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  1. My character's style of play is based off of a wildness survival expert such as Les Stroud. My name is Ed O'Ross Touchdown and I used to live in the woods of Sochi, living off the land.I was outcasted at a young age for all the mischief i caused in the town. My husky and I lived in a shack for 20 years before the outbreak. My husky was only 5 years old. One day I was gardening and he heard the crunch of some leaves. Thinking it was a wild animal he started to head back into his shack but out of no where 2 people who looked liked they survived a nuclear explosion came running out of from the tree line. Frantically I rushed inside to grab an ax but before I could barricade the door and grab my ax the creatures entered the house. My husky charged at the zombies to save my life and was eaten by the zombies but it gave myself enough time to get the ax and kill the zombies. I buried my dog and knew I needed to find some sort of civilization so I made his way to Chernarus for survival. Because of the lack of technology i had in the woods i needed to go to a well populated area to warn others and to figure out what has happened. What I wants to accomplish is to kill every last scum bag zombie to enact my revenge on the flesh hungry living dead.
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