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  1. Sergej Mirkov is an old Veteran field medic, who survived the brutal fight against the approching Zombi hordes. He fought for the CDF (Chernarussian Defense Force) and was trying to protect the civillians and build a evacuation zone . But the CDF was struggeling to hold position in the city and got ran over by zombies, Sergej and his dog Boudy could made it out, because His friend Sacha sacrificed him self withe all the firepower he got, but left with the knowledge that they faild the Operation and chernarus will Fall! He lost everything Friends, Family and later his dog Boudy too ( one of the best Friends on his way through the HELL). Physicly damaged from what he saw and ready to help anyone with problems and a friendly behavior he does everythig to reach his goals.Trying to settle down somewere and live his live in peace like he did in his childhood. He is often dreaming of an Icecrem Truck, sounds silly? But you have to know in his childhood Sergej went every Sunday with his mom Aljona in the park to get an Icecreamcone from the Truck. So when he sees one in these old and dark days he will FIGHT fo it He got o lot of interesting storys to tell when the campfire is lit and the guitar is pulled out, but you don't want to here him sing Here's a little teaser of one of the endless stories he can tell. Involved was an UH-1H, 3000Km of way between Him and his Dog and around 100 flying ZOMBIECOWS.(sometimes Sergej exaggerates a little bit ^^) The way to his dog was Hard and full of blood and he made hard desicions to reach his dog, but if you want tho hear the whole story, just bring a pile of wood and a box of matches . Sergej Mirkov is ready to approch Chernarus and its dark corners to live the live he dreamed of. A home with an nice warm in it, silence and peace (maybe a small Icecreamtruck)^^. But furthermore he is missing the contact to living people and wants to find friends in this hell. Mybe ther are some peacefull people out there wich can help each other to Survive. Sergej will make it to Chernarus, met other people withe the same advantages and disadvantages and let his dreams come true.
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