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  1. I seem to be experiencing the same issues. I usually launch my game from DZSA launcher but i could not find the server on there. I went on steam and loaded all the right mods and put the parameters for the server in and got hit with this message. I've reinstalled dayz and restarted my computer aswell. EDIT: I uninstalled and unsubscribed from everything, i then had to validate the mods when i reinstalled because of the error below
  2. Hi guys my name is Terriors and I recently got white listed. I come from playing mostly darkrp on Gmod but I've been looking for something more realistic and authentic. I go by the name Clive Bannister in game, I already spent a few hours on the server and am loving it. I hope to see more of you guys there.
  3. Clive grew up an only child, all he ever knew was family. Although when he got older he lost both of his parents in a car accident. Clive never has been more hurt or confused, but he knew he had to push on. It's what his parents would have wanted. Clive married a beautiful woman from Krasnostav named Anne. They quickly got married, it was love at first sight. Clive eventually got a job at the local police department. He mostly would sort documents but eventually he applied to take the recruit test and he passed. Eventually he worked his way up to deputy. He was excited for the opportunity and knew he could eventually work his way up to sheriff. Little did Clive know what the world had in store for him. When the outbreak began he lost what meant most to him, his wife Anne and his unborn child. He had to take the life of his own wife and lover because it's what she wanted. Anne knew she would turn soon, she told Clive to take his 1911 and end it all so there would be no more suffering. Clive did has his wife wished, he told her no and that he would find a cure but there was no choice. Anne and Clive knew what had to happen. Now he only knows two things, survive at all costs, and help those who are in need. Clive lives on in Chernogorsk helping those in need and continuously searching for a cure.
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