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  1. @Dr Brandon What's your name?! Was great RP with you as @Johnny Navid's and I hostage! Amazingly funny!
  2. Twas my first hostile rp on DayZRP as an aggressor with @Johnny Navid and @Greenieow was superb in his RP as the victim, looking forward to seeing you again! Thank you!
  3. Say goodbye to Hana! Been fun, but time to move on. 

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  4. "I am perfectly fine with who I see in the mirror, I have spread no lies, I have hurt no one. In case you forgot... the other version of your story you fabricated is that your men turned on you because you wanted to settle with the people you claim to have been your friends are you hurting them now too, was that a lie too? You only fabricated the part about my fiance and I when you needed an excuse to harm us. You led the people to where we were hiding and watched as they hurt us..." "Wynne and Jacob were in our past as far as we were concerned and had let them be until we were told of the lies they were fabricating and spreading. People should know the truth, and yours and those two's lies are so vast... The stories are getting mixed up, and as I said, people are seeing them now. So, be careful of which version of the lies you tell to what people. All I intended from my involvement of this transmission was that warning. That is all I intended to expose."
  5. *the ptt clicks on and a soft, yet angered voice speaks up after a grunt of pain.* "Take a good look in the mirror, and think about the lies you spread like a plague that get people hurt... then decide if you have any right to speak about morals..." *a brief pause* "Actually nevermind, you are so full of yourself and lost in your own little world of grandiose narcissism, you probably believe everything you say about people, as long as it makes you look good and like a victim... not as many people give a shit about as you think. And people are seeing through you lies and hate mongering now Wynne." *another pause...* "And Valery was not crying to you, he apologized to the community you and Jacob left in shambles after your pathetic attempt to lead and after you tried to align us with the Umbra terrorists behind our backs. Look at where you are and who you are allied with now... and what you have done.... then tell me who's morals are skewed."
  6. Daniel and Eileen Washington enjoyed the fruits of their labor. Living in the lush Northwest city of Portland, Oregon, they accomplished many goals. They had achieved what many would consider the American dream by their mid-twenties. Daniel, a successful sales and procurement officer for Nike and Eileen, a young doctor at the start of her career, both made enough to enjoy a lifestyle of comfort and plenty. They thought they had everything, but the couple seemed to be dissatisfied with their lot, though they did not show it outwardly. Those who knew them saw only the happy couple working hard and playing just as hard. They talked about starting a family after their next adventure. Daniel came home one day with some news. “Eileen, love…” he said as he extended his hand to her. The petite blonde haired woman took his hand, and together they fell into the plush leather couch next to them, and he wrapped her in his arms. “There is something I want to do, and I want you to come with me.” He continued, looking down into her eyes. “What is it, Daniel?” her hand landed on his chest, her fingers roaming in little circles on his muscle. Taking her hand into his, he gave her a devious smile. Wiggling underneath her, he pulled a small booklet from the inside pocket of his jacket. “I think we need to go do something with our lives, have an adventure… you know, before we settle down and raise a family.” Taking the booklet, she shifted around to read it, her head in his lap holding it up so that they both could see. “Doctors of the World…” She read aloud with curiosity. With just the title, she looked up to Daniel with a smirk. “I see what you have done.” Looking again at the book, there was every indication that she was on board as she read, her voice frequently rising with interest. “Okay, mmm, yes, okay.” She mumbled as the pages turned until she got to the last page. “Yes.” She merely said at first. “Yes, let’s do it!” Her voice rising to show excitement. Eileen followed her husband; she never had any doubt when he proposed things like this. They always lead to the time of their lives. That day she began packing as he worked on the logistics of their trip. She took a leave of absence from the hospital, and Daniel was given time for a sabbatical, and soon enough, they were off. They took a bit of time for a short vacation, going to places they had both wanted to see. Touring places like Florence, Italy, and Ireland, the holiday was a dream for both. They arrived at their posting with Doctors of the World refreshed and ready to work. Arriving in war-torn Ukraine, they were put right to work. Daniel using his skills to find whatever the people of the humanitarian group needed to help the most amount of people, and Eileen right in the field, treating injuries and illnesses. They were doing what they could to help, both diving into their work. Long hours wore down on them, they took no days off, but the people they helped were worth the sacrifice. At the end of the day, they knew they had security and comfort to return to that these people would likely never see. So, they gave as much of themselves as they could to try and help them all. Their efforts were focused in Ukraine for about two months before they were suddenly reassigned to the small country of Livonia. A new threat loomed over the country as the epidemic from Chernaus spread throughout Europe. Put up in a medical facility near Radunin, the Washington’s worked tirelessly to treat and provide for those that came through the UN FEMA camp set up just south of there. Day in and day out, people were turning to walk mindless husks. Despite best efforts to slow the infection and the doctors gathered to try and stop it, it spread like wildfire. The Washingtons worked to exhaustion day in and day out for months. But the worst of it was when the infected needed putting down, those that were too far gone to save, those that would attack without provocation and seemed to lose even the most basic ability to communicate. “They are already dead.” They were told as they took a group of infected to the mass graves to be put down. Occasionally a specimen was kept; there were holding pens with restrained infected. They were the ones who provided tissue samples. They were the test subjects for serums and other attempts at vaccinations and cures. They were carved up and tormented. “They are already dead…” It was what they kept telling themselves to justify the things that were done, to keep their sanity as the endless work consumed them. STORY CO-WRITTEN BY @Johnny Navid and @Kas
  7. It was an accidental kill, please close the report.
  8. Server and location: S2 Swarog Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2020-01-28, 19:30 Your in game name: Hana Pechova Names of allies involved: None Name of suspect/s: Ghost and friends / Blue arm band Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): none Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): none Detailed description of the events: I was searching the base in Swarog, came across the group with blue armbands. One person identified himself as Ghost. The rp was friendly enough and we went on our way to search the grounds. Was attacked by two infected, Ghost I believe was trying to shoot one. I cleared the way, then was shot and killed. I was no where near the infected. I had a machete out as that is what I was using to kill infected.
  9. Alright...

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  10. Also... update for Hana! Entry 6.

  11. Off to Las Vegas for the week tomorrow morning. I will be gone from the 19th to the 25th! 


    See ya'll next weekend!! Stay safe out there!

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      Be safe and have fun! 

  12. Hana is my first character, a kind and gentle person who is desperately clinging to the idea of a simple life free from violence and trying to see the best in everyone. But it is being stomped all over and I am seeing her change little by little through her experiences. In regards to style I enjoy a variety, campfire to roaming and meeting new people, when she is not hiding from the scary people of the apocalyptic world they live in.
  13. I am relatively new, so I am not in favor of a wipe. I have enjoyed my character and really am not ready to end her story, and I know I am not in the majority but one thing I do love is hearing the past stories as I meet people. It makes the server feel more alive and evolving that the people I meet may not have been who they were a year ago. The harsh environment forces change and many of the people I have met play it very well. I also believe as many have stated, that people will go back to doing what they do now, with different names. Considering all that I have read I think that it is more the state of the current lore that needs to be addressed. Perhaps instead of erasing the lore, it can be updated and put to a timeline with major events highlighted, maybe breath new life into what is current instead of starting over?
  14. Another update! Journal entry and character page design. Enjoy! 

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