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  1. "Call them an asshole back instead, that might actually create some role play."   If it were only that easy. Most "insults" I see thrown around - no matter the group - ends with an initiation.

  2. This family has its ups and downs, but we all still get on to do the one thing we can all agree on.

  3. This month is going by so fucking slow.


  4. Can someone turn this into a hotlink for profile music? Kiwi6 aint working with me.

  5. Starting to get back into the game, just bored not hanging around with anyone in game.

  6. Bad info gets you killed...


    1. FalkRP



    2. Kricket


      I wasn't the one to die.


    3. Masonn


      *Saves Anarchist from certain death and trys to give him a gun and plate carrier to fight back with*


      The Anarchist when the dude asks for his stuff back: "Oh yeah sure man here you go"


      *Noah Expecting the anarchist to fight back but sees he gives the stuff back then runs off*


      10/10 would ruins noahs relations with KOG again 

    4. FalkRP


      nice diary 

    5. LumenRP



  7. Finally got my hands on Escape From Tarkov


  8. Been playing a lot of The Outer Worlds. Really addictive if you were a fan of Fallout: New Vegas


  9. 1D8A3E9F93F0A5DAF69A99FAA97AF88939546A79

    So about S2...


    1. Elmo


      THE FUCK

    2. Ducky


      I was in position 50 upon connecting

      good memes

    3. Kricket


      Its been like this all week


    4. FalkRP


      get diamond

    5. Ghost of Osku

      Ghost of Osku

      Or MVP, amiright @FalkRP😁

  10. Got fucking MEPS tomorrow...


    1. Jack Will

      Jack Will

      My brother is going to MEPS in a week

  11. Kricket


    Suffocation! No breathing!
  12. Yes. They stole our truck and were good reason to believe they were also the people to initiate on our group member. In all honesty, I wasn't even counting on finding them. I thought they would have tailed it to the border by that time.
  13. It was our truck. Inside it had hesco barriers and ammunition (from my best knowledge). Started in as we were looking for people who initiated on an ally of ours. I was already in Kabinino, looking around near the barn in the field. The best info I had on one of them was black clothing with a black gas mask. Few moments later, our truck is stolen. They headed into the direction of Stary and we all spread out, running in that direction. I pass through Novy and Guglovo, heading to Staroye. By this time it was pitch black and was using my NVG's to look for them. I see a truck driving on the main road with its lights on, just a bit towards Guglovo. I didn't want to just shoot on sight, so I stopped it in a friendly manner asking for a ride. I went up to the passenger side and looked inside of the inventory showing that it had many Hesco Barriers and ammunition. The passenger had on the clothing and the gas mask and knew it was the guys that stole our truck. I finished my conversation by saying "Thank you." and opened fire into the truck. Managing to kill the passenger, the driver took off. The driver was later killed by an ally, further down the road. I'm still currently in game and can answer any questions when I log out.
  14. Easiest way to get through it is how I deal with it. "Racism is just an opinion one person has on another. If its just an opinion, why should I care?"
  15. If you haven't done the *searches for weapons* or handcuffed him to be sure he had extra weapons on them, then yes. Also you initiated, he had rights, even though you managed to gun him down.
  16. Passed out on my pc earlier today. Slumped my head against my keyboard and mouse and nearly shot someone. Better now. I think I was really dehydrated.

    1. Major


      That's sad.

      Take care of yourself man. Get dat agua. RP isn't worth that.

  17. As Malet has said, voice is hard to hear in many situations. If you can hear voice, good on you, but everyone does not have the same hearing. Some people have to turn down their volume to hear IG voice. Text initiation is by far the safest way to KNOW if there was an initiation. With a text initiation, you know what is happening, as it is there on your screen to understand. If it was all focused on voice, I BET money you would never understand the initiation and cars would be the definition of "You can't shoot me cause I'm protected by the rules." Placing shit in the road is going to make it worse as some things, at high speeds, do not load in on time and you may as well consider yourself dead if there was something in the road that has not loaded in yet.
  18. Seeing that Anarchy is back, might as well takes a break from Borderlands 3.

  19. Borderland 3 Campaign is long as shit. Fun as Hell though. Still going through the campaign.

  20. Back on the lonely road again...

    Wondering who I'll run into this time.

    Despite what has happened, it was a great time with you RPBois.

  21. Don't judge the man on what they've done, judge on what they are doing.

  22. Ran into a dude on Deer Isle who was hired to hunt the group I'm in and didn't know I was with them until the very end. To whoever that was, I had a great time and wish to cross paths within the future.
  23. You know what's weird about "not having a choice"? You are making choices right now.

    1. Ghost of Osku

      Ghost of Osku

      GIF by The Paley Center for Media

  24. Besides what people may say, it's either close it until overflow of S1 or switch. I'm all for new maps and changes, so I can't wait to see this in the future.
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