-30 minute long naps throughout the night...Georgia talks in her sleep....hopefully I can treat her right...We even went skinny dipping in the freezing cold water near our house, then warmed up by the fire afterwards...I am heating up....and not because of the fire....oh god...I love her, and she loves me...maybe we can give some of our love to a child later down the road?..." Saturday, December 14th - *The voice recorder struggles to stay alive as he speaks in an extremely anxious tone* "I k-keep seeing you...I see you and Georgia everywhere I go...I hear you.....the voices are too much....they're so loud Savannah. I couldn't take it.....I can't take it......I told Dr. Maxwell. He believes I have schizophrenia. He says my schizophrenia is taking the form of the people I fear of losing the most, and I possess constant paranoia of their safety.....just today I almost swerved off the road to avoid hitting Georgia...Dr. Maxwell informed me he saw nobody in the road what-so-ever. I see people in the tree lines.....it gets worse at dark.....I see shadows, I hear Georgia's screams...even though she sleeps next to me.....Dr. Maxwell has informed Dr. Red and has prescribed me oxycodone pills to take once a day along with medical marijuana......but I'm still going fucking insane. The voices are too much sweetheart.......they're too much...." Sunday, December 15th - *Maverick creates a new voice log, speaking in a low tone* "Dear Savannah...a few days ago I asked Georgia to marry me.....and uh....Dr. Maxwell said he would be honored to be my best man. I also asked Dr. Red [ @Rederaz ] if he could wed Georgia and I together, he said he would love to. I have also invited the Praetorian Guard, ran by Jack [ @DownhillPlagueX ] , to attend the wedding as our friends, allies, and security. Along with the Grizzlies, who are ran by Buck, to attend the wedding. Buck said they would bring food and drinks, along with offering extra protection for the wedding....Savannah River, I love you.....and I will never forget you. You are in a better place now...and I think it's finally time to move on...I love Georgia, and I hope you understand...wherever you are." Monday, December 16th - *He speaks in an extremely weak voice as the voice recorder creates a new audio log* "M-My de-dearest fiancé....Georgia Banks....if you find this recording...please, stop looking for me. And if you have already found me....I'm sorry. I failed to keep myself and more importantly you safe. I drove Ben down the coast to his group with Dr. Maxwell and Santa. We were ambushed by Johnny and his boys....they took our weapons, striped us of all our equipment, and questioned us. None of us said a thing, but they were all goody goody with fucking Ben. They took him away from the group...and that's when they started the torture. They asked who wanted to get their tooth pulled out of the three of us...Dr. Maxwell and Santa were silent, so I volunteered. Johnny searched me and found a picture of you in my pocket watch, so he took me away from Dr. Maxwell and Santa and pulled a tooth. One of his boys ripped off a few of my finger nails....and eventually, Johnny didn't appreciate my attitude towards him, that fucking cunt, so he took me out by the shore and said 'If you some how survive this-" before I spit blood in his face, and he gunned me down...I woke up a bit farther down the coast when a figure pulled me out of the water....I'm very badly hurt...I have never been this weak, the pain is unbearable....if I su-survive this........he's a dead man. I'm sl-slowly making it back to you sweetheart....but if I don't make it.....I love you Mrs. Cobalt....never forget that." Tuesday, December 17th - *The device struggles to stay alive as the battery light continues to flicker in sequence, taking quite some time to create a new audio log* "Pl-please Georgia come back to me...I can't live without you....I-I-I WON'T live without you Georgia.... If Ben doesn't come through on the deal. I am going to torture the little shit until near death, keep him alive with Dr. Maxwell's help, and make him suffer, rotting away in a cell for the rest of his miserable fucking life!!.........I just need you back Georgia...I need you fucking back...p-please come back...I can't lose you....I can't do it again....I can't I can't I fucking can't Georgia....I hear your screams, I hear your cries, I feel fucking powerless. I keep seeing you in the fields...calling for me.....the voice of a goddess....