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  1. I'm really enjoying these. Keep up the great work!
  2. Mikkel Vestfjell is a 22 years old Norwegian man. He grew up in Vadsø, a town far to the north of Norway. All through his life he wanted to make something more of himself than just staying in Vadsø for the rest of his life. To accomplish this he worked hard during primary and secondary school. Eventually he managed to enroll into the (by Norwegian standards) prestigious Norwegian university of Science and Technology. He had just completed his first year as an electrical engineering student when he in late June 2017 went on holiday to Chernarus. Though he was aware of the troubles in South Zagoria, he figured staying in the western part of Chernarus close to Novigrad would keep him far away from any trouble. When the outbreak started spreading through Chernarus Mikkel was in the countryside a bit outside Novigrad, and by the time he made it to the Novigrad airport it was too late. He never managed to board an airplane leaving Chernarus. Since then he has spent the last almost three years in Chernarus just trying to survive.
  3. Hello. I have been itching to do some roleplay lately, and I'm looking forward to trying this server as soon as I can take a break from my exam preparations.
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