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"Kick me down, I do the same. Pick me up, I'll keep you safe."

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  1. This group brings back nostalgia. Hope y'all get approved and to see you in game.
  2. What's the max ping I can reach before being kicked from server?


    1. Woodzie


      I believe it should be 1000

    2. Rover


      I believe Woodzie is correct.

  3. Currently in Korea, however cant play as my ping is in the 600's.


  4. These things were a bastard to take down back in mod, but really brought fear around the map. Hearing their roars and growls meant one thing in your mind, "I'm going to fecking die. And it will be bloody, glorious, and horrifying all at the same time."
  5. Got to shoot someone with an RPG. Did not disappoint.


  6. Jakob Vasilev was a bit of a troublemaker growing up. Having been born in the states, he grew up on the ghetto side of Pittsburgh. The house was down with enough beds only for his parents. He slept either on the couch or outside depending on how much trouble he got into. He got himself into a gang of sorts. He didn't call it a gang though. It was more of him and a bunch of his buddies smoking dope and the occasional disrespectful asshole. One day he and his buddies were trying to rob a convenience store, which involved the police, until one of his friends were shot by one of the clerks wi
  7. I'm finally back. Currently redownloading everything on my new PC. May not be as active as I was before, as I'm in Fort Stewart now. But definitely will be playing again. 

  8. Graduated AIT. Waiting to go to Fort Riley now.

    1. PATRIOT


      Congrats! And thank you for your service! 

    2. PATRIOT



  9. I’m still alive. Just at AIT right now. How’s everyone been?

  10. "Call them an asshole back instead, that might actually create some role play."   If it were only that easy. Most "insults" I see thrown around - no matter the group - ends with an initiation.

  11. This family has its ups and downs, but we all still get on to do the one thing we can all agree on.

  12. This month is going by so fucking slow.


  13. Can someone turn this into a hotlink for profile music? Kiwi6 aint working with me.

  14. Starting to get back into the game, just bored not hanging around with anyone in game.

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