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  1. I'm happy to see the server starting to gain populous again, it warms my heart to read all of these comments from my peers on the forums. On behalf of myself and Spero, thank you all for the support and I hope we can all continue to keep the RP alive! The RP has been a blast, and I haven't had this much fun in quite a bit, thank you. You all are beautiful people.
  2. LETS GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Maverick A. Cobalt was born into a wealthy middle-class family. His parents, David and Marie Cobalt, were happy, living in a three story house within a gated community. This gated community was called Chestnut Grove, and resides in rural Pennsylvania, United States. His home life was happy, comfortable. Maverick focused his efforts mostly on baseball, girls, and weed, often skipping and even failing most of his high school classes. His parents were concerned about his grades, his future, and his overall character. They were embarrassed by his Grade Point Average, as well as his avid need for cannabis and psychedelic drugs. His father, David Cobalt, soon forced him to join the U.S. Army's JROTC program for his high school. Maverick soon learned to enjoy his time in JROTC, making many friends and learning a lot more about U.S. Army careers. When he became a junior in high school, he decided he wanted to begin training to become an Army Ranger. Maverick went to his local recruiter and began the process. He continued his physical training with his recruiter all throughout the rest of high school, where he eventually joined the U.S. Army, on his way to beginning his journey through the special forces pipeline. Shortly after entering the special forces pipeline, Maverick was getting by in his training and education, Ranger school had taken a toll on him and really everyone in his class. Maverick practices Optimism on a daily basis, so much so that he was targeted by his instructors. For the 61 days he was at Ranger school, they would often have him do grueling tasks on top of the ruthless physical training. They wanted to break Maverick's spirit, make him feel less than dirt, break him down to his very core. Maverick's personality was suppressed by his instructors, yet Maverick still found himself singing songs in the cold with his fellow men, causing the instructors to keep them out in freezing cold temperatures, wet, covered in mud, and exhausted for an extended period of time. They never stopped singing, for the singing distracted them from the cold and the bad things in life. Maverick's time training to become apart of JSOC only strengthened his will and friendships among his peers. His optimism and unwillingness to give up helped him the most throughout his training. This point in Maverick's life will always be memorable, because about half way through his career, he was injured in a vehicle hit by an RPG projectile. The vehicle flipped on its side, the blast causing tinnitus to ring in Maverick's ear, and killing his buddy Lou on impact. The vehicle filled with smoke as the heat from the fire raged and burned at Maverick's left arm, trapped under the body of his best friend Lou. Maverick let out a cry for help, unable to see or hear anything due to the tinnitus, smoke, and the sounds of muffled gun fire filling his ears. As Maverick's left arm burned, he could quickly feel the fire spreading to his left leg, seemingly a gas canister from the back of the vehicle was leaking gasoline onto the floor, fueling the fire as the temperature inside the vehicle rose. Maverick tried to throw Lou's corpse off of him, the blood from his body soaking into Maverick's combat uniform. Although Lou had all of his gear ready, seeing as they were heading to an active fire fight to aid other special forces members. Unable to move Lou off of him, as well as losing blood from the shrapnel injuries, he faded between conscious and unconscious, the burning sensation from the fire rapidly approaching would be the last thing Maverick remembers, before waking up in the hospital. His left arm and left leg was burned, his arm worse than his leg. As well as multiple injuries from shrapnel, having to undergo several surgeries and a long amount of time in the hospital recovering. Maverick was medically discharged from the Army, beginning to travel with friends. He wanted to see new places and visit old places he had seen shortly in JSOC. He decided to go on these trips with his Army buddies, George, Bryce, Luke, and the black dog tags of their friend, Lou. Lou is of Chernarussian decent, seeing as his mother and father lived in Chernarus before he was born, divorcing after his mother became pregnant with Lou, not over the pregnancy, but over the fact that his father could not provide for his family, on top of the constant household fighting. In search of work and a better life for her child, as a single mother she travelled to the United States, settling down in Pennsylvania and raising Lou not too far from Maverick's home town. Lou would frequently speak to Maverick and his friends about how he wished it was different, and that the way his mother left his father like that was cold, but