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  1. Kas

    Hello from WA!

    Hello DayZRP.com! New to RP and to DayZ in general. I was convinced to come play by a friend, and boy he was not wrong. Looking forward to the many encounters out there and enjoying the ones I already have had! @BlankLink @EmonOkari @LilyKatzchen @apaliics @DownhillPlagueX -Kas AKA: Hana Pechova
  2. Kas

    DayZRP 19.12.1

    Some of us are just starting. I have barely used any firearms and am not sure I hit anything but air, as I had help when using mine for the first time... please, think of the newbies! I will not be logging in as long as this is active I think as I will just die... repeatedly. I am pretty sure.
  3. Kas

    Me voicing DayzRP lore

    Wow, This is amazing! As a newcomer to Dayz and it's Lore, you brought it to life more than just words on a screen to be read!
  4. Somehow avoiding becoming infected, Hana Pechová has spent the majority of her time in the wilderness avoiding whom ever she can. By sticking to the shadows and avoiding most interactions she has been able to fend for herself, but things have gotten desperate for her. She was still a teenager when her parents succumbed to the disease that ravaged Chernarus. Her parents farmers, she learned to grow food before the crisis ever started, her father had taught her to hunt at an early age. Being an only child much of their knowledge was passed on to her as she grew. But they turned on her and forcing her to kill her mother before fleeing to the wilderness. Now, having been on her own, her once little sanctuary was raided by bandits, much of what she had was destroyed or taken and she was injured during the raid. Forced from her home, nothing to her name and the bandits who razed her hideout hot on her trail after she managed to skewer one with a screwdriver, she is running, desperate to find allies or another place to at least to hide and heal after the assault as the bandits seem to have made sport of hunting the young woman.
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