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  1. Real life picture Thread

    Graduated Basic Picture to Civilian Life Picture Bald as Fuck while in Basic
  2. What was your first RP encounter?

    My first encounter was back in mod days, where I ran into 2 people looking for medical supplies as one of them was infected and really low on blood. We ran so far as the RP Hub at the pond above Stary. Then someone drove up in an LAV-25 and was giving away free weapons and supplies. After some time passed, two rival groups found each other there and initiated on each other and this huge firefight broke out. Me and the guy low on blood ran into the small brown (black?) house that was there only armed with the GODLY hatchet and a Kar-98 I believe. Firefight went on for a bit, no one ran into the house, luckily. After one side finally all died we were told to leave so we don't loot the bodies of their fallen comrades.
  3. Just saying, we can go to the same house if you need help with that. I've also had some great moments with you in RP
  4. KOS, 2018-02-14, 23:09 Server Time

    You should look at the POV's posted. I was already outside even before this initiation. I was having a throwing contest with @Mademoiselle BEFORE the initiation. We had to relog due to the fact we couldn't pick anything up or put anything in our hands.
  5. KOS, 2018-02-14, 23:09 Server Time

    Can you explain to me why I was domed by you? I clearly had no weapon and a book in hand. Clearly some of us didn't really know what was going on.
  6. KOS, 2018-02-14, 23:09 Server Time

    So wait, you actually did initiate then run off without seeing if anyone had complied or if everyone got the message?
  7. KOS, 2018-02-14, 23:09 Server Time

    So apparently what happened was that Ling Long shot someone in a car and the guy he shot was still alive. There was some heat and the guy he shot let Ling Long live. After which, we decide to take Ling Long hostage. We assumed there was really no one else around and me and @Mademoiselle were outside having fun seeing who could throw the farthest. Upon which, we had a bug where we couldn't pick anything up and had to relog. Upon logging back in, we hear on comms there was some yelling. They assumed it was an initiation, so when we log back in we ask could they repeat that as we clearly couldn't hear them. After some time and no one is talking me and Mademoiselle continue what we were doing. I alt-tab for a second and they call shots on comms. And tab back in to see myself at the death screen. It was clear the guy initiated and ran away. Forgot to add in as this may help, me and @Mademoiselle didn't even have guns in hand until I was shot. We were having a throwing contest with some books we found laying around.
  8. First Day On The Server

    Nice to see some one liking the RP... Nice to see someone liking firefights...
  9. Well, where to start? The fact I can't get a job at 21 and still dont have even a driver's permit or the fact I made a large decision in my life by joining the army and then failing miserably because I was just to weak? I'm a procrastinator for life and cannot change that, so I have my family the ones forcefully telling me what to do. Right now, to get them off my backs, I'm going to a community college and getting paid to do it with funding from "FSFA?". At least I learned one thing in the army. Having the Integrity to say all this to such a large community. Oh yeah, I live in my parents basement. ( yeah very stereotypical) And I'm living off the money I got during my short time in the army and tax returns... oh and the FSFA thing. But, that only works if I'm actually going to school. Right now, I'm still waiting for classes to open up to sign up for. I'm not even scratching the paint here..
  10. I swear I need a new life.

  11. Metagaming, KOS and No RP - 2018-02-08 ~ 00:45

    POV: We were looking around for the people who were pointing guns at NateRP. They were last seen heading to NWAF. I was a little ways out so Nate and Dusty were already there. Upon arriving to NWAF, I was on the end towards Kabinino and Dusty was nearby tents. This is when we hear him find the blue raincoat guy and then hear him die. During their 'interaction' I heard some un-suppressed fire to my left near the gate. Quite a lot of it too and I thought it was Dusty and got really confused and I checked it out. I shrugged it off and thought it was a some sort of sound glitch giving the state of the game and headed towards the other side where Dusty said he was before he died. During the time of when NateRP died, I went into the ATC to see if I could get a better shot. I saw where the incident happened and two dead bodies, one of them being a blue raincoat. I stayed in the tower for around five minutes and saw no one. After that I continued search for any remaining people. After not finding a sole, I head towards the miltary base next to Vybor to meet up with everyone else and continue our day.
  12. Wanna know more about me? Well, now you can know on the About Me tab.

  13. What do you listen to ?