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    FYI -
    I have put the locations where Hana's journals have been left behind. If you think you have found one, you must DM me where you found it specifically, and if it is the correct last known location, I will put your name next to the journal so the information can be used in character.

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  2. Kas


    Also... update for Hana! Entry 6.

  3. Kas


    Off to Las Vegas for the week tomorrow morning. I will be gone from the 19th to the 25th! 


    See ya'll next weekend!! Stay safe out there!

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      Be safe and have fun! 

  4. Kas

    Current Roleplay styles

    Hana is my first character, a kind and gentle person who is desperately clinging to the idea of a simple life free from violence and trying to see the best in everyone. But it is being stomped all over and I am seeing her change little by little through her experiences. In regards to style I enjoy a variety, campfire to roaming and meeting new people, when she is not hiding from the scary people of the apocalyptic world they live in.
  5. Kas

    Lore Wipe Discussion

    I am relatively new, so I am not in favor of a wipe. I have enjoyed my character and really am not ready to end her story, and I know I am not in the majority but one thing I do love is hearing the past stories as I meet people. It makes the server feel more alive and evolving that the people I meet may not have been who they were a year ago. The harsh environment forces change and many of the people I have met play it very well. I also believe as many have stated, that people will go back to doing what they do now, with different names. Considering all that I have read I think that it is more the state of the current lore that needs to be addressed. Perhaps instead of erasing the lore, it can be updated and put to a timeline with major events highlighted, maybe breath new life into what is current instead of starting over?
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    The 5.0.3 [Open Recruitment]

    Just... wow.
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    Another update! Journal entry and character page design. Enjoy! 

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      Robonull Scott

      you're unstopable

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      ❤️ I felt that owwy

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    Small update today to Hana's profile, just a little mushy journal entry, that is all.

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    New group idea discussion.

    Agree with Wynne and much of the other people in this thread, as my character is one of those in a group that your group would likely be fighting for, when we thought to look for those who could help us with threats that came to our doorstep, the list was quite small. I say go for it! We need more good guys!
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    `~`~`~`~`~`~`~`~`~`~`~`~` Profile Update, IC info updated (journal entries) `~`~`~`~`~`~`~`~`~`~`~`~`

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    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    What a day to close out the year.... Thanks all you 5.0.3 scary people for making a home feel utterly invaded but the most sensitive bad guys I've ever met... @C-J and crew (Sorry I do know know all your @names.) Great to finally meet you @Georgia Banks. Was fun to put a little color into the cheeks of C-J's little goon following us around trying to listen to our conversation. And for of course those that stuck their neck out to try and make the Commune safe. @Johnny Navid @Robonull Scott And to those few Samaritans who showed up I only saw from the treeline. Then the campfire in the castle at the end of the day... @[email protected]@Blank_ Was a great day of rp to end the year in. Thank you!
  14. Kas

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    @Johnny Navid Amazing rp with you this evening and over the last week, I can't tell you how much I am enjoying the development between our characters! Well I suppose I could, but where is the fun in that?! I will let you ponder it. @Wynne Getting to know your character and our long walks along the inland area of coast of Chernarus has become some of my favorite RP! Wynne is great and Hana cherishes their friendship deeply. @Vandire The protector, dude, you're like Hana's big brother she never had! I love every interaction with Jacob, he just has a way of making the girl feel like she is a priority when shit hits the fan. @Nutgos You crazy dude, thanks for the rp, this evening and rattling the sense of security that we were trying to regain in Tulga.
  15. Kas

    S1 Invalid Kill Near Tisy 12/26 0848 am

    That is fine for me, if it was not an intentional act of griefing or trolling, I have no problems with considering the matter closed. Thank you for the apology.
  16. Kas

    S1 Invalid Kill Near Tisy 12/26 0848 am

    Server and location: S1 Military base west of Tisy Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 12/26 @ 0848 am (I think, it was 1248 AM PST) Your in game name: Hana Pechova Names of allies involved: None Name of suspect/s: unknown Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): none Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): none Detailed description of the events: I was searching the buildings for supplies and weaponry. No sign of any player bases near by that I could see. I opened a door, stepped into a structure and was instantly killed by a placed landmine.
  17. Kas


    Wishing you all




    1. Johnny Navid

      Johnny Navid

      Ran out of beans but you too. 