*uncontrollable laughter*....it's all in my head...MAXWELL KNOWS, HE FUCKING KNOWS IT.....it's in my head....it's so real...*sounds of a blade against the skin can be heard*.....it'll be okay...you told me you would be okay from the forest...I heard it! Haha! I know you're here with me GEORGIA! I KNOW YOU'RE IN THE WOODS!!! COME OUT GEORGIA!!!!..............please come out.......Jesus Christ I miss you.....I love you so fucking much Georgia......don't leave me......not yet Georgia......not yet......" "I've taken the pills Dr. Maxwell and Dr. Red prescribed me...along with smoking this joint...I've calmed down. I'm sorry Georgia...but I'm going fucking crazy alone here....I can't lose you sweetheart. I promised I would protect you, I promised I would marry you, I promised I would grow old with you, and that's what I plan on doing. Myself, Dr. Red, Charley, Dr. Maxwell, Dr. Michael, and the rest of the group have been searching for you...to no prevail. I won't lose hope Georgia...as long as I have this medication...I think I can make it through this....please contact me if you can...I need to hear your voice.....your real voice...." Wednesday, December 18th - *The recorder flickers to life, beginning a new audio log as he speaks with an ecstatic tone* "Georgia! We finally got you back...I love you so much sweetheart. I've been searching...for so fucking long...please don't ever leave my side....I can't lose you again!!!.....We found you with a broken arm and parts of your fingers cut off, but all that matters is that you're alive and you're with me...you're finally fucking safe! Hopefully we can get Dr. Red out of captivity...wherever he is....." Saturday, December 28th - *The voice recorder powers on, creating several new audio logs as Maverick speaks* ".......Dear my lovely fiance, Georgia....a lot has happened in the past few weeks....where do I even begin?.....I'm not fucking crazy.....I knew I was seeing people in the tree line Georgia! A man dressed in all black! The shadow figures....they were in the forest near our town, I shot one that was chasing me, laughing uncontrollably, screaming...I shot him right in the fucking chest with the Kavaari.....I found a journal on his body and it was....disturbing.......there is more of them in the woods Georgia....they're cannibals....they've been following me Georgia! Following us! THE ENTIRE TIME!...Everyone told me -I- was the crazy one! But I've been seeing the truth the entire fucking time! They have been watching....waiting...observing...who knows what they have been doing when we are asleep! I told you...it gets worse at night....it always gets worse at night....I hear movement....sticks breaking Georgia....strange sounds....laughter...I can't take it Georgia..." "Georgia.....sweetheart...the plan was a success. We set up an ambush in our town by the ocean for the Russo Syndicate. A man named Charles, previously with the Green Mountain Charity, had recently joined the Russos group and wanted to meet with Georgia to catch up. We used this opportunity to set up an ambush, knowing Noah Russo and his boys would follow closely behind Charles. I spoke with Jack and Goose over comms and got them to come to our village with more than twelve Praetorian Guard members. Charley and I showed them a multitude of our defense points in the mountains that overlook our town, setting up several Praetorian Guard sniper positions. The rest of the foot soldiers that had automatic weapons and shotguns were positioned in the houses surrounding Georgia, who was sitting by the campfire awaiting Charles arrival. Charles arrived with a woman named Julia, and shortly after Noah Russo and his boys came down from the tree line. They held up Georgia...she put her hands up, that was the signal, so all the boys came out and started firing from the mountains. One of the Russo boys killed their own man, scrambling for cover. In the end we won and took Julia hostage. I got shot, took a bullet for my lovely wife, but eventually made it back to her. We came out victorious. This really strengthened our alliance between the K.O.G. and the Praetorian Guard." "My beautiful fiancé, Georgia Banks. The entirety of the K.O.G. have taken a boat to Livonia. We have established ourselves in a town named Topolin. We've built up quite the community around our compound. It's nice to have neighbors.
  9. @Georgia Banks Astonishing role play, your character arch is stunning. I appreciate the roleplay so far and can't wait to develop my character and see yours develop by my side.
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