he understands. With this knowledge, Maverick thought it would be only right to find Lou's father and bring him his son's dog tags/some of his belongings, seeing as his father was too poor to travel for Lou's funeral, and Lou would travel to visit him. They all wanted to honor Lou and do the right thing, so after putting their money and heads together, Maverick and his friends set off for Chernarus. Chernarus was beautiful yet ugly, cold yet comforting, it was truly a sight to see for anyone who hasn't been there before, a true tourist attraction. After the infection hit Chernarus, they tried to return home only to be faced with a terminal full of people frantically trying to get back to their home country or flee to safer lands. Maverick and his friends decided to stay with Lou's father in Olsha, eventually their home was overrun and they were forced apart. This was the last time he saw any of his friends again, still being the optimistic man Maverick is, he never stopped searching. Maverick lived in Chernarus for awhile, surviving off the land and using the skills he learned in the Army to survive on his own. He quickly made friends with other survivors, helping around and trying to do all in his power to make sure his friends and allies were safe. He joined Green Mountain Charity not soon after, making quick friends with the people around him, eventually evacuating to an Island called Namalsk to get away from massive hordes migrating into Chernarus. Danill had scouted it out for a temporary place to call home, and so GMC evacuated in Danill's helicopter, along with many other survivors who wished to accompany us. Green Mountain Kush Dispensary (G.M.K.) [Svetlojarsk] - His Dog Coke - Marijuana - Hallucinogenic drugs - Guns - Being An Adrenaline Junkie - His Family - Christmas - Helping People -Apples - Talking about his wife and past - Flat Caps - Disrespect - Liars
  5. Sean Fletcher's POV: I was in Zelenogorsk after driving from Pavlovo M.B. with my friend Paige. When we parked the car around back of the Clinic and I went to check on my marijuana dispensary in construction. I managed to find Dr. Williams at the clinic who explained to me that a man with a bus said that there was someone hurt or bleeding, and that he needed the Doctor's assistance, so Dr. Williams asked me to come with him at which point I went over to the man and the bus. I told him I was with the Doctor and would be coming along with them, at which point he tells me "No homosexuals" and I'm not allowed to come onto the bus. I then went back to the car whilst Paige cooked her wolf meat, where I explained to her what was going on. It was then that I got in the passenger seat of our Gunther and began to follow the bus from Zelenogorsk. Jaide was a bit slow flipping a U-turn do to rubble in the road so the bus got a pretty good head-start on us, we went an average speed of about 100km/hr and were cruising down the road, trying to follow the bus as best we could, following dead infected on the road, along with getting lost and turning around/circling until we found a clue or saw the bus. We eventually chased him to the coast and followed him down the highway keeping quite a distance until searching for him in cherno. We decided to go to the heart of the city and after searching the town for a few minutes we came across the bus parked down by the docks. We pulled up to the man next to the bus up on an elevated sidewalk with Dr. Williams in handcuffs, with his weapon drawn. We both got out and I took my repeater out, getting up against the wall so he wouldn't see me. Paige then started talking to him and telling him to let the Doctor go, at which point I found an opportunity to flank the man from behind through cutting through a building, at which point I initiated on him telling him to put his hands up and to not turn around or he would die. At which point he complied, dropping his weapon and putting his hands up. I then picked up his M16 and pointed it at him, saying "now you decide what we do with him Doc." At this point Dr. Williams took control of the situation with his pistol drawn, leading him into a near by house and proceeding with hostile RP. P.S. ~ I am the woman that was not allowed on the bus, seeing as I decided to play a female character named Samantha at the time due to my recent death and the disabling of spawning with your custom character model due to the new update.
  6. o7 one of the finest deputies of the New Berezino Police 👮‍♂️ 

  7. Love you bro keep up the good RP, many more memories to come you beautiful man ?? You gorgeous motherfucker you ??
  8. Love you all you beautiful fucking people. Enough to make a grown man cry ?
  9. @edgy Vandire @edgy Daemon @edgy Dingle @edgy EggBoi @edgy Foley @edgy Krook @edgy Lyaria @edgy Monke @edgy Phoenix @edgy Vandire @Miamomoh @Anthonyy @Grim @Dingo @FireDude @Mommy @Havikar @Bailey @ImKrullix @God @DieselTheSnowMan @Watchman @Mrs Karen @Raptor @Angel @ImScouse @EmlynDiaries
    RP has been absolutely phenomenal from each and every single one of you, good shit. Love y'all, sorry if I missed anybody, love all of you, more good memories to come!

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