  18. Kas


    Hana has a bit more depth! Upgraded the profile page, little bit more history, and starting into her experiences in Chernarus. 

    Linked to individual affiliations, let me know if you do not want that link there and it will be removed.

    Thanks everyone who has helped to develop this character, it has been fun so far and looked forward to more!

  19. Kas


    This may have been a misinterpretation on my part and @BlueBullet may have been talking of another incident... he will have to clarify that.
  20. Kas


    My POV: After the hostilities earlier in the day, my group had evacuated the town. We had been in hiding for some hours but once we though the area was clear we returned. Upon inspection of the town, most everything was locked up and we left for a while to connect with scattered group members. During that time I was likely looking down on Tulga with a sniper scope and did not see what happened during the actual raid. I did however see that Chris had to cut a lock off of his house when it was discovered that his had been replaced with another. Both @Blank_and @BlueBullet attempted to remove the lock with the code that had been shared with the group. Thinking it might have been an accidental swap, @Blank_ attempted to use codes from other locations from the town since some were missing, assumed cut, but none worked which resulted in @BlueBullet removing the lock via hacksaw. Once inside it was discovered another lock had been put on a storage locker that was not @BlueBullet 's as well, though it was left with a combo of 1111 and was able to be removed.
  21. Kas

    To anyone I did wrong.

    *Sitting close to a small fire, the crackling to life of her transceiver caught her attention, picking it up to listen, a familiar voice comes over a frequency followed by some not so familiar voices. Smiling at the little device as people chime in support of the man, she waits till the air ways are clear and presses down on the ptt. Speaking softly with a Czech accent...* "There are people who believe in you Johnny, don't forget that. We are here to see you though thick and thin... ... I believe in you." *After a short moment of contemplative silence, she let go the ptt and curls up for a few hours sleep.*
  22. Kas

    Hello from WA!

    Hello DayZRP.com! New to Voice RP and to DayZ in general. I was convinced to come play by a friend, and boy he was not wrong. Looking forward to the many encounters out there and enjoying the ones I already have had! @BlankLink @EmonOkari @LilyKatzchen @apaliics @DownhillPlagueX -Kas AKA: Hana Pechova
  23. Kas

    DayZRP 19.12.1

    Some of us are just starting. I have barely used any firearms and am not sure I hit anything but air, as I had help when using mine for the first time... please, think of the newbies! I will not be logging in as long as this is active I think as I will just die... repeatedly. I am pretty sure.
  24. Kas

    Me voicing DayzRP lore

    Wow, This is amazing! As a newcomer to Dayz and it's Lore, you brought it to life more than just words on a screen to be read!
  25. Her Past... Hana lived a simple life. As the only child of progressive farmers, she was taught much about soil, crops, growing conditions, and ecology. The small family moved to the states for a short time for a federal program to boost international cooperation and agriculture. She spent three years in New Jersy living in a commune with farmers from four other counties, most of which were paid to relocate to the war-torn areas of Eastern Europe and Western Aisa. The Pechová's had ties in Georgia, old friends who petitioned for assistance from the program. With it granted, they moved to Georgia, and her family set up in an abandoned farm outside Kari in the Northern parts of Georgia to start producing high yield crops. It is where they were when the world ended. At first, they seemed unaffected, they seemed to have been far enough away from the populous to have avoided the infection. It seemed... they were wrong. Barely an adult when her parents succumbed to the disease that ravaged Chernarus the infection came on swiftly, somehow avoiding Hana but affecting her parents. They warned her as she tried desperately to make the well again, but eventually, they turned on her, forcing her to kill her mother before fleeing to the wilderness. To this day it is something she can not speak over other than generalizations of how she ended up alone. She ran, for a very long time. Stopping only in small towns to grab what she needed to survive. Heading North she thought to go back to Czechia, to familiar surroundings and people. Eventually, she came across an abandoned house, though unsure of where she was she decided she needed to rest for a while. She had traveled for 5 days with no sign of civilization and she was tired, but she knew there had to be some sort of town somewhere near. So she settled, and learned the area, found the closest town to keep her stocked and alive as she hid in the woods from whatever end the world had come to. Time went by... everything was routine and it felt like months since Hana had last spoken to anyone. Having been in solitude for so long, she feared she was one of the very few people left. That was not the case, however. Eventually, the world would find her and her once little sanctuary was raided by bandits, much of what she had was destroyed or taken and she was injured during the raid, the bandits attempting to take her for themselves, and speaking of selling her to some slave organization or another. Forced from her home, nothing to her name, she runs with the bandits who razed her hideout hot on her trail. Their egos were hurt after she managed to skewer one with a screwdriver. Desperate to find allies or another place to hide and heal, she does not stop for too long in any one place, as the bandits seem to have made sport of hunting the young woman. Again she was on the run. Leaving everything behind save for the screwdriver she drove into the man's leg and a pack she had not replenished since her last trip into town... still, she ran. Her Present... Hana had found Chernarus, though everywhere she went, there was infected. It so happens she had wandered first to Gorka, where she met the first people she had seen since she was attacked. She was like deer in headlights, barely able to utter a word when she met Jack, Emika and one or maybe two others there by the watering pump, but as soon as they left she was running from the town, afraid of the next person she might meet. Following a little stream, she ended up in Dolina. Here too were infected, but she had nothing... "Honvo." She whispered to herself as she looked on to the numerous houses and the many infected wandering around. She took some time to watch and as they seemed to wander around, a path cleared. Off she went, darting in and out of houses, the small woman quickly looking for supplies shecould take with her back into the wilderness. It would be her luck that the things ended up closing in around her and before she knew it there were nine wandering the immediate area. She could not take them, she knew it... so she tried to lure them one by one around a corner. It worked for the first three, she was no fighter, but she was much more nimble than them and was able to dodge most of their attacks, though a bunch had heard the noise and came for her. Making a mad dash to a large building nearby, she was able to close the doors and keep them out, but now she was trapped... That is when she met Nick and Wes. The two saw the swarm... then her as she looked down from the roof of the police station and set to helping her. That act won her trust quite quickly. At their own risk, they took out the remaining six as well as any others that had wandered near. After a brief conversation and some exchange of supplies, Hana joined with the two men who were traveling to meet a unit called the Praetorian Guard, oddly enough, she met Jack and Emika once again when they arrived. A little ashamed of her earlier behavior, she kept quiet and let Nick do all the talking. For a time it seemed they would join up with the Guard, but the news of war and hostiles frightened her. So she asked to leave, Nick escorting her to quiet town where he had a vision of a community living in some small capacity as they did before the world ended. She is now a part of a little group known as the commune, she grows food for them and does a lot of scavenging. Current Affiliations... GROUPS: The Commune___ Member The Praetorian Guard___ Friend The Samaritans___ Friendly The Russo Syndicate___ Despised INDIVIDUALS: Nicholas Brooks___Close Friend Jonothan Jacobs___ Close Friend Wynne Walker___ Close Friend Chris Wilds___ Friend Valery Kuznetsov ___Friend Robonull Scott___Friend Wes Billings___Friend Johnathan Matthews___Close Friend Jacob Vandire___Friend Sung Ho___Feared (though, oddly enough she wants the hear him sing) CJ___Feared The guy, polite - but armored and armed to hell that found her in the NWAF and aimed a rifle at her but never gave his name___Feared
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